The Next Frontier of Australia

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Good Evening!

From thousands miles that stretched north of us, the first British people reached the Ngarrindjeri lands – on the banks of the river Murray, – almost two centuries ago. They were followed by the first other settlers in South Australia, – encroaching on both the lands and entitlements of the Ngarrindjeri  people, – and many others elsewhere in Australia.

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Many of those amidst the Ngarrindjeri lands, had to give up not only their safety but also their hope. Many lost their lives,   already by far outnumbered, – just before the first European’s set ground on this continent in the southern hemisphere.

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Some would say that the Smallpox epidemic which arrived before was provoked to settle the pathway for British domination. Others would say that those comments or sentiments are not in line with what history says. However, both in history and in the world of today, we see things being provoked to change the direction of the future.

From countries across the globe people settled in Australia , – often under harsh circumstances. They also struggled with poverty, not rarely despair, – to build their lives in a different country. Not rarely European convicts, – ill treated at home already before setting sail to this far away corner of the wold.


Many made it, some did not make it! 

Many still make it!

Most of the people who came to this country were eventually successful and pushed forward to the country which we call Australia today, – still a country closely linked with the British Crown, and some of the British traditions.

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All this started  some two hundred years ago, – at a continent more ancient than the original and aboriginal people itself.-

Today, – most Australians live in the cities near the Pacific Ocean – where over 90% of the people are able to live without ever seeing Aboriginal faces. Often they live their lives in comfort and safety, which is the legitimate desire of people living in Australia. Not rarely they have to do without those comforts, without at times even the adequacy of good education, the safeguard at least in part of building a decent and independent future.

Still too many Australian citizens live in the mediocrity of a British orientated country where both Parliament and systems of government are based on what was once copied from England. England great as a country within the context of Europe, but England as well being inflated to be the ongoing reference for the future dynamics of Australia, the last still trying to find its own identity in the Pacific region with a multicultural society not having any strings anymore with the UK, – apart from trade and friendship.

Speaking about the original inhabitants of this continent and their restrictions we can simply say this:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a “formal apology” on 13th February 2008 to the “stolen generations” of indigenous Australians who have been taken away from their parents. This was the right thing to do. But we are not there as yet as an Australian people, – and the road to justice is long.

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The dynamics are not always easy, – and easy are not always the dynamics of history.

History is a collection of both justice and injustice, – as it proves all over the world. We have however a free choice how to manifest ourselves in the direction of increasing justice, – how to bend the Australian Ark for its own history, for its own identity, into the pending future, – with safety and with speed.

National justice within such mission is able  flourish in this time, in generations to come.

We all cherish this country for various reasons and whilst many people lost their dreams and value for their identity, – as a country we should progress  towards a more unified identity.

This is what you can do as a people.  – as a nation.

Respecting  British history for what it offered over the many years in the past,  people of the future and in the far and extended corners of Australia,  are neither related anymore to the British traditions in politics,  – nor are they related to the British Crown.  The last has been the history of the British in the past, and for certain it can’t be the future of Australia with its own identity,  a culture still finding its way across the far-stretching borders between both the Indian Southern and Pacific Ocean.

The original people who belong to this land, – have survived both in language and culture, both in sharing ritual practices and sharing dreams.

They had and still have their crafts. They had and still have their dreams, their spiritual beliefs – still closely in touch with nature, – like we all have our dreams at different varieties. But we have all our dreams now on this continent, born in both freedom and Australian space,  – respectful for both its diversity and its own culture,  the last different from any other.

Some would say there is a pending challenge in Australia, which we can’t postpone, but have to embrace. Have to embrace it as the past is rushing to the future,- and amidst our own choices, and insistence and perseverance, – we do decide the outcome of our collective history – as one Nation.

At some day – and this day will come in the forward movement of both history and the future, – the Ngarrindjeri people besides other groups in Australia will go up the mountain of hope  – and leave the despair of many of their children without hope or dreams to the past.  And move forward!

And together we shall defend the afflicted among the people, and save the children of the poor.

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The day will come!

It is the day that people will figure out what they hope for as one nation, and live in that hope, – right under its roof. It is the day that all people have both the choice and the opportunity to use their talents and genius for the great good of culture and Australian society, – if they belief this is the right thing to do.

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It is the day that people have the courage to take off their hat and toss them over the walls of existing barriers  and prejudice.

