And Actors, writers, models, bloggers, and others included!

There is a space in yourself between the impulses you get and the time frame you respond. It is like Viktor Frankl  once said, and it has great implication to realise and work on the realisation of this given fact. Feel free to inhale those words and imagine really what it means…..Do you recognise this?

A place between stimulus and response, and in that space we prepare our response, prepare our answer to whatever happens in our lives. And it that space, that inner area of freedom, lies our chance to grow or to fail, – or to fall,  whatever way you call it. Our chance to recognise the need as part of fulfilling the core of our humanity, in close connection with other human beings,  or failing both ourselves and others, – lies in that space of decision-making. Sometimes the response is slow, at times it is instant, by instinct, driven what we have internalized by ways of experience and learning from inside. Interesting isn’t it?  Frankl was an interesting man by the way.

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This particular space in ourselves is a powerful place you know, nobody can take this away from us, – apart from our own selves, failing to use this freedom, – this space,  in it’s full strength…

Does this make sense?

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Let’s call it “the inner studio”. The studio where you are allowed to believe in. It is free, you know, – and at some extend you can invite others to come in, perhaps, – if you wish.  In that case, however, on the base of being trustworthy. If such you are able there to develop yourself away from the spot light, with others, – before you take action of any kind.  In this space between stimulus and response lies perhaps your unique voice, – the beauty of your dreams,  if the response follows this direction, either slow or instantly.

It’s a place where you can rehearse and refine, refine and rehearse. For sure, – like acting,  it is important to learn your lines, – your boundaries as well, in which you feel comfortable. It is not always good to go that far as you can go. For sure you are allowed to do this in this inner-space, – but certainly not every time in your response. And mind you, if faced with problems, – the problem is as important as the response, – as in the response you may create positive change. But generally stay well within yourself!  And if life asks you to give it that extra inch, –  give it that extra mile, if you wish, and leave no stone unturned and give it everything you have!

That’s life you know, the life from actors, writers, politicians, lovers and bloggers. The life of all in one and one in all. It’s my life your life and most of the live we see in others. And all those things where development starts is in that inner-core of strength and decision making, that space between stimulus and response, our inner-studio, – whether we share this space with closed ones or not…

You can compare the studio with a place where actors, writers etc come together and discuss the work which needs to be done. Often it is personal.  At times it attracts you at a certain place which might be helpful for “setting” the next scene….. Mind you, – this applies for everybody,…even doctors. Like me.

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Again this inner studio knows no boundaries or exceptions, the fantasy may have a free part, the inspiration is often born here. In musical terms it is the silence between the music being heard. And in life, drama,  playwriting or anything else, – it is the important pause between actions.

The “pause” of both creation and response.

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What more is important to know about this?

You know, It is VERY important as well to stay the course, if the last is an expression of goodwill, – refined in so many dimensions as we can see. In such moment we can love each other without touching each other as the energies transmitted in the trillions of impulses may connect us somehow, – at times really  at the core of our humanity.

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The last which can only be recognised in an other person. And the interesting thing, you know, – is that we don’t even need to know this person, –  as personally it can be.  Sometimes it can be an impression from the other end of the world. I do experience this myself, and in my freedom I allow the receiving, –  if it is good.

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Allowing this to verbalise as such is an other question. Not every time you can respond from the heart. Mind you what this could create.

At times it is better to wait and see what grows, and how it grows, – in some occasions.  Like the farmer plants and gives water, like he or she observes the growing – and finally says to the growing existence of “the plant” that he or she loves this unique reflection of creation. This is good you know, also that we keep learning this way and get better tuned in what life requests us to do at any particular point of its development.  An ongoing movement forwards in which we are allowed to be engaged, – whether we are actors or real life people in real life circumstances.

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But we need to have support with this.

If we allow in our own inner studio those people we trust and love, in sustained ways, – we may respond for the better, even if those persons are not around at the same time.

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But when you are together and lucky enough to have a real studio, it is important to invent together, –  as part of a pure spontaneous process. Getting to know each other is essential for this.

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If you prepare a role, you need to get a great impression of that role first, – if for instance in an act or drama you need to play someone. Sometimes it is the story behind the person, the fiction itself, or the real-life person, –  being still alive or passed away already, – the last maybe many years ago.

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In other words you need to get a very good impression from the real life character you want to play, or from the real life purpose you have in your mind, – to play it out in the real only ONE life you have.

This requires fantasy, intuition, inspiration and a good deep knowledge as well. And if you GET the picture, – allow it to live in you, allow yourself to play with this picture and allow the picture to play with you. You may not be able to figure out everything as due to the complexities, –  but a real life impression may emerge in which you transmit the key of that character, or the key of that domain in life you want to  cultivate as good as you can.

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Certain parts you need to prepare, – for sure. Other parts you need to leave open and unconsidered,- as acting from the “unconscious” is important in any identity. When you are relaxed after due diligence, your conscious is “free”,  as long as you “are in to it enough”

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Does this makes sense or is it too dry, or too complex.

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Well let me say this,.. if you choose people into your inner circle, or even, a step further, into your own studio of creation, – don’t select them on the colour of their skin or the beauty of their appearance, as in such case things can go wrong and you may be fooled… No, – for sure, – select them based on the higher level of your intuition. The last resonating with the likely “key contents” of their character and work,  – and if they look nice it’s a bonus. The last for sure in the film or model industry. More even there, – but mind you, even a beautiful actrice, needs to be able to play her role very well as the public does not go on the expression of her beauty only,  only though the combination of the two.

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When you really figure out the key of the role, YOUR ROLE, – whatever it is or may be, at some stage your unconscious will take, over as long as you are relaxed in yourself. You need to trust this specific part of you, – this inner space between impulse and response, as again in this area lies your growth and fulfilment if you prepared your own base as good as possible.

Don’t build your house on sand, as the bible says, as it has no foundation.

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To get to this stage you need to take in a lot, – to get “the” real good impression in both body mind and spirit. If you really have the key of the role, that what you want to be or want to play, – this all needs to be based on lots of information, you know.. You can really make the best of the improvisations in your mind, – a  tapestry being created already, – if you went through thorough preparations before, – as best it can be in the provided circumstances…

Speaking about tapestries and weavers,  often, the mind of real weavers and their imagination, –  never stops. ..They create, even in their dreams.

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Also, – ask questions without answering them yourself. This can be a place for the studio, you know, the place which you might share with your best connections. “Why am I here”.. “Where am I going to? etc etc”   “Is this appearance right?”. “Which way can it be done differently”

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It reminds me a bit of my study Medicine in Maastricht, in the Netherlands. Apart from the normal and sometimes abnormal stuff you need to learn before becoming a doctor, we had a group, which was called “The Attitude Group”. Not that every doctor was lacking “attitude” but both a good conduct and bedside manners are important ( or helpful at least!!), – on the playground of a doctor, any doctor… Hence this group.. This was a different “studio of sorts”, – not perfect but we got the flavour, with lots of laughter as well.

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An other thing which is crossing my mind is the importance of “being wanted”. That you are wanted to play the role in whatever endeavour where you have to play this role. It is not always the case, but it is a real bonus when you feel wanted, that you feel wanted to perform, – that you feel wanted to express what you are, or what you so dearly want to be.

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And whether it is writing or acting or anything else,-  the editing needs to be done as well. Very important though, even when it comes to the stuff related with your own soul… Mind you, whatever is going on there, – not a fraction you want to be disclosed on the real playground in public.  Not always an easy job, but most interesting this area. This area becoming in the “public eye”  is a matter of choice, adopted  in your expression or performance, – in either the real life situation or the act you have to play in a film, or as a model.

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Certain parts of the available material, you leave away. Likewise certain emotions at times, – whilst on the other hand allowing other emotions to radiate, – makes the scene perhaps at its best within both the domain of your culture and your performance, – by choice!

Look at film fragments as how they are sealed together as a piece of real art at times. That’s the role of editing, – and really trust your editors, – hose in and around you.

Mind you again, all this takes a lot of work! What takes place in seconds as such in a real film, took hours of preparation perhaps. Life simply, though, does not come easy, – even when you are lucky. In terms of performance, – whether it is protecting human rights, being a President,  an Actor or a Writer etc.  requires a lot of input. You know, rehearsal and rehearsal(!!), –  editing(!!), knowing lots about the key components, in other words knowing YOUR stuff(!!), – and besides this imagination and improvisation!

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Make sure you are “in the scene”, in the plot, surrounded by those you trust, – surrounded by those with whom you have a real connection, and I can say you it’s all worthwhile, and at times it’s lots of fun. Because we go as we grow, and when we do this together there is real meaning in our connections when we do this for a real purpose. Connecting as such can broaden the mind like travel may do, – the difference though is that real connection between people can build on each others purpose in life and is as such not a “stand alone thing”.. We are inter-connected, – but choose your real connections wisely!

They can make or break you!

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Does this make sense?

That’s life you know, – that’s life. And tell you one more thing, the more you love it the more you come to live, and when you have to go, it’s all fine because you have been fully alive, and the last is which counts when we die.  Mind you, I made lots of errors in the editing of my own expressions, speaking at times too much from the heart, too early perhaps, – and at times my products became better in retrospect, by repeating, editing, and rehearsal, –  in both my mind,   body and spirit


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Because editing, playing, writing, performing is an ongoing thing in life, and if you really love, – it is a lot of fun.  Fun if you see it all with a great sense of humour as well…  And mind you, …my favourite actress and producer is Hilary Swank, just because of her great passionate role in the “Freedom Writers”…. Just to keep it simple!

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Why not?

We can do the living only once, – and mind you, – let’s do it good,  and reach out the right way, – our true north strong and free!

Thank you so much!


