ABUSE and TORTURE insufficiently dealt with in Australia.

“The administration of justice – is the firmest pillar of Government.”  – George Washington (1st US President)

http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2016/s4510208.htm         The discussion on “LATELINE” now!


https://newmatilda.com/2016/07/28/dont-just-blame-the-guards-don-dale-is-what-systemic-violence-looks-like/                                  LOOK what they did, – being only a tip of the iceberg. Systemic violence is sustained injustice and only creates a repetitive cycle of violence, It is only breeding hate and is not isolated injustice to the mentally impaired who are in custody, the children and others. It is an exclusive sign of cultural impairment of a society where racism is still in the back yard of government institutions and where only a free press is able to show the prejudice, which would be otherwise swept under the carpet.


Good evening!

I would like to speak tonight briefly about an issue which is close to my heart – which should be dear to the world perhaps, – and had better be dear to this country  – which we cherish for reasons – as different, – as large as this country is.

Australia is said to be a good and free country – but where it comes to fighting for fairness and justice, – for correction of the wrongs and widening what is right in society, or – in the potential of young people, – there are many things which could be done better – in the rather oblivious views – of far too many  Australian people.

Political systems are getting only less indifferent when the free press is getting hold of gross injustice. – Injustice forgotten – part of our political and legal systems –  seems to come to daylight – only when the press – or eg “Four Corners” – is getting hold of it. – The last is a good sign of our free press – but not so good sign – of our systems, – which – under the banner of being better than other countries – need to protect the vulnerable – the elderly – and the children in our country.

Oppression  – anywhere – is a potential plague  everywhere – wherever justice is not served. – We speak e.g. about 190 vulnerable children – sleeping each night – in emergency rooms in South Australia, – whilst 26000 calls about abuse – are getting unanswered. – The waiting time to make a report – often –  takes an hour, – which I  saw myself.

The nature of abuse – at times – has extreme dimensions – and it is a sickness of our society – where parents have increasing difficulties to bring up children. – It is a sickness of our country  –  where drug cartels – walk free – whilst the “intelligence” – is there – to infiltrate them – and to end them, – preventing as such the increasing influx of ICE – whilst other countries – seem to have less problems to contain those issues. – It is a sickness of society when Carers in nursing homes – abuse – frail and elderly – demented people – when one culprit – recently – is walking away – with only nineteen days in jail, – whilst there was video footage for his crime.

It’s a disease of society – as well – when juvenile guards – are set to escape prosecution – whilst the video evidence is there that they abused a young difficult child – This child  himself with a background history of child abuse, – ADHD – and – for sure – a criminal record.

People – who are not protected – and vulnerable –  need to be protected.

People – who commit crimes – need to face justice, regardless, – but in detention – they need to be protected. Where human rights – might be abused in society, – it does not serve any purpose – to abuse them in detention as well.- – Whilst there might be crimes against humanity – which deserve a  death sentence , – even then – this can be done in a humane way.

That’s the obligation – we have as a free society.

That’s the obligation – we have to protect innocent and harmless people, – as children are – in detention.

Whatever  children have done – there is no justification to deliberately harm them – when they are detained – and where community service would be the better solution for isolation.

The victims of this kind of violence – are everywhere and anywhere.

This type of violence is  as wide – as the spectrum of the colours and religions  breathe in Australia!

This violence – well-bred – under the silent surface – of our systems of justice and government – where it can’t be always controlled – is much of a disgrace of our culture – where grace could be found – in proper law enforcement – this country needs – to prevent the ramifications in the future – if this type of oppression does not get resolved.

The solution of the problem – is not – a Royal Commission – to look at failings of child protection – and youth detention systems – administered – by Northern Territory in Australia – where it comes to this aspect of abuse, – as the NT knows widespread political corruption. – The nominated head of the Royal Commission is an NT ex-chief of justice – who sentenced a 55 year old man in 2005 to a one month’s jail sentence for the sexual assault and bashing of a 14 year old girl. – He realised in 2012 that he had the balance wrong, – and whilst everyone can get the balance wrong – and may realise this 7 years after the incident, – Royal commission’s – delay– immediate justice  and are not the answer. – The Northern Territory has a reputation of corruption – and this incident of gross abuse in juvenile detention – should be – a matter of the Australian Federal Police – as it could well be a tip of the iceberg.

The question is who will be next – to suffer under the hands of people – who abuse their powers – in a senseless act of human right abuse – on Australian grounds, – as part of their connection – with systems being governed – by State Governments – who lack control on their own systems – like it happens anywhere and everywhere.

And it goes on and on and on – and lip service to justice will fail justice – and failing justice will fail a government, – like we see in many countries. This type of hidden violence will neither create nor make, – but will break – the potential of a nation – which claims to be a better country – than many other countries in the world. – It will refuse – to bring to daylight – which sustains silence – at night – and – if so required – by an assassins bullet. – Civil order – is not served by justice disorder – but by candid facing the truth – as candid as “Four Corners” presents the facts, – presenting the voice of the people – where it should be the people to hear this voice – as – too many things – are not seen or heard of – in response to violence – on this nation’s soil.

Mind you, we can degrade ourselves – in our response to injustice, which ignores our common humanity – when we accept excuses from a Government who talks about non-violence abroad – but fails to practice it – here – in our nation – as part of their poorly controlled structures – to protect both people in detention – and those with good intention.

The Chief Minister of Northern Territory in Australia – who knew that there were built in tear gas systems – in buildings of juvenile detention – as part of lock up – and torture treatment –  should be jailed himself – if he did not try to correct this. – We are just falling far behind, if the public voice does not speak up – against this. – As built in tear gas systems – in juvenile detention, – children strapped in mechanical chairs – and tortured – reminds us of Germany during the second world war – where so many people said: “We did not know!”

The Prime Minister – Malcolm Turnbull – failed the real Australian culture – with his tardy response – to the Northern Territory juvenile justice crisis – and –  he does not take the speed – to make this country – a better country where it comes to the most fundamental values – and make this country – a “shining stone” to the world.

In Hebrew words – he did neither make “a window for the ark” – nor did he create a “light” – for those  – who should see – and act – better.

It all falls down to proper leadership and Government, where justice should be the cornerstone of this Government – for this nation…….

It isn’t! ..

It’s a failure for those who are in Government – both at State and at Federal Level. …

Those who conform – have neither real courage – nor real integrity – and don’t match the required qualities of our time!

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf


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