It will be the time for justice amidst the lands and the hills of Australia.  – with a future based on strength, with a future of being a peace-loving country.

A nation being a buffer of positive leverage and both cultural and economical exchange with our neighbours from both the east and the north, – besides maintaining positive ties with old allies. But more independent and interdependent than ever before.

The liberation of people of one Nation starts with the liberation of the dreams, existing in the hearts of people. It starts with the liberation of the talent and genius hidden in the genes of those who take all part in the process of bringing Australia to the next frontier. A frontier with the seeds of historical justice,  where neither genius nor future can’t be lost in the endeavours we face as a Nation in a changing world.

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There will be the day that even Australia,- will not be linked anymore with the British Crown, and some of the inflated other traditions, – and on that day a new generation of Australians will select an Australian President, – some decades down the line.

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It is the day that the Ark of Australian history will bend towards the realities of today and the future, the realities of a different culture, – and fulfil the unique identity of a new nation born out of traditions far older than the British Crown!

When that day comes, – it will be the day  that historical justice finally prevails and that with all the work and talents to be developed beforehand, – Ngarrinjeri and other genius won’t be lost , – as at some day Australia may have eg a President with his or her own Ngarrindjeri or other roots in the future laying ahead.

Like history shows this happened in different countries as well.

Justice shall flourish in this future with the fullness of peace, – speaking within new legislation developed in a Senate based on the qualities of people working together for a common future, rather than the often dysfunctional activities we witness today. Respectful differences are good to fine tune future dynamics in the right direction for stirring this country to the next level, with law enforcement based on proper laws and adequate people to carry them out. With an Australian President chosen by the people and for the people, with both legislative branch, executive branch separated amidst an independent branch to apply the laws Australia deserves, – the last which applies to all of us regardless our differences. 

As a country we need to show candor and honesty in the level of influence we have abroad, in the critical choices we need to make for the future with direction and purpose, – without too much illusions but with healthy convictions.

Speaking  about wars and the disturbing facts in Afghanistan, including the events leading to it,  – after as well both wars in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq –  we are fully entitled to say:

War, – often is pointless, and needs to be prevented with all reasonable efforts on the required international platforms for discussion and dialogue. The perception that major war within seconds could destroy everything what has been achieved during more than 100 generations of work by human is based on the fact of what is available now in terms of nuclear and chemical destruction.

What the US does perceive as national security is not always similar with  Australia’s perception on national security, and we don’t always need to be involved in US military endeavours abroad. Terror is a danger and will be a danger at any time for all times, but the means by which this terror needs to be defeated is subject for healthy discussions as how to do this without causing more damage than intended, – or without causing potential escalating war’s which would defeat the purpose when “speaking softly with a strong stick” could do the job.

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With high level military intelligence and selective actions,   the prevention of terror based on international cooperation  is more effective than using a huge war machinery and abusing human rights at places where there are more people innocent than culprits.

Whilst such considerations may be complex at times, under all circumstances we need to act with wisdom and restraint, – being proactive as well at the earliest possible opportunity to prevent harm at an early stage.

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Our Gross Domestic Product is over US $ 1.5 trillion, but it counts apart from the service sector contributions to ill selected war’s. Apart from the agricultural and mining sector it counts for the costs of air pollution as well. The energy dependency in terms of oil and petroleum is around 80% and we have a an estimated budget deficit of a $45 billion forecast. Whilst exporting commodities, importing various  manufactures are still on the increase.

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Australia is still scoring high in the worldwide quality-of-life index,  but both poverty, chronic diseases, healthcare costs and the extinction of native species are clearly on the increase as well, – besides a future of raising seawater levels and global warming, including increasing brutal forces of nature.

Climate change and water security are interlinked, the last being  underestimated as due to floodings and rainfall related with changing El Niño patterns.  However, long-term drought will be likely again within the  Australian horizons without any productivity on creating water reservoirs, – whilst the issue of water is likely to become critical in the future.

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Besides this, the question of save energy supply for the needs of the many is not allowed to serve the pockets of the few, being allowed to make short cuts in favour of nuclear decisions  where the combat of nuclear disasters on this continent outside times of war can only be successful by not going nuclear.

Australia has to stick to its political promise to look to the future, a future with changing dynamics, both with challenges and opportunities, both with areas of hope and danger.

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This is the next frontier for Australia!