Paul Alexander Wolf

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You know,
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The work of many accomplished people who work for peace and mutual understanding encounters major obstacles and random attacks of violence at various places on the world.
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The means by which this violence becomes clear get’s increasingly “screwed” at the core of humanity, –  and what we are supposed to stand for…  (Pardon my “French” by the way, – but “screwed” is part of normal Aussie slang and is the right expression of the ugliness which is on a daily display at many places on this world)
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This applies to the violence and cruelty to animals as well. The last for instance which became clear by viewing excessive cruel images of the dog industry for human food consumption in countries like Vietnam and other Asian countries. Dogs who die a  slow violent death, inflicted by sick human minds.
Image result for dog cruelty in vietnamRelated image
Human minds, who, when taken away the thinner layer of civility in favour of other human beings, – would take their cruelty out on other human beings as well.
Image result for human cruelty

One may wonder what drives people to spread the evil of their instincts to the outside world. It seems as if hatred at times accumulates in the spirit of human beings, hatred which leads to the destruction of the “soul connection” with right-mindedness.
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It seems nearly an impossible task of people being drifted off this way, again to be attached  to the universal law of love, – coupled with healthy relations with human beings. As the last is the crux where things go better or bitter. But each one has at the end of the day an own responsibility, even though muddled the mind may be. Anger can be understood, confusion can be either with words or wordless realized. But aggression taken out on others in terms of violence, and in the extreme the brutal slow killing and other destruction of a different life, –  is both senseless and repugnant, no matter what the circumstances are. UN peacekeepers who abuse and rape are simple criminals, showing as such that those things do come from corners, the least expected.
Image result for un peacekeepers sex abuse

For this reason it is so vital that people learn to connect with each other, for what they have in common in the positive, for what they have in common to encourage each other.

By empowering one another in hope, love and compassion for all that lives.
I believe in the broader concept of love being the cornerstone of life and human relations  and the connections with all life. Not in the fluffy way often misunderstood and diminished by some cheap media perhaps,  focussed on one aspect of It only, – but in the enlargement of our energies as spiritual-beings, – mortal as we are in our physical appearance.

Whilst people, at times, do express a remarkable beauty and attraction whilst being young, it is hoped by getting older they continue to have “this inner beauty”,  which was part of their
“gift of life”,  the last however though, –  by choice!  Our appearance may change over the years, – less glamorous perhaps.  More in the “background”.   As long as we stay compelling from the “inside”.
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And with some you see the seeds of this inner-beauty already by the pathway they followed in life, the courage and determination they harboured through the challenges at each stage of their lives, – and with some this started even already in early childhood.
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People have the gift of being beautiful this way, and for goodness’ sake, – why is it that so many things go wrong at just the human part of creation.
We have examples of human beings who did overcome a most humiliating childhood and despite scars became the most compassionate people, reaching out in ways beyond understanding.
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In all this lies the real spiritual freedom which we need to cherish to become finer in our existence, – more tolerant and forgiving to ourselves and others, connected within a frame of both human understanding and encouragement. This is not restricted to the
distinct relationship of our partner(s), –  (if we have one),  but it is inclusive for all human encounters which is enriching our lives this way.
It is the only antidote for spiritual imprisonment which lies at the root of isolation, the last often a breeding ground for unexpected perplexing behaviour.
Therefore never loose your spiritual freedom!
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Humanity should reach the next level of our presence here on earth if we want to survive as a human species, as with all material being available now “we” can destroy this planet a thousand times with everything that carries life.
It is for this reason I speak of the weight of this concept of a new humanity finding its way to a common understanding, shared within all dimensions.
Because it is too important to recognise and to understand this, and to share as such with an increasing number of people all over the world, – with people dedicated to inter-cultural linking of all kind. The last, –  as “respect” for all grassroots within the human ranks is both  priceless and vital.
And so the  “greatness”  is to connect,  to learn,  to love and to leave a trail of an enduring inspiration….
Yes, – a  glowing  foresight which “lights” the world and eventually, –  all those,  who live on it…. 
As long as we can say, at least, –  most of it’s people, – and the last would be good enough!
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Therefore a broader wholesome education is not the filling of a hole, but the rekindling of a fire within the human interconnections, and this may unburden an increasing darkness of the world.
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So, when we are exhausted and worn out let’s try to get rest.
When we need help, let’s ask for guidance.
When we are disconnected, let’s try to get like-minded.
When people come in our lives with a low-level of insight or
sensitivity perhaps, – help them playfully to get a better understanding, as our humaneness and mercy are often stronger tools than the usual rejection and non-communication.
Let’s embrace, –  affectionate words being  better spoken whilst alive,  – than expressed only over the graves of our loved ones.
Yes, – it is possible to love in retrospect,  but it is far better to be warm-hearted and  tender in prospect.
Related image
Let’s enjoy what we playfully may see in each other, and allow gratitude and inspiration to get the better of us, as in doing so, –  we may shine more than we did before.
If possible, let’s bring out the best thoughts to each other, as speech and language are the gifts to brighten genuinely the lives of others and ourselves, – rather than to devalue our encounters in needless ways.
And so my fellow people, the most potent missile on earth is when the mortal spirit get’s on fire, – and if we have the choice, – for sure, let that be the blaze of love.

Thank you so much.

“AUSCHWITZ begins wherever people look at the slaughter house and say: they’re animals only”‏

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A few remarks on what happens in Europe. An increasing crisis with refugees.
Likely not the real crisis are the refugees itself, as a group, – but the related tiny fractions only who undermine everything what is the aim. And the aim was to help and reach out, and this should stay being the aim but meanwhile eliminating some dangers for society itself.
The question is what is the price of true values and what patience and efforts are required to reach those values. The values as well to give refugees a new chance in Europe. A new chance as well in the US. A new chance as well in Canada, –  or anywhere else where people deserve a new chance.

By endurance justice will prevail by cutting off those who make injustice and crimes the domain of their activities, like happened for instance in Cologne. We must continue to work for peace and reconciliation. We must try to reconnect with each other and open the frontiers to a different humanity, faced with the conviction we have to deal with so many issues  as mankind gets compromised. We have to try and cut any intercultural barriers and prejudice, – besides making more gentle the life on this earth.

But the last based on the principle of justice for everyone equal.

Never loose your spiritual freedom by becoming enslaved through dogmas, whether they come from a religion or any people being captured by the false sentiments created in the public domain. The public domain which includes an increasing number of dangerous agitators and right-wing radicals. Radicals who seek only one solution.

Always ask yourself what the God of Your (“real”) Understanding requires you to do in any specific situation and refrain from bringing harm to those who should not be harmed, – those who are innocent.

As such you are better off than any dogma’s. As such you are better off than any right-wing radicals. As such you are better off than following Donald  Trump, – who promised to build a wall between Mexico and the United States, –  and claimed after a shooting that he could kill somebody in NY, without losing votes.

As such  you are better than any ringleaders threatening the status quo by violence. As such you are better than Donald Trump and the “blindness” of his followers, – in the US. As such you are better off than Geert Wilders in this small  Dutch country, where his Party for Freedom resists anything what has to do with Islam or other “foreigners”. He has an increasing number of followers.  He says his movement is peaceful and democratic, – but Hitler claimed to be peaceful as well until he got the powers through democratic elections.

People, by the way, who never endured the violence in Syria or anywhere else in major “capitals of torture”, – are not qualified to speak judgment on all groups of ethic minorities. 
Image result for Quote on>The Refugee Question In Europe<

True wisdom comes with answering the question in word and deed where to diminish pain and suffering, if possible.. If children are learnt both at home and at school how to relate to each other in the best possible way, through forgiveness and learning to love, their relations in adulthood would thrive with more inner-strength, –  and a refreshed new generation would embrace better leaders than ever before.
Image result for Quote on>The Refugee Question In Europe<

They would be better able to deal with the human playground in politics where proper interactions are so important to make the difference we need to make. They would make a difference in society, like ordinary people as well, at home and in their communities. They would be able to capture the people again who were at risk to get lost.
Against human inadequacy we must strive for understanding, even if long-held convictions have hardened our hearts and minds. Strive and alienation are part of our culture and this applies to the problems of refugees as well.

Sweden had the greatest influx of refugees and encounters significant problems with a tiny fraction from the people arriving from Syria. However  this fraction is imposing a danger of different kinds, both for their fellow country man and triggering as well the increasing force of right-wing extremists ,who simply seek the political or even violent solution that “any foreigner” should leave the country.

Though many have been exposed to cruelty in Syria, it provides no freedom to assault or rape in the free countries who embraced them as part of the values we cherish in a free society. People who as such commit crimes and compromise the future chance of their fellow country man, the very last who try to build up a new life on dreams which have been shattered, – those people committing those crimes need to be returned to Syria, – failing other options. All this to prevent the long-term deep-rooted prejudgment festering in western society, –  and in free elections right-wing radicals coming to power, In that case increasing the risk that history is going to repeat itself.
Related image

A human being should never be used as a means to an end, but the end comes when a human being creates the end of others.

Auschwitz should be a lesson to the world. It should never ever happen again. But allowing right-wing radicals in the Netherlands, Germany and other countries coming up as a response on what goes wrong in the management with refugees, the worst of evils may come to light if those groups are not eliminated by the power of reason, and gain a majority of voters.
Image result for Quote on>Auschwitz should be a lesson to the world

Never allow this to happen, never allow history to repeat itself as the skin of civilization get thinner when right wingers and people like Donald Trump raise to power.
Mind you, never allow this to happen, never be silent against extremism of any nature, never be silent when human rights are compromised on the altar of nationalistic sentiments, as history will repeat itself then, – with different and darker dimensions.

Thank you so much!

Paul Alexander Wolf

The exchange rate of sharing meaningful stories, meaningful connections.‏

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Sharing stories “as a people”, not only in the written word but as well for instance at a campfire in the evening,  gives “connection”.

Well, at least this was my experience and somehow it still is.  And at times it makes a lasting impression. I remember, if you don’t mind me telling you this, that when I was young and went to sailing camps for teenagers at the lakes of Friesland, in the far north of the country of my origin, we often had those camp fires, – in the evening usually. And we shared lots of stories. Lots of fun.

