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The work of many accomplished people who work for peace and mutual understanding encounters major obstacles and random attacks of violence at various places on the world.
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The means by which this violence becomes clear get’s increasingly “screwed” at the core of humanity, –  and what we are supposed to stand for…  (Pardon my “French” by the way, – but “screwed” is part of normal Aussie slang and is the right expression of the ugliness which is on a daily display at many places on this world)
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This applies to the violence and cruelty to animals as well. The last for instance which became clear by viewing excessive cruel images of the dog industry for human food consumption in countries like Vietnam and other Asian countries. Dogs who die a  slow violent death, inflicted by sick human minds.
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Human minds, who, when taken away the thinner layer of civility in favour of other human beings, – would take their cruelty out on other human beings as well.
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One may wonder what drives people to spread the evil of their instincts to the outside world. It seems as if hatred at times accumulates in the spirit of human beings, hatred which leads to the destruction of the “soul connection” with right-mindedness.
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It seems nearly an impossible task of people being drifted off this way, again to be attached  to the universal law of love, – coupled with healthy relations with human beings. As the last is the crux where things go better or bitter. But each one has at the end of the day an own responsibility, even though muddled the mind may be. Anger can be understood, confusion can be either with words or wordless realized. But aggression taken out on others in terms of violence, and in the extreme the brutal slow killing and other destruction of a different life, –  is both senseless and repugnant, no matter what the circumstances are. UN peacekeepers who abuse and rape are simple criminals, showing as such that those things do come from corners, the least expected.
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For this reason it is so vital that people learn to connect with each other, for what they have in common in the positive, for what they have in common to encourage each other.

By empowering one another in hope, love and compassion for all that lives.
I believe in the broader concept of love being the cornerstone of life and human relations  and the connections with all life. Not in the fluffy way often misunderstood and diminished by some cheap media perhaps,  focussed on one aspect of It only, – but in the enlargement of our energies as spiritual-beings, – mortal as we are in our physical appearance.

Whilst people, at times, do express a remarkable beauty and attraction whilst being young, it is hoped by getting older they continue to have “this inner beauty”,  which was part of their
“gift of life”,  the last however though, –  by choice!  Our appearance may change over the years, – less glamorous perhaps.  More in the “background”.   As long as we stay compelling from the “inside”.
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And with some you see the seeds of this inner-beauty already by the pathway they followed in life, the courage and determination they harboured through the challenges at each stage of their lives, – and with some this started even already in early childhood.
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People have the gift of being beautiful this way, and for goodness’ sake, – why is it that so many things go wrong at just the human part of creation.
We have examples of human beings who did overcome a most humiliating childhood and despite scars became the most compassionate people, reaching out in ways beyond understanding.
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In all this lies the real spiritual freedom which we need to cherish to become finer in our existence, – more tolerant and forgiving to ourselves and others, connected within a frame of both human understanding and encouragement. This is not restricted to the
distinct relationship of our partner(s), –  (if we have one),  but it is inclusive for all human encounters which is enriching our lives this way.
It is the only antidote for spiritual imprisonment which lies at the root of isolation, the last often a breeding ground for unexpected perplexing behaviour.
Therefore never loose your spiritual freedom!
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Humanity should reach the next level of our presence here on earth if we want to survive as a human species, as with all material being available now “we” can destroy this planet a thousand times with everything that carries life.
It is for this reason I speak of the weight of this concept of a new humanity finding its way to a common understanding, shared within all dimensions.
Because it is too important to recognise and to understand this, and to share as such with an increasing number of people all over the world, – with people dedicated to inter-cultural linking of all kind. The last, –  as “respect” for all grassroots within the human ranks is both  priceless and vital.
And so the  “greatness”  is to connect,  to learn,  to love and to leave a trail of an enduring inspiration….
Yes, – a  glowing  foresight which “lights” the world and eventually, –  all those,  who live on it…. 
As long as we can say, at least, –  most of it’s people, – and the last would be good enough!
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Therefore a broader wholesome education is not the filling of a hole, but the rekindling of a fire within the human interconnections, and this may unburden an increasing darkness of the world.
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So, when we are exhausted and worn out let’s try to get rest.
When we need help, let’s ask for guidance.
When we are disconnected, let’s try to get like-minded.
When people come in our lives with a low-level of insight or
sensitivity perhaps, – help them playfully to get a better understanding, as our humaneness and mercy are often stronger tools than the usual rejection and non-communication.
Let’s embrace, –  affectionate words being  better spoken whilst alive,  – than expressed only over the graves of our loved ones.
Yes, – it is possible to love in retrospect,  but it is far better to be warm-hearted and  tender in prospect.
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Let’s enjoy what we playfully may see in each other, and allow gratitude and inspiration to get the better of us, as in doing so, –  we may shine more than we did before.
If possible, let’s bring out the best thoughts to each other, as speech and language are the gifts to brighten genuinely the lives of others and ourselves, – rather than to devalue our encounters in needless ways.
And so my fellow people, the most potent missile on earth is when the mortal spirit get’s on fire, – and if we have the choice, – for sure, let that be the blaze of love.

Thank you so much.


  1. WOW, this post is written with such passion and love. I so agree. Anyone who can mistreat an animal has a sick heart and a sick soul. The more love we extend to all living creatures and beings, the more love extends and expands around the world. Each individual can make a change in the world just with the way he or she treats those around them-animal and human.


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