And so today, – we are not forgetting that the quality of courage, – and determination, and perseverance will not be forgotten in Australia, – as this next frontier is based on this particular courage and this particular determination of both the people of this continent and its politicians.

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It is the quality of both the art and speech, –  the people to get a whole nation moving to the next frontier of being an independent Republic. Strong in its foundations.  Strong in its beliefs and expectations  to have quality in its leaders, – today and tomorrow. – Strong in its beliefs of justice and equality among different cultures, – both within and without.

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Strong in its belief not to shrink for the responsibilities, – both at home and abroad. Strong in its commitment to get proper education in place at all corners of this continent, – with equal rights and opportunities for everybody.

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This is the day we can say: we gained Australia and we did not lost it at the altar of poor politics, – on the altar of unfinished business at a cost of the future!

This is the day we are still waiting for!

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf

Let’s take the torch forward

English: Posthumous official presidential port...
English: Posthumous official presidential portrait of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, painted by Aaron Shikler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Good evening – or good morning – wherever you are at this hour.

Wherever you might be in your life, or wherever you will be in the future, – the future being the most important thing for all of usThe future we all cherish, – if we still have dreams or things to do.

The future which lives in us, – and we live in this future. A future still in which we are able to live our dreams and desires for a better world.

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The future is important for us because in the future lies our growth.

The growth which we all cherish for ourselves and for our children.

A future which will be the result of the decisions we make, either as persons, or as a people, – as citizens of the world.

What sort of future do we seek and what sort of world do we have?

Is what we see a world only of conflicting national interests and international fear, on a planet which bears the burden of increasing environmental degradation, – increasing disasters of nature and the risk of war?

Image result for best picture conflicting national interests

Is what we see only perhaps ourselves, trying to keep up with day-to-day life, finding a job , keeping a job and push as hard as possible to live the life we want to live for ourselves and our family?

A world of hope perhaps, – despite the enormity of sorrow?  A world with a future, despite agonising questions about both the past and the present? – –

Whatever the way we live and in whatever circumstances we are, there is still a world with opportunities,  if we are able to decide to live up to that future and face the questions as they are, – find the answers and actions which we need. The questions, answers and actions of our time, – as one global community.

A future in which we hope to survive the challenges which we face today, in our time, and for all times. Not only for this generation, but for all generations. For our children and their children. Long after we have gone ourselves.

Image result for best images  we hope to survive the challenges

In our days as a human race, we need to be remembered not for the victory of wars, but for the victory of the human spirit, which dictates us to show our common humanity at all corners of the world.

Is this our quest for peace?

It is my wish to discuss some of the major challenges of our time, – the potential events we face as a people on this planet.  A pathway perhaps to take the torch forward to a new birth of freedom, – for all those people who seek this freedom and this peace, – unwilling as well to sacrifice the future of this world on the altar of increasing nuclear threat or war. War either by miscalculation or misinterpretation the nature of people, or disaster by underestimating the force of nature itself.

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Let everybody know that in the long history of the world, we are still embattled in the search for this new birth of freedom, based on the perils of liberty and a free choice. Based as well on the examples of people who lived before us. Based on the aftermath of many wars,  and captured in the spirit of hope to live up to the standards and obligations of  this freedom. Freedom which looks to the future with responsibility, based on conscious, –  but knowing that human nature is neither perfect, nor will it ever be.

Many pointless wars have been endured and will again happen all over the world. Many families and soldiers still traumatized as a result of often ill selected battle fields, wherever they took place, wherever they may take place. Many people having to face death going to war, and if they survive  – having to face what died in their heart and their personal lives, as the human spirit does neither cope with e.g. the past killing fields in Vietnam & Cambodia,-  neither will it cope with the potential of mass destruction in the Middle East or anywhere else on this world.

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This will be our fate and that of our children, if the means by which we are able to fight wars are not extinguished from earth, or from our decisions to fight those wars. Too many countries with irrational leaders have potential access to nuclear energy, and may opt to set fire to this world.

War itself in some occasions might a necessary evil where the liberties of the free world are at stake, as happened e.g. in the 2nd World War. However, more and more is required to secure all efforts to reverse at an early stage the processes leading up to war, – as war with the long-lasting destruction ability as we have now –  neither predictable nor controllable when it starts – is no longer a rational alternative, – as President John F Kennedy once said.