Image result for quote on the power of stories
Stories were also told at home when I was really young. At school as well. Some primary school teachers, who told at times stories when we “behaved” well, were really masters in fantasy and telling those narratives. We were always looking forward to this as a class, often at the end of the day, or on a Friday before the weekend. It was always a good closure of the week, even when some stories were close to a nail-biting build up of tension.
And then really  the astonishing school bell which at once stopped the story, –  and the message of the teacher that it would be continued next week, – provided , yes provided, we “behaved” well.  Away the dreaming,  and away the group connection you felt in those moments. But it would come back, provided we “behaved”. – provided I would “behave” perhaps.
Image result for quote on the power of school stories
You may remind some of those things as well, perhaps.

Later on, when I was invited with Polish friends after an Albert Schweitzer symposium in Deventer, we (my wife as well) did visit Kraków and were introduced to the family. (The Polish family we met in Amsterdam, by the way, – after this two days lasting symposium)..
We were also introduced into other families at the time.

I was amazed by the hospitality and generosity. And though I not clearly enough expressed my gratitude perhaps for all this being encountered at young age, I still feel the appreciation what it did to me at the time. Sometimes you realise that such thing in retrospect. There is lots of goodness around in people and you often recognise this in the stories they tell, the genuine experiences.  All this, by the way, was at the time that Jaruzelski was the leader in Poland,- before Lech Walesa took over eventually as the first free elected Polish President. But meanwhile was a period of political tension as it was still the question whether Russia would invade the country to re-establish control. Mind you, what this meant for the Polish people.
Image result for hilarious quote on Leonid BrezhnevBrezhnev and Honecker, – meaningful??

And mind you, this was a time of telling stories, stories around the table, stories around campfires in the mountains, jokes about the hated Leonid Brezhnev in Russia. We always 
made sure excessive jokes were not made at home, in case conversations were intercepted perhaps, as one never knew for certain.

So you see, times of stress or at times of suppression, the telling of stories together goes quite easily and it gives at times sort of attachment to each around.

In the childhood camps eg, for sure, it was part of “romantic stories” on occasions, funny jokes, sometimes bible stories. But also stories now and then about the leaders of some earlier sailing camps, other camps in the past, – and even sometimes about the war, Auschwitz included. For your information, those camps took place in the Netherlands and in those years kids  brought up sometimes very vivid memories from their parents, who sustained WW2.
Related image

To be honest, – I am missing a bit of “the story telling” now… Life, though it has depth and intensity, however, – appears in other ways more superficial someway. You see that people are looking for connection, but can’t get it. Their families are disrupted, children are on the drugs, too many separations.. The recreational use of ICE has an increasing impact on the minds of young people, and so on their families or friends. We have the encounters here as well in the local hospital where I work, the drug problems etc . Are we at risk that the younger generation may get lost at a larger degree than the last generation?
Image result for quote on the power of stories

Coming back on stories (again!), for sure, our kids were told MANY stories when they were young. I loved them telling stories and they still remember them. You see , the power of stories for receptive minds. But rarely I do hear the kind of stories as I heard them in the past myself, during times of suppression elsewhere or with a nice group of people around a campfire.
Often, “the entertaining” now is over a BBQ, and more and more rarely I get engaged in this. We live in an area where footy and some other sports are very popular and I can’t pretend I have too much liking of those particular sports and the related entertainment as such. Apart from the “drinking culture”, which is much here. And certainly, in this fairly remote area, not too much else perhaps is on offer.
We are living in Tailem Bend now for more then 7 years, a choice lacking better choice at the time this choice was made (so to say!). It’s a bit of a long story, not that important here.
Image result for hilarious quote on drinking culture
My weakness, if you wish, is my real longing for connecting with people from different cultures in meaningful and sustained ways. My craving to hear from others, their own stories, which helps me to reach out as well with my own experiences, and the sharing of all this, – but also the mingling of different perceptions and the insights this provides, apart from the mutual spiritual enlargement this may offer at times. But how rarely this occurs, how often are people only preoccupied with their own image, profile or their own success stories.
Related image
For sure, I have a LinkedIn profile, like many others, – but really, how much does this tell? Is it telling the real story or is it only what we want others to believe? For myself this blog provides more information than my factual profile on LinkedIn, which as a profile is only average. But anyway:
Image result for quote on the power of stories
The interesting thing is that behind each story there is a person, often hidden behind a carefully crafted image or ego. And stories are important, important to share, as it is a way of reaching each other, a way of connecting with each other. And perhaps resolve an element of loneliness. The loneliness often hidden behind the façade of an image, whether it is a profile on a website or the way people present themselves. Presenting themselves with the belief that repetitive slogans of positive thinking is the cure for lacking real connections, regardless that they are known to many people.
Related image

Therefore start again to tell each other stories, be funny with this, do this with a sense of humor.  And in doing so ask each other questions, – and with the same fun and wit one may get to know each other better. And when you get precious to each other keep cultivating the connection, as connections are so important, – regardless the often rigid rules of gender in all this, the gender related preconceptions. The last so often being a barrier for warm-hearted cross-gender connections… Whereas those barriers don’t exist in a meaningful inter-human attachment, as just this may enrich life, –  part of the greater connection we all have. A connection not based on gender, but a connection based on the linkage of human beings. A connection where the exchange rate of cross-cultural experiences provides better value for each their personal and spiritual growth.
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And all this starts with stories you know, to dare the adventure to break the cycle of narrow standards, the last which has nothing to do with real ethics or morals or values.  Narrow dogmatic regulations, engraved through upbringing, religion or others, may keep a culture confined to the simple fact that “boys speak about footy and politics” and “girls chat about shopping and make-up”. For sure, the last being said in the most extreme.  But when an inter-connection takes place and people speak with each other in sustained ways,  it is said that one need to be careful with the gender, as it could turn out “wrong”…  And for sure, at times things go “wrong”, at times people do cheat, – but is the last the benchmark to speak judgement about those who love from a different perception than what is common standard? Is the affection between people not far more important than the common fear of “crossing the lines”?
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It starts all with stories you know, and stories do connect, real connection may give affection. And this “warmth” is not limited to any one race or religion. Neither is this restricted to any one colour nor any one gender, or (for many!) the “holy wedlock”. As none of this is of any prophetic value that things go “wrong” and that people do “cheat”, – regardless that some may do indeed as they cross the standard that one should not harm, neither destroy nor mix up life in any identity. That some as such pay the price of both loosing one or more connections because they did not value the connections on the real goodness we all be worthy, and in which we lay no claim on each other, is an other story.
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The golden rule in any meaningful connection or relation is that we do not harm, do not bring hurt where this can or should be avoided. And if we are really free in spirit we do this anyhow by instinct, as instinct warns us for things out of favour as we behold the whole picture in our mindfulness. The last as part of the best possible decision we should be able to make in any set of circumstances.
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And there may be lots of them, but the last should not be the norm and for sure not a deterrent to dare to live with one and other,  and to dare to grow with one and other, –  and to share in sorrow and tribulations. As part of real connections in the short lifespan we have, before we get old and demented and forgot that we ever thrived, forgot that we ever flourished and lastly forgot that we ever loved in this lifetime. However this love for life being once embraced will never be terminal but always transitional, as long as we lived it, in true living and in true life, – with both the conviction and the courage that the real standard of love is not what we can keep to ourselves, but what we share with others in giving, providing, – and caring. The last with justice at the core of our hearts.
Interesting as a story?
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Feel free to tell your story, as you have a great story, – even if you don’t think so.  
Really, – by choice!
And in this we can honour and improve life where possible, and to make more gentle the life of this world. In this we can share our stories of goodwill and get a greater understanding. A greater understanding of those nearby and those being far away. A greater understanding of those we know, those we like and those we love.  And mind you, in all this, – understanding is more than knowledge. It is much deeper than this as it is touching base on being forgiving, compassionate and discerning, – and this is what we need in life. And if we are able to reach out to each other with our stories, more people are able to say that apart from knowing each other, they understand each other. That is maturity you know. It is not speaking about the gigantic stuff. It starts when we understand the little things from each other.
Would you agree?
Thank you so much!!


Paul Alexander Wolf



“Much of the “amazing” as this may happen between people at times, – is not always expressed in what we see or hear.  But in veiled ways,  it may become a force within our spirit.  Without this,  it would seem life itself would be unthinkable,  or at least less meaningful…”  –  Paul Wolf
Is it worth raising this question?..
The question who we really are is not confined to anyone in one culture, –  but includes human beings in all cultures.
With differences in background , culture and or genetic structure,  we are all part of the same species.
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By chance we were either born in South Africa or Russia, – either born  in Syria or the US…  Or any other place….
By chance our parents created a conception at one particular time, –  otherwise we (as we are now) would not have existed. For sure!. And people with a different awareness would have walked around.
Interesting isn’t it?
If for instance my granddad would not have returned from Canada to the Netherlands – because my grandma  was terrible homesick –  my dad would have been born in Canada. The last if the timing of his conception would have been exactly the same…
If not, the genetic DNA structure and the awareness unique of the particular human structure would have been totally different.  And for sure,  “he” would not have met my later mum during the resistance movement in the Netherlands in 1942. 
History for me would have been different, so for my wife and children.
Is everything a matter of chance?
Who are we, and where are we going?
It is interesting you know!
By chance we are living in the place where we are placed, as if the timing of our conception would have been different, many of us would not have existed in the way we are manifesting ourselves now.
And if either our dad or mum would have lived in a different country, circumstances would have been hugely different.
It is mind-boggling when you start to think about this as you realise that lots of things are created as a matter of chance. Which does not take away our responsibilities as they are  provided within our current appearance. But the awareness  helps to receive everything with a certain refinement, dignity or civility. And, more importantly,  express the last as such.  Whatever else you would like to tag this “issue” in the positive!
Does it make sense?
I need to give the last perhaps a different shade:
People from most Christian denominations disagree with me on this one.
However, – its matter of chance where we are born, the genetic structure we have and the circumstances in which are placed at the start of our lifespan on this planet.
Later on, the gift of choice takes over, providing us with the opportunity to make the best of every situation or the worst of both our character and conditions.
Not that we always have the best of each situation, for sure not, – just look around!
It does not take much imagination what this says, both in our lives and that of others, whether it is nearby or far away. We can’t always escape the situation in which we are placed, because at times we have an obligation to meet or a promise to keep.
The last thing we have is “the gift of choice” in those provided circumstances, – our final response.
By chance the start of the first circumstances can be great, by chance the start of those initial circumstances can be terrible. We are not always sure what lies ahead, we are not always sure what the best possible decision is. We grow through it,  at times very helpful but unquestionably this is not always the case: the assumption that we grow through circumstances. Especially if the design of those conditions may for instance take our life. Mind you, if you look at those countries where this is happening day by night…
If we have learnt to fear, we will express this in our circumstances, by choice. We will avoid certain circumstances or contacts.  If we have learnt to love we are able to express this as well, we will embrace certain circumstances and contacts.
Often,  we are thrown in the deep and have to swim across rough waters. We are relying on our inner strength to sustain, on our physical ability to keep up to speed, and on our moral affinity to keep our sense of duty balanced. In all this, – we may hope we belong to the God of our understanding, and that we may sense his grace out of the many options we have to choose in one particular situation. Options we have, day in and day out, – wherever we are, – wherever we may be. And for sure those who are willing to pray genuinely, they better do this honestly and fully.
Mind you, it is not God or Christ who wanted children to be born in  unsustainable circumstances.  It is not “the will of God” that you are choking tomorrow on a potato or that a drunken truck driver hits your daughters car on the wrong end of the road and that she gets killed. Lots of things simply happen by chance, and the fact that nature was “created” is true, – but  lots of the multiplication of nature happens by chance, and in the design itself, –  we are manifesting ourselves. And in this manifestation, there is a beginning and an end, – by far not always as a matter of choice, – though choice we have.
Some Church leaders may wonder where I put God in this picture…. On an aside note on this, –  I can only say that I feel that God, at His choice, interacts with his creation, with foresight. However, the biblical David for instance, was anointed as Israel’s next King after it proved that Soul was a failure. It was not the original intent. Soul made himself a failure by choice, and he could have made his choices differently, – in which case his duty as King then
would have been a sustained one, as was the original aim.
But anyhow, – lets carry on.. Carry on the value of real “connections”, – based on what I  say….
Friendships we need in life. Connections  we need to sustain in life and broaden our own horizons by sharing thoughts we otherwise would not express, perhaps. Good connections in life are the most important gift, apart from having the gift of choice.  One should entertain and commit to this, with full faith and trust,  and include the people who are really dear to us, but also reach out where justice gets compromised, where people get abused, where poverty is reaching that stage it’s simply not acceptable anymore. Not that much we can do on our own, but in the connections we have we can do more then on our own, in the choices for our leaders we can do more than on our own. Because it is all about connecting energies working for the better. 
Being taken up by the stream of meaningful contacts may enlarge what we are and can be, but as I say for others as well.
If we are able to cherish the mix of colours and the mix of race we are able to inhale the oxygen of this planet.
If life has thrown stuff on your plate which was not of your making, and even when there have been times that you wish you could escape from it, the memory of people whom you love dearly and with whom you feel loved as well, – keeps you balanced the pathway you have to follow, as then there will be always some “oxygen” in the air.
The last question on earth is not what we are but what we became in both love and compassion to those who surround us.  And in this it does not make any difference whether we are a Muslim Christian or Jew. The last question is whether we really did share in sorrow and cheer of those around us. Then we can go in peace back to the God of our understanding, when our transition takes place. The last one which is not terminal, as nothing is terminal,- everything is transitional.
On what appeared on this planet by chance in the form of human beings as part of the wider concept of creation, has been given “the gift of choice” in its manifestation. Again, that is the point, or one of the points.
For a better humanity, this is when we have contributed to a better state of human race, – including contributing towards more tolerance among our fellow human beings. This,  is not a point of any religion anymore, – as most people just refrain from the crux of their own religion..  And the last is what counts, the so long forgotten crux in any religion that it is about helping each other and not killing each other. I say this in the most simple way, but often it is the forgotten way in the sum of human history.
That’s not by chance you know, that’s by choice!
If we stand for those in the shadow at the good end of the moral spectrum, we may perceive our last moment on earth as a new beginning. The last because the question of our belonging extends far more further than what we can see and hear, – in our short lifespan on this planet. That’s  part of a never-ending creation.
Again, that’s the chance given to us, – brought on in our perception perhaps by chance, – as there is really little purpose to see children being born in war stricken areas with a special intent for their suffering. With a special intent that they are born in that particular place with a purpose to die days later, – or being taken into a terror cult, or being taken into other slavery.
The “who am I” question is not a question only to be raised by a person at any stage in his or her life.
This question applies to countries as well in the form of: “Who are WE as a people?”
It is a question with political implications, – whether you accept it or not.  It’s a question not raised by chance, but by choice
Experience kept us suspicious of others preventing us from being open and truthful in our appreciation of others, or countries, – and at times for a very good reason. Mind you!
If the looming of a new humanity would be able to  break through the shimmering of dawn,  to this earth, – any inhabitant of this planet, any country in this world, should not allow to make this new humanity more distant by more revolting mass actions of destruction and conflict. Or conflict and destruction, – both being the two sides of evil.
For sure, this is not a matter of chance but it’s all a matter of choice!
Looking back, – (not that we can doing anything about it), – the parents of Adolf Hitler did chose the timing on conception of this person at the wrong time of the scale, whilst the timing of Mother Theresa was spot on. If it would have happened one day later or one day earlier the DNA structure and the power of the manifestation would have been  completely different.
Isn’t this a weird thought?
For sure, let’s take this with a sense of humour, as definitely there is more to it..
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The difference though was the spectrum of conscious,  which did “exclude” in one case the Jews and many others, – in the other case it did “embrace” everybody!  It was the difference between evil in progress and love in motion.
That people are born by chance we accept, or perhaps not.
But what they do by choice,  is the crux.
There was no purpose in the existence of Hitler, neither is there purpose in many of the dictators on this world.
To escape “sin” may be the greatest guilt if not many of those dictators get stopped, – if so required even by assassination,  if the purpose is elimination of evil and destruction in progress. And the Bible says you are not allowed to kill. ..Well, people may disagree, but I think it is very biblical to stop all evil in progress, as history has seen more than enough of it, –  and we should be over it!
Who are we, –  or,  what could we still become?
When we were a child we spoke like a children,  but when we became  an adult – we should act like adults,  with the future of our children at heart.
What sort of a future?
When challenge strikes us at the wrong moment, we may be weak in progress, – but when challenge strikes whilst we are balanced amidst the encounters we have, – we may act stronger perhaps than ever expected. We all may act the wrong way when we are touched the wrong way, no matter how good we are or may be… But if our children get harmed or killed, – we may strike out in anger and become evil. It is not always possible to resist this temptation if we deal with evil,  but it is better being evil than doing evil. Being evil in our anger is better than doing evil in our outrage. This applies e.g. to Islāmic fractions who stand up against each others throat, –  when sentiments are hurt.
Mind you, by the way, no way that I say that the reigns in Saudi Arabia are good, – disturbing as they are at times………You know what happened,  I guess, a short time ago.  Saudi Arabia  executed 47 prisoners convicted of terrorism charges, – including a prominent Shiite cleric, who rallied protests against the government.
This happened by choice, not by chance!
The people who were killed recently were neither really killers or terrorists, but Iran did kill  people as well, who were neither assassins nor bombers in the past. It shows how often people are at the mercy of unpredictable and intolerant regimes, not allowing any opposition. The last applies to people in North Korea as well.
What applies to people that you hope and expect them to become real adults applies to counties as well.  But how often does it really happen?  How often regulate countries themselves to economic conditions, –  that will take the essentials from the many, to give the comforts to  the few? 
  And then as such in an excess at times astonishing.
Worse even, they kill to keep the status quo, and screw their justice systems to keep it that way, – not rarely with barbaric murder and mutilation wiped under the carpet, if possible.
One can’t judge a country on the contents of its leadership, however sometimes the contents of the leadership resonates willingly or unwillingly  with the people of such country.
Lets take pride in Nawal al-Hawsawi an outspoken, black, and  qualified pilot who married to a white man. The ‘Rosa Parks’ of Saudi Arabia who showed in non-violent action she does not agree what is common law on marriage.
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She asked herself as well: ” Who am I”.   I am living will with a right to love, who can be against me if I do no harm?
She did this by choice, not by chance!
Many of us are restless and longing for the oxygen in life, even in the slightest moment of an encounter, far away or distant nearby.
Hungry for the human connection.
Mind you…and listen carefully….. I give an example,  an important one at this stage, – as it is not by chance but by choice!
I am quite candid in saying this:
The poison and intolerance of one person may destroy relations in and outside the US if Donald Trump would be elected US President in 2016!
The faint shimmer of a new humanity would be more down the drain than ever before in the US, – in such case.
It is more than surprising that US Churches don’t take a united stance in matters, to avoid this happening. It would seem true religion and politics do not match very well, and far to often churches have been silent bystanders. Like the Roman Catholic Church at the times of Hitler, during the second world war, – they even made a deal.
It is up to the Americans which way they want to go, either the way of increasing friction among race and religion, with a risk of more civil unrest in the US and more disruption in the world… Or, –  more tolerance and understanding whilst eliminating people who can’t refrain from being evil by doing evil, –  in such  excess that it justifies their destruction.
It’s a matter of a free choice in a country, tainted by history, infected by racial tension, to make the right choice in line with common courtesy and respect for other cultures, – and race alike!
Children still kill each other on the streets in Chicago. At times they are shot as well by others..
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If the US is not going to stop this, it is only a matter of time waiting for a massacre greater than the Civil War. Self inflicted, –  by inflated perceptions on what is right or wrong in gun control. The abolishment of slavery is , likewise, but different, –  proper, –  as the abolishment of enslavement to  inflated gun laws, … and the day by day unlawful killings on the streets of almost any big city in the US, – as a result of this, by day and by night.
By choice, not by chance!
The US is anyway not free from the dangers of violence and further polarisation, but choosing the wrong US President is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice..… Donald Trump is simply not qualified to run a country. His only qualification is being a rich business man with neither proven manners or an acceptable standard on a real partnership with a multi-cultural society .. And I am sure, such a bad choice would affect the world.
Definitely, US readers,  – at least some, – will be greatly annoyed what I say here.
For sure,  I have nothing to do with the US than my affinity for this country to have a better future.  And I am surprised about the way people are making their choices, not knowing what is lying ahead, –  quite a few not having the faintest perceptions on the potential dangers.
Therefore people and churches need to speak out in the US.
 People in the US are qualified to judge with common sense, at least if their support structures give the support they really need. It is amazing that the right-wing sector of the Republican party, with all those so-called Christians, are prepared to support Donald Trump if he wins the Republican nomination
Why is this important now?
Well, it is all part of: ” Who are we or what could we still become?”
We owe it to ourselves to believe in the future. More then enough countries are already messed up and we can’t allow the US to be messed up by Donald Trump,  and with this, the rest of the world as well, – as he has no concept  of real sustained diplomacy to create unrelenting change for the better.
You know, the power of a country can’t be only judged on its military strengths, – but by its leverage in the world to resolve problems in cooperation with the other superpowers and others,  – and to avoid conflict.
It is all part of the question who we really are and where we want to go. A question, each time with different dimensions and opportunities. And in each of those opportunities lies perhaps the best choice which we need to search for, and this is the craving for that thing, that choice, which may slowly resolve the brokenness in ourselves and in the world.
Where we go as a people is not by chance but by choice and only by making the best possible decisions in each new entity of life, – there is a way forward. Not only for us but also for the people who surround us, with whom we are interlinked.  Not only for us as people,  but for communities and countries as well.
Leaders today need to be qualified as the world is too complex, too  perplexing, –  to allow evil doing evil.
If we have the privilege of living in a country where our ancestors by choice created a Democracy, lets stick to the responsibility of this choice, and the privilege as such, –  the advantage of enhancing our freedom and justice systems by choice and as such I would say it would not be wise to take the chance with Donald Trump, – apart from all the other things I said.
The major challenge of leadership is to restore the  balance between what lies at the core of our humanity, –  and the qualities which direct us in both  actions of goodwill and cooperation towards the challenges we face in the future.
Much of the misery nowadays in this world is caused by the fact that people lose their ability to connect with each other. A real mental connection is a tie to the past and a road to the future, a tie to human rights and a bridge to justice. And if we are failing  to fasten the links between Nations based on the core of our humanity, as a people we will get more and more disconnected, – and as such we will be failing the children who will be the future of the next generation.
It is as Nelson Mandela once said: “A  Good  Head  and a  Good Heart are  Always a  Formidable  Combination”.
And this, – he became by choice, – not by chance!
Still we can make a difference,  and say: “Why not?”
Really, – by choice:
To honour and to improve life where possible, and to make more gentle the life of this world..