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It is for us the living,  dedicated to the unfinished task of others and dedicated to the outstanding task still remaining,  to make our time a better time and to make our world a better place. To make our world a better and safer place to live, as there are conditions and circumstances on this planet of far more importance than the strict national interests as defined within the perceptions of existing nations. We need to shift the perceptions on the world as it developed in the last decades, to one of harmonising our global interest with our national interest, and educate the leaders of UN member states – mixed as the interests are – to do the same. To shift towards a global awareness on what is really important to survive together as a global community, interdependent as we are.

At the end of the day we are not only a world of Christians, Muslims or Jews. We are not a world of blacks and whites, but we are a world of people with similar needs, occupying the same planet, having the same right on some space to live, the same right on food and water. We are all breathing the same air, and we all mortal and fragile in our basic humanity.

Image result for best images of We are all breathing the same air, and we all mortal and fragile

All of us – at some stage – will be struggling with disease, – physical and mental decline, – and many of us will be affected by the increasing agony of our environmental degradation, including the disasters of nature, –  of any kind.

There is too much to say and far more to add.

But blessed are those people who are the peace keepers in this world, – those politicians as well, who affirm to peace and shy away from military confrontation, but stick however to the principles of finding solutions for both national and international problems.

Those principles do not only include solutions for both the roots of hatred and violence on this globe, but help to erode the barriers from past generations, and give new directions for different ways – and old perceptions to change. Those principles include the use in this generation of different and new requirements, adapted to the needs of tomorrow. The last not only as part of our national interest, but foremost as part of our global interest. Not only as part of the interest of our own environment, but as part of the interest of our global environment, which does not allow anymore to cut corners for the benefit of those who suffer the least.

Image result for best images of blessed are those people who are the peacekeepers

We have to carry forward the torch of the legacy of some  forebears, who stood for the same principles, who stood their ground – with this hope – and with this spirit – and we have to  renew this spirit in our time and for all times, within the endeavours for this generation and all generations.  The torch of protecting humanity at all corners of the earth.

Tyranny, poverty, disease and the prospect of war itself are the great challenges of our time. Where civilization does not succeed in the battle with those challenges, those challenges will succeed the battle to end the prospect of life on earth. As free people we end up with the last choice. As free people we may decide and if we  do not decide properly, our learning –together with our freedom will be in vain.

In too many cities and countries around the world, peace is not secure, because the obligations of freedom and a free choice are not fulfilled.

It is fair to say that in the world of today, still at least half of its population lives amidst the chains of poverty and disease, and many are the slaves of some of the so-called modern dictators – those who violate their conscious and their Creator – , those who are the champions of oppression, the jailers of freedom and the enemies of the free spirit of man. They include those people who make human rights abuses their business, the business of human trafficking included.

Divided we often are, united we can be– united in our efforts to ease the burdens of those who are born in the millions of families without the prospect of living in peace and proper education. Those families all over the world, often in conditions of war , and many of those people now the  new generation of refugees, always on the move from one place to the other. Homeless, in either their own or different countries. Not only as a result of war yesterday but as a result of climate change and other things “tomorrow”,  –  increasing sea levels and other disasters of nature.

Image result for best images of Divided we often are, united we can be

I think we should not simply add a new chapter to the misery of mankind, but write a new story on  the prospect of different frontiers in the history of humanity. And write this story in the hearts and the minds of people all over the world. A frontier which proclaims to protect life on earth and dictates wisdom in the use of our energies. A frontier which may reach all corners of this planet, if we decide to commit and not to compromise, – compromised as we often are..

Let it be said that when  we have the means to reach the moon, and save no cost to get this right, – or save no cost to fight the wars we should not fight, – we could change history by spending most of the required resources in building factories of hope for those who deserve it most. Not only in the countries of the rich, but together as well in the countries of the poor.

I think as  free citizens of this world, we need increasingly ask what to do about our global interest, because with the historic endeavours  we face to overcome the obstacles which will challenge our life in the next 20 years – united only our planet will survive with us – and we shall survive with our planet.

I think that on the mountains of civilization, we must put an end to the valleys of war and terror, before  war and terror may end the high ground of civilization.  If we don’t learn the lessons from history of too many wars and its potential destruction in the world of today, by not changing our thoughts on our culture, on real progress to make, – the history book of our culture and all cultures is closing in to an end.

However, rather than the terror of tyranny being allowed infiltrating the liberties of free man, let free man all together restrict the limitations of the tyranny from terror, wherever on this planet, whenever it strikes again!

Image result for best images of  before  war and terror may end  civilization.

Where nations fail to act on the misery created or provoked in neighbouring countries, either by war or by the forces of nature, – they are collective responsible for the suffering of human beings.

Young citizens of this world without hope or education easily follow the recruitment steps of terrorists, with hatred among the domain of the living, and either violence or death within the targets of their armed domains.  We know what they can do, – we don’t know what they may do.

Still too many people enjoy the comfort of ill-founded opinions and not the discomfort of their inner thoughts which could be the motor of change, and part of our education needs to provoke our real thoughts about the future of our world, and the contributions we are able to make as simple human beings.

All people on this planet have the right to live within liberty and dignity for each other. We can’t turn back from this pledge at this stage for the world, without compromising the spirit of humanity, wherever country we may live.

We can’t turn away with so so many children to educate, so many families and jobs to protect, so many dispossessed people to care for, and so many economic and environmental problems to solve.  So much to deal with as well in terms of urban and rural poverty, and so many reconstruction to prepare for.

Image result for best images for education being the key

Both the material and immaterial costs of war and preparing for it will create and contribute to increasing problems of instability, the misery of refugees, lasting terror, ethnic conflicts, increasing global financial crisis, – whilst there need to be still the resources for justified wars like the war against all this kind of poverty, the war against disease and the war against the disasters of nature and terror.

Let it be said that if we don’t put an end to the roots of terror and it’s ghetto’s, the ghetto’s of terror will worsen the risk of conflict at international level, – with potentially more people to be killed and incinerated in the fires of a nuclear encounter than at any time in the history of humankind.

I think where poverty more often creates the prospect of terror, we need to defeat the prospect of the worst poverty, as this is neither the domain of our humanity, nor the domain of real freedom and responsibility.

Where international misunderstanding and misalignment may put an end to mankind let it be proclaimed that humanity first and forever must put an end to international misunderstanding and misalignment, by principle centred leadership. The last which needs to be encouraged all over the world.

We faced many changes in history.

Production and industry changed and evolved. It shifted to highly qualified manufacturing and advanced service industries. We left the Industrial Age behind, but still follow the perceptions of the Industrial Age model in too many business entities, where people are “a cost” , and not an asset in an age of knowledge workers.

There is and has been an oversupply of workers at the lower end of the economy. Quite a number of those people ended in cheap labour at the bottom end of the income scale, not only in Europe or the US, but in other countries as well, where companies with their production lines and policies, shifted their lines of production to those areas overseas where the cheapest labour was possible.

I think we need to get a practical and principle centred approach where no one injustice, however grave, is above all others, and this approach needs to start in all communities where people prefer justice rather than injustice, where people prefer real communities rather than ghetto’s, whether they are the ghetto’s of the rich or the ghetto’s of the poor, as many ghetto’s there are..

Image result for best images for  no one injustice, however grave, is above all others,

We live in a world where power decides outcomes and our approach needs to be practical based, on the moral realities and possibilities of our position to move things in the right direction. If we decide our direction with wisdom and restraint for the benefit of humanity, we may change the many imperfections from yesterday for at least some improvements tomorrow.

We know that the ark of Noah was not built on its own. Neither any major accomplishment was the work of one person. In the world of today we are more dependent on each other than ever before.

Image result for best images for the ark of Noah was not built on its own.

We know as well that there are countries where people have no moral principles anymore. Principles to lift the darkness of their own conscious and attitudes.  More often  those people have seen too much violence, too much hatred, too much corruption and the worst examples of human living.  This only contributes to the imperfection of human nature and is not allowed to get into the mainstream of civilisation, as such cancer could destroy civilisation.

We are all mortal and have no permanent ownership on anything of this earth. However if one country denies an other country to exist and aims to prepare arms to destroy the other, the international community needs to cage this poison, before its venom may poison the region into the bitterness of death, – and the age into nuclear destruction.

And so, fellow citizens all over the world – our international obligation is not an obligation to bear nuclear arms, though arms we need, not an obligation to battle, though history faced us with battle, – but an obligation to struggle the battle of humanity for a better world, – to struggle and overcome the spirit of darkness in our time, which includes poverty, tyranny, disease, widespread global crime and corruption, the risk of self-inflicted ecological disaster, increasing disasters of nature, hyper consumption, – and finally war itself.