You CAN’T refuse this 2016 offer , – CAN YOU ??‏

I will make you an offer you can’t  refuse” Mario Puzo,

The Godfather Part III,



You can’t refuse this 2016 offer  , -can YOU ??

No,  not the offer as shown in the Godfather by Michael Corleone or by his father!!.. .We may remember this master of drama and art, The Godfather:  a  genius mafia/crime film by Francis Ford Coppola  in the 70ties and 90 ties… Many of us have seen this, either in the cinema or on TV or on DVD…
However, what does it benefit a man when he gains the world and loses his soul? That is the question being raised.. After killing all his enemies who betrayed him, Michael Corleone died as a lost man, full of guilt. He wanted his family out of the Mafia scene, but one revenge did lead to the other and in a last attempt, sucked in again, after losing his first wife, his second wife,- he finally lost his beloved daughter Mary. The last played by Sofia Coppola.
It’s a drama with similarities in some families, communities, countries and even the world. The world where, at times,  we keep our enemies close. To destroy them when we seek our chance.
The hypocrisy is everywhere and the menace of violence almost anywhere.
Just one comment was interesting, when an US Senator visited the Corleone family:
Senator Pat Geary: I despise your masquerade, the dishonest way you pose yourself. You and your whole fucking familyMichael CorleoneWe’re both part of the same hypocrisy, Senator, but never think it applies to my family
See the film yourself if you haven’t seen it, as it is not the subject today.
It may however illustrate something. We can win the world but lose our soul. We can  howbeit take part in the drama of this world as actors. Actors who have the chance to rehearse well before our actions, or go down the hill as failed culprits due to the disease of dedicated negligence and failure to get our act together. An act which can be played out differently than some Shakespearean drama’s. Different than some drama’s on this planet at present, where evil indeed needs to be destructed, and where we have to play a part at home and in our communities. But you know, for all this,  education is the key. Not only the education for a trade or whatever you name it, but the education on the greater needs for humanity. And the last is the deeper learning. The learning we have to do in sustained ways, often the learning at the centre of our heart.
Related image
I will do you an offer you can’t refuse. It’s a different one, a greater one. It’s an offer where nothing is too big, no distance too great.
Time can’t stand in its way and there is no obstacle it can’t overcome. And you  don’t even need to go to the movie for this, as you can make the movie play in your own brain, in your own heart.
In your own soul, if you wish. In that particular spot where there is no distance or barriers or obstacles. 
You know, ..nobody can take this away from you! In this area lies your greatest freedom. And with this freedom you may get at times both the weirdest, – but also the greatest revelations at night during your dreams.
You know – but this aside – that only a tiny fraction of our brains is used? ..That our reserve capacity being not used is far greater than what can be applied at the moment… Are we able to explore this reserve capacity with a view to a better state of humanity?
If the desire for this is huge, indeed no distance is too big or any barriers too large. The last when the dream (your dream!) is amazing. The last when  the wanting for all this is stunning and the love and gratitude for the movie in your own mind astounding… But you need to allow it happening!.. YOU need to allow this happening in your whole body mind and spirit.
Does that make sense?
Related image
Look, Michael Corleone pictured the world as he wanted it in his mind, he laid the foundation like his father did. The desire went on and on in his mind, and so did the killings, – master minded, breathtaking and awful. When we allow the good stuff going on and on in our mind, allow the dreams which never were, repeating itself time after time and day after day, we can come up with something far better.
We can achieve  together more than on our own. And then: together we can do better at home, at work  and at the stage show of this world. And in our country, or in our community!
An offer you can’t refuse, isn’t it?.. Sounds attractive isn’t it?
What do you think?
Related image
If we want to live and lead a better life we need to create  a sense of hope, a sense of excitement and confidence. A sense of achievement as such as well. And all this starts in our own mind, if we allow it happening, if we allow our creativity being guided by what we feel is hope . By what we feel is real excitement and achievement. Creating 
authentic confidence for ourselves.
Sounds easy isn’t it?
Not that easy for most of us as we may feel trapped as Michael Corleone felt trapped through the culture of his family and the expectations perhaps, but we have a free will, trapped as we can be at times.
Imprisoned as we may feel at times.
Related image
However, in our spirit we may feel without fear. And we may play without stress in the movie we create ourselves in our own being, in our inspiration. It is  then what we may even feel into our bones, where moreover we feel this in our spirit, – where we likewise believe it…
Where we shall hold this close to our heart. So good as it can be!

An offer you can’t refuse, an offer which makes or breaks us in the way we deal with it. Which makes or breaks us in the way we live.

Deal with it, live with it, –  in reverberating leadership both to ourselves where it affects our aims, where we have to be proactive and not refrain from the action we need to take. But as a result as well, – all this to the people on which we may have a positive impact, the people we love both at home and in the world. It applies as well to the people even who drive us “nuts”. But also to the people we may despise of what they inflict.

Related image

So what do we need to do???..
What we have to do is to lead, to invent and to guide. To lead , to invent ,  and to guide . Why? .. Because it sounds good and as it is good. Because if you focus on results you will not make a difference, but if you focus on a moving change you will get results, as long it is related with the right goals. As long it is related with the right issues and the right things in our day-to-day life, as this is what matters.
This is what matters most. And if I say what matters most , this is  perhaps for all of us what matters most. You know, our kids are eaten up by criminal syndicates who bring in larger proportions drugs in our country. Not drugs which are enjoyable but drugs which make the mind screwed. It kills people like bullets kill people. And one may say it does not affect me in person,  but it happens almost right at our doorstep, right in our street or neighbourhood, – where people are getting killed that way. People get so screwed in their brains that they are unable to learn anymore. I don’t mean the academic stuff, but the learning from the heart and how we have to relate to each other.
You know, some die slowly, over years… Some die instantly, in seconds… And the worst thing perhaps is when the spirit dies when people are alive, as those people may get very dangerous and intolerant to others. Like extremism, like terror and others.
And every time when a human being dies, a human being with a good intend,  there is taken away something from his or her family as well.
When people die , there is likewise taken away something from their community. And if it is eg a President killed by a bullet, something as well is taken away from the country, – apart from his or her family, apart from his or her community.
The fragile tapestry of families, communities, and countries are hanging in the balance if no  greater force is going to stop  today’s youngsters being eaten up through the evil of drug dealing and trafficking… The evil of people smuggling and paedophile networks. The evil  of sex trafficking, –  or soldier trafficking with  kids in wars… we can’t comprehend they exist.
Related image
We can’t comprehend they exist!
This is on offer, still,  in our world and far more… Yes?.. And you can refuse this, isn’t it? 
For sure we are not in control about all this,.But what I mean is you can refuse to take part in the nasty stuff which  is invading our culture. Increasingly invading our civilization if we don’t keep close watch… Including, also, – the risk of growing racism and accelerating intolerance as we see this happening again… What we see in the film like “The Godfather” is that violence breeds more violence and we don’t need to look at movies to detect that our world is full of it, – and sometimes very subtle.
Even there where we live.
At the end of the day God made us from the same substance, and it has never been the aim to allow the slow destruction of this vulnerable and mortal fabric of life, – by war or hunger, by climate change or any other …self-inflicted evil perhaps.
We live in a time where this tapestry of life, painfully and clumsily woven at times, is getting more endangered than ever before. We are living in a time where neo-fascism may flare up in countries where we don’t expect this at the moment.
A time where violence is rising and common humanity is ignored.
We see civilian slaughter in far-off lands. People of all shades of sanity may acquire knives or guns whilst the ignorance and misunderstanding is increasing, – and the barriers for violence reduced.. We  see domestic violence on the increase, likewise the institutional violence in churches and in schools.
The indifference and slow decay…you know.
Do you know?
I have no answers on all this and this is not the aim. The aim is more to accept in our own selves the offer we can’t escape. And this is to look privately  what we can do. Which means not to teach to hate and to fear. Which means eg not to judge people on their colour or beliefs. Which means as well not to threaten the freedom of others, if they don’t threaten you.
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Each country has unalike  hardships and different aims, ideals if any, – made or designed by the traditions of their history and the level of understanding of their times. It is however not about the diversity of our goals but the closeness we have in our desires, our struggles and hope for the future. The youngsters of this world whose minds are neither screwed up by drugs, – or by emotional and/or sexual abuse. You know, they have a clear awareness what is at stake. But also those who suffer with clear minds. Sometimes in their sleep , as Aeschylus once wrote differently, falls bit by bit the agony on their hearts, –  and in despair against their will may arise, wisdom through the amazing grace of God.
Some people are more aware of this than others, which is fine..
Yes, young people with the right sensitivity, likewise adults with the right responsiveness, know that law enforcement has to tear down crime syndicates dealing with drugs, sex trafficking etc., to save the younger generation and their sanity. They are aware as well that we neither can tolerate climate change by non-activity, nor the intolerance of  those who are violent extremists or racists.
If we allow all this, all what we see already, – we allow our heart to be fooled. We allow humanity bending down the wrong direction, we are crippling the ability of our kids to do the serious lifting when they are adults. Why?  Because the ability to learn from humanity in sustained ways has been lost by the ignorance of our time .
I am going to finalise this story. But remember, – it’s fun to see light and we better live in the light than in darkness.
Embracing normal human rights where those  rights are an obligation to protect, will ensure that the flag of liberty and freedom keeps flying. A flag with the colours of true responsibility as well.
As this is light.
Responsibility to make the right and many forward moving decisions.
As this is light.
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So, which moving forward decisions are we going to make in 2016 now at the end of this year?  Is this a question you can refuse to ask yourself?  Is this an offer and an obligation you can decline? ..An obligation amidst  the injustices everywhere and anywhere?
John F Kennedy once said: “Lets go for the Moon”. Lets go for it…And true, less than 9 years after his assassination Neil Armstrong became the first to step on the Moon. Don’t forget the tremendous team effort!!
I would say: Lets continue to go for this planet, let’s go for ourselves and our own enlargement in person and spirit, – that we may shine as the Moon shines,- under the light of the Sun.
As this is light.
Lets go for the questions which part or which one is our own domain of care, which we can share. Which we can improve.
You know, devoted hearts are never a waste, – and walking with destiny, with passion for all of this, – can be a grace.
As this is light.
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Those things are told so that you may have harmony and encouragement this pending New Year. A year with grave concerns pending again. But it will not be the settlement of the grave or being the slave of a poor mind or conscious, – but the goodwill and the type of mindfulness which brings the present to the future.
As this is light.
A future where  we can respond with wisdom and kindness, rather than habit and reactivity.
A deal  you can’t refuse, isn’t it?
So let’s find first the final justice in ourselves, – and bring it out in both words and silence,  in both action and not acting. The last e.g . when not acting or responding to insults is the best way to do.
As this is light.
Are we able to refuse this?
Are we able to refuse to try to make both more gentle  the lives of others and ourselves?
Do we have a better bargain perhaps than this?
As the actor Al Pacino in his role of Michael Corleone once said,  and I translate it the way as I see: we are all part of the same hypocrisy if for the sake of unity in ourselves we turn a blind eye on what is going on around us and in this world. That is not mindfulness, that is duplicity. The same hypocrisy as shown at many levels in society. The same deception often found at organizational levels of many political and even sacred institutions and foundations. We know this, we see this. “It is easy to fool the eye, but it is hard to fool the heart…”
When evil men and powers plot, fine people must design and organize.
As this is light.
When  evil men and powers bomb and burn and take the life out of our kids, good men should raise and bind.
As this is light.
When  evil groups or men shout repugnant or sickening words, – great people  must undertake the splendour of real connections and affection.
As this is real light.
Our lifetime is too short and the endeavours are too great, –  and so we too have to make sure, within our domain of care, to let our best possible qualities flourish and to show our best possible courage and determination. The remedy lies in our own soul and if trillions of energies and daring are combined this way on this globe, we can say: We can change the world a little bit, in our strong connections in which we face the future. We can change the high tide of insanity for a high tide in humanity.
As this is the best light.
This is the offer we can’t refuse, isn’t it?
And  with this in mind, – I  wish you all an awesome 2016 , and more than this, – even better than this! .. Just embrace the future as a never ending story with everything you have, to make more gentle this generation and future generations!!!
As this is the best possible light!
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“We spend our years as a tale that is told..” – Psalms


They tell me that words and differences  often do not  matter, and that actions only do.. They tell me that stories and tales do not matter either, and that only reality does.. Others do say  that words are only words and not always have a meaning…

They forget then that actions follow words (often on differences) , and that the way we approach differences are often the extensions of our attitude and that attitude follows mindset.. A certain mindset on which words do follow…Just repeat this if you wish, … And don’t forget that tales at times carry both hope and inspiration if the last is based on the mindset which makes someone tick the right direction.

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Words carry weight. Words carry sometimes a burden as due to created perceptions of fear. Tales, words and hope do matter… Many of us are brought up with stories and tales. Stories about the family, tales about people. Just name it! Almost everyone has examples, either at school or at home or at work or elsewhere. We live  in a world with role models, film stars, sport heroes, leading men and women and all the others on which we may relate some way or the other. It is what they say, what they send in their energies. And all those people are so different, what they say is different and what they do is different. Likewise what politicians say, based on mindset, context, and their attitude. Name it different if you wish, but what they say has an impact, as for sure it is not rarely followed by action.

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Do you agree?..To be exceptional and to make a difference in our inequality, – words carry gravity. Some more than others..-. In our separateness,  only our distinctive actions as a result of those words make the difference between “captivating people” or boring them, – making splendid the beauty of this world or unimpressive the drawbacks of our actions.  A world full of imperfections, full of major challenges. A world full of efforts, repellent at times as a result of hateful quarrels. All based on words, based either on hope or despair, based either on the perception that the wider context matters or that the bigger picture is  trivial.

The wider context, – the world, and the challenges we face?

One may ask: “Where does this leave us”? – I will get back on that one a bit later..

Speaking on the larger picture at the different level, we noticed this for instance when Turkey shot down a Russian plane in the common fight against ISIS. And the words of the Turkish President were only inflicting more tension between Russia and Turkey… The point was: ..a Russian pilot made a genuine error. The Turkey’s command systems fired a missile to this plane and the words being spoken then worked like “missiles” and increased tensions, – and not the mutual recognition that something went wrong.. Something which could have been prevented perhaps.. And people in Turkey then went on the street full of hate words against Russia… The propaganda of words… And the Turkish Parliament applauded then the Turkish President.. All this in a climate with already existing tensions in Europe with a possible Russian’s desire for further expansion. Also the possibility Russia may use nuclear weapons against ISIS, options which were raised earlier in a different context. So why inflicting tensions with words at this level?

Lets forget about this particular example as there are too many!

But If in this world for instance the leaders of Turkey would bring down a second Russian plane due to genuine pilot error, who makes e.g. the bend in the air just 2 seconds too late, and Russia would retaliate due to a non-apologetic Turkish behaviour, – we get tit for tat and potentially an escalation of events leading to war in Europe, or elsewhere.

What a potential stupidity and power lies in the use of words as well,.. and how senseless the conceivable actions of leaders lacking insight and proper judgment… European leaders in such case being blind-folded by a NATO contract  that one attack to one country is an attack to all countries.  As such, you know, the most controversial action may impose the most untamed reaction. Britain’s nuclear subs already on a level of increased alertness.

Do you know that if e.g. the UK would get destroyed, in part, and the command system of some of those subs are not able to be in contact with the British government anymore, – that there is a large full scale mission to carry out?

History is full of it. Missions based on actions and words. The secret box in one of those subs to be opened carries instructions from the British  PM. Words to be carried out. Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister got pale when he signed again the “last instructions”. Let that ever be prevented, both by actions and for sure by words of reconciliation and coöperation, the last where this is possible and desired within reason.

However, history is full of leaders lacking balance and insight, apart from the few good ones who inspired to believe again in the universal potential we all have as a people and brought it to action. But the balance is very fragile at international stage.

Still the question: “Where does this leave us”? – Just hang on..