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We face global warming and our long-term sustainability is limited. We need to find new solutions for world water resources and end international water disputes, – we need to share our resources of knowledge and keep together the Oceans clean.

We need to make united efforts to protect habitats in danger, as on the long run increasing habitats in danger may endanger humans as well.

We tend to use unsustainable natural resources and with the growing global population we may have run out by 2075.  The choice to go nuclear in our energy supply by the so-called modern nuclear plants may evolve on a more global base, with ramifications often poorly understood at present.

Where the spirit of human kind is not ready yet for an enduring international peace, there is little room to increase the dimensions of nuclear energy. What is for peaceful use today, can be used for nuclear warheads tomorrow. Besides this the risk of radiation in even the best equipped powerplants are subject to failure if the unexpected strikes, either by nature war or terror.

Image result for best images for nuclear proliferation

Some would say , and with justification, that our market forces operated across the global economy are potential most volatile and often irrational, – with strong fluctuating oil prices. Energy security is a matter of ongoing concern. Countries depending on eg gas from Russia and the Ukraine, as due to changing prices, may feel inclined to use eventually increasing nuclear power, – which will be  subject to widespread  suspicion as due to the potential on less peaceful use.

Under the “Kyoto Agreement “all EU countries are supposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but with the lack of renewable energy sources more countries will use the new generation of Nuclear Power Stations, not only in Eastern Europe, but across the Middle East as well. Hence the united efforts to make the world a safe environment, and cut the potential of this power being used for destructive forces of any kind. Even conventional wars in countries possessing nuclear power plants, where such power plants are either damaged or destroyed, may give radiation ramifications far worse than the Chernobyl disaster  where those nuclear power plants become a target.

Going increasing nuclear in our energy supply will give the wrong message and is in a way cutting corners in terms of safety of our environment, at a significant cost of the next generations.

We face an increasing hungry planet with worldwide between 800 and 850 million people suffering from hunger, and widespread malnutrition in Asia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Tajikistan and North Korea, – some countries with a long history of civil conflict. 

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It is well-known that the problems of Africa have enormous proportions, where most problems are rather political than environmental. Global rates of malnutrition are overwhelming. Somalia almost ceased to exist as due to hunger, nearly similar with Nigeria – the last by some considered as being the most corrupt country of the world. Of the world’s 50 poorest countries, 34 are in Africa, all of them with high HIV rates.

This is grossly our world in a nutshell – and there is far more than this.

Where East and West do meet in conscious and with purpose, with the required discipline passion and vision, there will be ultimately peace and shared resources of wisdom to solve the problems of this earth.

There where East and West meet at evil’s end, – there will be war and destruction, without the required resources to repair at any stage the global problems we may face in the aftermath.

Where the Assembly of the United Nations often appears not being effective enough in finding a common approach for resolving both the problems of the tyranny of poverty and the poverty of tyranny, this is mainly due to insufficient moral leadership of some of the membership countries.

Our global interests requires vigorously enforced non nuclear proliferation , supported by all nations on the earth. And those countries behaving outside such treaty, losing their credibility and provoking a nuclear or biochemical threat to others, – ultimately need to be caged with force if so required. The attitudes from yesterday are not the ethics for tomorrow, in which we face the world today.

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Our highest achievement is the preservation and cultivation of life, where this appears possible. If moral leadership is the core of our aspirations, responsibility at a global perspective will lift the world and will ease the burden of our planet, but not without national and international law enforcement.

Let everybody know that if we don’t erode old barriers, old barriers will erode us.

Let us not allow that any person or country destroys the idea of a new and better world, neither by violence nor war. Neither by living nor death. Neither by the mountains of our obstacles nor by the valleys of our despair, when we face what we have to face – to make responsible freedom come true..

And so we have no choice than to carry forward this torch. To carry forward and  set ourselves free from the slavery of the past, whether it is the slavery of the dictator or the slavery of our own thoughts, the slavery to either inflated perceptions or poverty at heart.

And so we may ask every day for the best possible perceptions. The best possible perceptions at any time we face, for both the better and the worse. For both the world in us and the world around us.

And then we may say: we are free, – free at last!!

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Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf


Challenges of our times and generation, memories and others.

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