It is factual that speeches not always solve problems, but what is true is that we can inspire trust and coöperation.  Even amidst our differences and errors. Even at the level of international politics. And it all falls back on the use of proper words, based on the bigger picture in mind, based on the right mindset and attitude as well. Words either full of prejudice or fairness. Those words, you know, transmit energy of goodwill or hostility, wisdom or ignorance, reconciliation or conflict. And this applies to us as well!

Words do matter and differences do matter as in our difference   lays the opportunity to reach out and find better connections than before, both at home in our household and in the world. In the moment of truth or danger we need to recognise the potential menace, but also recognize and pursue the opportunity for keeping peace. All being part of making real and genuine connections. And this applies to us as well!

We hold those truths to be self evident that all men are created equal – just words?

Does this apply to us?

Are we fearful to make real connections with those who surround us or are we slowly losing our ability to relate to each other as we live in a world more divided against itself. People more disconnected due to the variety of challenges we face in our communities where the blessings of technical progress are often translated in the curse of regression of our fruitful energies. The last including the potential to connect at our most fundamental human levels.

If we inspire hope in our words, wisdom in our actions, compassion and justice in our accomplishments, we may find that words and difference do matter. As in all of this it is mind over matter. In all of this it is consciousness over the elements of events, whether it is at home or at the highest political stage of the world.  Keeping the bigger picture in mind is getting far more important and it requires courage and determination to separate the weed from the chaff, to get straight to the point in crucial matters. Crucial matters within the world surrounding us and within the world of ourselves. And the last applies to us in person!

A world both in ourselves, – reflected in the outside world, – where we have to watch that what we have “in us” is not getting more and more superficial. The last despite technical progress, despite e.g. the accelerations in the communications industry and many others, which may give hindrances of various other nature as well if not properly used..

So for all of us, wherever we may be:

Let wisdom ring from the Rockies of Colorado  to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales..

Let compassion being shown on the borders of the Ukraine and in Russia.

Let mind over matter rain at the stage where important decisions are made.

The last with the reality awareness, the reality on the risk of war where people use their words and differences “to make matters evolving”, –  making matters worse as an excuse to decide matter over mind, to escalate words to the propaganda of war.. We have seen this after 9/11… And once more war has started it is hard to stop again, as events then are only of an escalating nature where the mindset in such case has reached a point of “no return”…

Is hope a dream only?

No, it is a reality we have to put our mind on. We have to dream and say why not. We need to set our goals and say why not. We need to reach out and say why not. We need to show compassion where it might be hard and say why not.. And besides this, we need to be open on what is still possible to explore both the sea and the sky, to bring out the best of our human endeavours, to combat the dangers of our time and say: ” Why not?”

This is what we can do together. Together we can spend our years as tales being told through words of wisdom and compassion, and in this we may lay together the foundation of greater understanding and a better future. We are allowed though to be somewhat pessimistic in our world view as long as the optimistic music in ourselves remains the driving force of both our words and actions.

Does this apply to us??… YES, .. THIS APPLIES TO ALL OF US!

So let it be known in every village and hamlet that despite the agonies of this world there is still hope for a better future, that Muslims and Christians can live together, that Jews and Palestinians are not necessarily eternal enemies and that both Iran and Israel are able to escape from old dogmatic principles. The last based on the assurance that they are no threat to each other and accept each other as partners in common enemies we all face as a people in the future. The impact of climate change. The impact of more dangerous and hard to control terrorism. The importance to manage a world with stronger countries desiring to broaden their level of influence at a cost of others…And all the other things, on which words, mindset and the world does matter, – now and in the future.

It all depends on the words and actions being used, the actions as a result of those words, the words as a result of a certain mindset. I have to repeat this..

Mindset – you know is everything, but it grows on the environment of words, either words of hope or words of suspicion and hatred. It grows in the environment of our families and schools, in the environment of the street at times where youngsters get lost or killed during the gun violence the backyards of Chicago. People killed or getting violent as a result of the ICE epidemic within Australia the greater influx in the north and Melbourne perhaps, with crime syndicates and drug dealers often having an easy escape… We easy could go over the world with all both the positive things and the awful and flawed precedence or examples.

But it is not important here…. What is important here?

There is a twinkling in the lifetime of any generation where the spirit of hope on a broader mindset may come through. Where we are capable to ask ourselves what we are able to do. What we are worthy to do to make more gentle the life of this world, and not asking what others can do for us this way..

And this is the spirit, – not of what “I” can do, –  but what “we” can do together, to sustain the responsiveness of free man in a more complicated world, both at home and around us.

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This is a dream and a hope which may last through the storms of generations and will endure.

This is a dream and a hope which will endure our time and all times.

Times where words and differences will always be around but where we may find the means perhaps, through cultural transition,  to set up the realistic awareness  that we are all inhabitants of this only one world, all residents of this only one tiny planet. And that we have to rise up together and challenge collected the dangers for humanity, from east to west, from all corners of the world, – at times against all odds.

That is hope you know… To believe things which are not there as yet, rewarded by seeing what we believed and hoped for. Not empty hope which will be thrown in our hands but hope which is out in the open through the works of our hands, day in and day out.. Not that we will see perhaps what we believe, but that the music of not seeing but still yet believing,… remains the hope in our heart..

For sure, God willing, we can do this, we can make this.  And if organized  we may do that at the same level of imagination, and many of us at the same level of feeling and even more of us on the similar level of unloading the affirmative actions – regardless the barriers and regardless the resistance and regardless even the hatred we may meet on our ways.

People may die but the dream for a better world lives on. Lives on as a tale being told in the years we have to spend… In the years where we are allowed to be receptive to both words of wisdom and justice.

Words and dreams then, which may fall drop by drop upon the heart until we are able to express ourselves through the gentle grace of God, – and as such … becoming the tale that should be told… A tale in which both hope and the world matters.. A tale being part of an eternal flame…. A flame which can’t be extinguished anymore, despite our own despair and pains… A flame which carries on through the generations, as words do matter, … as the world still matters,  ..and as hope always matters for bringing change and to make a difference. And all of this finally, is in our own hands and in the world of our own minds and hearts, where our mindset and attitude finds the words to create realities, – some reversible others irreversible.

Those , able to carry and send out their own story of hope and compassion, – their own icon of understanding as to the needs for their fellow human beings, may warm the earth, – as a new tale being repeatedly told during the years we spend on this planet… A tale asking for ongoing inspiration and action. A tale and an urgent truth: to make more gentle the life of this world.

The belief, the work and the efforts being done  may be not be enough to appreciate or to see clearly. Our destiny will be shaped on the platform of all human activity, by those willing to dedicate their mind and their heart to the task, – whatever this may suit us within our own family,  ..duty.. work .. or outside work activities.

And lets so spend our years on earth as the best possible history  being told! 

Does this apply to us?… Yes, – it does!!


Therefore:  … STAY IN FOR THE RIDE!! 

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Thank you so much!


Paul Alexander Wolf

Challenges of our times and generation

Irons in fire with the 2016 US Presidential elections       

“The Road We’ve Traveled ”

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Do we ever get such President again?

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Robert Fritz wrote, “It is not what a vision is; it’s what a vision does.”

What does a vision do?… Vision is the ability to see.

Helen Keller was asked, “Is there anything worse than being blind?”.. “Yes,” she replied, “having eyesight but no vision!”
Leaders with myopic vision are so shocking near-sighted that they live only for today. Their vision of the future is murky. They can hardly see beyond their noses. Under pressure they
might be hallucinating.
Leaders with peripheral vision are blindsided by side issues and they get carried away with the waves.. This was e.g. the end of Lyndon Baines Johnson, whilst other US Presidents who went to war were washed up as well in US history, – trapped as due to gross injustice in
some of their misguided considerations.
There have been only a few justified wars in history and being able to make the wisest distinctions at the time  of greatest danger is a contribution hard to select..
But among the existing candidates for the 2016 US President elections is there likely any candidate to impact the US and the rest of the world this way?
The pending 2016 US Presidential elections, at this stage only, seem to bring forward Donald Trump and Ben Carson as the potential Republican nominees.
Hillary Clinton seems the only front-runner for the Democratic party..
One could disagree at some extend on the political views of 44th  US President, but no one really can measure up with the current US President in terms of bringing back what the US Presidency is supposed to be, – after the George W Bush Administration.
Rather than building up momentum for an increased quality, the greatest democratic Republic in the world seems insignificantly able to apply any approved quality criteria designed and being helpful for selecting a  first-class candidate for the US Presidency. Worse actually,.. no serious efforts are made in any party to build up and equip the most likely candidate in front of the public eye.
The choice for the American public, as such, is outrageously poor. The last in part because systems of some increasing dysfunctionality  got the better of the United States House of Representatives,  and the general public seems to be so fat up that they start to prefer outsiders with no experience at all.
Whilst any new US President needs to have time to get familiar with the new job and with all the responsibilities, having no relevant experience could be a national and international security risk.
The United States had 43 Presidents and the 44th has still a bit more than 1 year to go. Of all those Presidents only 3 had no political experience. They were Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S Grant and Dwight D. Eisenhower. who took office without political experience. However they had high-level military experience to make in part up for this..
Having said this, the experience G.W. Bush had as Governor of
Texas did not protect the US from major adversity.
Hillary Clinton at the age of 68 has enough experience. She served as Secretary of State during President’s Obama first term, in line with her agreement to do this for only 4 years. This demanding job left her somehow exhausted and from this perspective one would assume the job as US President is even more demanding.
Regardless her level of dedication, for sure at the age of 69 or 70 near the time of being potentially elected in her case, – the risk of being less stable on “the mountain top” is quite obvious.
Cognitive decline caught up with Ronald Reagan at the end of his worthy presidency.
Worrying, .. as lots of things happening in the world depend in part on “the US response”. Having no experience or being of retirement age is not the most suitable situation for a potential President-elect. Not to speak about the people who are dependent on significant executive decisions.
Wars by major misjudgements are not things only from the past.
There was e.g. hardly any American justification for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq..  After 9/11, the US led a coalition with other countries in a highly unsuccessful campaign to destroy al-Qaeda and other militant Islamist organizations.. Unsuccessful, as the more vital substructures are demolished on such a pathway, the more you open up the gates for terrorism..
ISIS massacres now in Syria are of the worst kind ever perhaps, with the sad thing at present that it seems to attract infectious support from all sorts of unexpected places. Even in western countries.
If the US response after 9/11 would have been different, the security risk for the US and the world would have been unalike. The migration problems in Europe most likely would not have happened.
Major decisions can have domino effects for both the better or the worst.
Hence quality leadership at the Executive Branch of the US Government being vital with good judgement and insight.
Robert F Kennedy after the Cuban Missile Crisis noted that at the time there were various opinions on the right approach, all from dedicated people. However, a different approach than was taken would have caused a nuclear holocaust, as the Russian missiles on Cuba were already loaded with nuclear weapons and the instruction was to fire them if the US would attack Cuba…
Wisdom, moderation, insight, courage and at some extend
compassion are important ingredients for the US Presidency, – besides experience and an ability keeping the right balance in the midst of different opinions within various groups of advisers and security meetings.
The use of power amidst a variety of leaders is a major issue in this world, and often comes at a cost of innocent lives. Whilst the war against ISIS needs to be radical and swift, – any other war needs to be considered on its justification as the world is already troubled enough, –  and side effects of any war are often with exceeding difficulty to control.
Any major error or decision to go to war may have domino effects, neither being possible to predict nor to control.
Whilst no restraint is possible anymore against ISIS, –  the most resourceful approach is required to eradicate this affliction.

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The agonizing lesson out of this is that any major war will bring total chaos in the affected areas.  It  is a warning as well for those nations exercising armed  field-tests with a view  how far they can go, – in testing as such the military muscle of others. It is pointless and dangerous as any major incident may escalate a range of events out of control.
Hence good judgement and experience are vial requirements for any US President, as the last needs to balance the military views or even ignore the military recommendations since the military recommendations are not always correct.
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A US President needs to have grace under pressure, both on domestic and foreign policy.
We are at risk of wars by major misjudgements. The road to voracity marks the scars of humanity far more than we think.. and there is no one else to blame than the nature of human race on its own. Hence the greater judgement to improve humanity and not making it
worse,  being important to stay at the heart of the US executive branch.
If countries are getting more inspired to get the records straight on maintaining peace and mutual cooperation, they are at the lesser risk to become deceased nations with citizens and  common civilisation largely extinct.
This is just part of the greater justice towards the next generation, which we have to carry over.. The generation which will inherit this planet. A generation with new leaders on a planet where we all share both the darkness and the light this may create, now and in the world to come..
We may hope that the US may get it right with the  2016 US President elections.

Escalating Syrian drama and an unsure Reconstruction.

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We all have seen the pictures photo’s and other information – at some degree – about the unfolding events in Syria.

With this escalating drama, we can only hope that 10 years from now we can say that the reconstruction process after the war brought things in the right direction. However we are not sure.

Not sure are we, either,  as how the dynamics in the Middle East will evolve if a new Syria will be a stronghold with both Iran and Hezbollah against Israel.

Whilst at the moment everything is better than an ISIS state, the Assad regime – if not seriously modified – can’t be more than an interim solution. The chemical warfare Assad prepared was neither for Lebanon or Hezbollah. Hence the last post war reconstruction of Syria should strike the right balance and prevent old allies in the Middle East imposing new long-term dangers of a different kind, not recognised as yet perhaps.

It is not easy to put in words what we see in Syria now, both in human suffering, both in agonising evil, and the implication for people who want to escape all this.

And then not to speak about those countries who seek solutions, those countries who have to use violence as the larger aspect of evil seems to be concentrated in the group called “ISIS”. A group which spreads as an infectious disease, attracts people from all over the world, both very young and some even old.

Related image

They spread violence in the most barbaric way. The type of violence from dogma’s and intolerance, – not understood, but evil and inhumane in all its manifestations.

There is no simple answer in both the complexities in this further unfolding drama. Genuine people fighting against the Assad regime because of the injustice of  Gestapo type methods this regime applied, – to try  to keep control for far too long. And on the other hand a different and most barbaric ISIS movement trying to get control in both Syria and Iraq.

ISIS aiming for a large new Islāmic state where the sorts of Hitler Germany echoes in a different identity in the Middle East. And it is because of the potential implications on this new and modern evil, where all roots of this kind need to be eradicated, as it deeply goes against all human values, – regardless religion or non religion.

A danger for civilisation.

It will be not possible to enforce democracy in a country which never had democracy. The dynamics of the Middle East are different, different as much as the surrounding countries and interests are.

Whilst an Assad regime can be contained within Syria, – with the reconstruction of this Syria after this war, the tone and the further implications of this dictatorship needs to be modified, – the least.

Besides this, an Assad regime will not last for ever and from history we know that some countries made profound positive changes for the better within a time frame of 25 years.

Worse is possible as well!

ISIS, if not eradicated in full, if not stopped at least, – may be the most dangerous nuclear power state within 25 years (or less!), worse even than North Korea. The Assad regime would never ever able to achieve this kind of evil, evil as it is in a more contained format.

The question not being a question anymore is which evil would impose a greater danger for civilisation?

Syria without any infrastructure would embrace greater chaos and terrorism of unknown quantity, and would impose for any order in the Middle East a greater threat than the Assad regime.

Like the evil of Hitler Germany did not last, the evil of the Assad regime will not last either. The evolution of German conscience brought forward in 2015 a nation at the forefront of moral values.

Related image

Whilst Russian military equipment is just now used to support the Assad regime from the north, any resistance against the Assad regime in this process is eliminated, including the coalition supported forces to replace Assad with a more Syrian friendly government.

It is at this point where the US – led coalition has major differences with Russia as the betrayal of this particular group has never been the aim. Turkey in its anti-ISIS air campaign killed many Kurds against ISIS, which was neither the aim of the US or other partners in the fight against  ISIS either. The principal of betrayal of this kind is betrayal by principle, neither acknowledged nor being apologised for. And whilst certain principles get compromised for the common good against the greater evil ISIS, – protection or evacuation of those groups fighting at the right end of the moral spectrum has never been on the table.

The last which is wrong.

All in all we have a conflict in Syria with various very mixed background agenda’s. Hard to resolve in conflict, hard to resolve in the aftermath, – including the reconstruction which hopefully will be the logical end of this battle in the years ahead.

The victims of the violence are often innocent Syrian people, trying to live in peace with little means, exposed to the horrors of utterly violence. Men and women and children alike. Attacks come from everywhere and anywhere and they don’t understand why, and neither do they know who will be the next victim. Likewise neither the Kurds nor Rebel fighters do understand.

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For us, enjoying the type of government which does not copy the examples of brutal states, not defending the rights of the few but the benefits of the many with equality for the law in our private differences (regardless race or religion as part of our democracy), – we can’t enforce our social and political standing to any area in the Middle East.

What we can do during the fight against ISIS is to honour collectively those who willingly and unwillingly gave their lives in their fight amidst the chaos of a struggle against various evils. Those who worked at the right moral spectrum and hoped to find more justice.

Their burial grounds in the most undistinguished areas is not what they left behind. What they left is their shattered dreams upon unfinished lives, ignored and concealed by this “distinguished world” but unconcealed by the God of their understanding. – who understands their anguish and tears.

Perhaps they are the greater hero’s, as neither place nor people should be the battle ground for evil regimes not stopped at the beginning.. All the war memorials are pointless if we are unable to prevent this collectively. But that having said, the realities of this world are that nations have different agenda’s and that the way those agenda’s are implemented, at times of conflict, often is torture for the many with even little enduring benefit for the few who are responsible for the often senseless menace of violence.

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For those who died in vain, let it be hoped that in this embattled area the final torch of their country’s history will be carried forward to a government, which serves the many and not the few. Which serves by law the rights of many, and not the moral decay of the few despotic regimes which endured “against people’s will”.  Endured without any justice in their genes.

Tyranny will not last, regardless the tears, the agony, the suffering and the anguish sustained.

Finally tyranny will be silenced, but the lesser the human cost the better the victory on the principle of early preclusion.

Early preclusion of any tyranny should be the golden standard in the reconstruction of any Syrian future movement, as this country paid already a price far too high on the standard of human dignity.

Besides this, the Middle East suffered too long on the dimensions of violence and intolerance of various nature.

Hence the reconstruction of Syria holds vital opportunities not to be missed by those who seek long term stability. Stability in a region unstable already for far too many centuries.

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf


Todá Rabá: For a transpersonal communication!

Small introduction 

It’s a different story this.  Entirely different from the earlier posts .

Hope you like this flavour in addition to the last post on parts of my personal history, – the dimensions this time are far different though…

Perhaps  the contents do trouble me a bit from time to time, as they reinforce somehow I may need to do more, – one way or another…

Having still  -at times- conflicting thoughts about all of this,  it is yet however food for thought for me. The last as this  has been lingering for some years, and not finding the right “outlet” – as yet ….

Generally applies  that it is good to use your mind to focus on what you want in life, to use your heart with similar focus on what you desire in life, – on the premise you don’t harm and bring good.. And on the premise that you are true to yourself. But the potential directions can be contradictory, and part of it is related with life itself, being enclosed by circumstances of various nature….

But anyhow, this will explain:


She wrote to me from a different avenue,  a different spectrum of insight and feed-back. The last far away…

Actually from an Arizonan place nearby the  Grand Canyon’s in the US………. And for sure, I’m still grateful for the encounter we had, even though we never met in person.. She had a look at some of the articles in this blog and kindly provided an assessment of sorts……. An assessment based on what came to mind during an email contact which we enjoyed, as we both got a lot out of it..

Her opinion was at large Astrology based, but interesting as part of the mixture of tools she used….. However, within the context, I would call it more a transpersonal communication..

A vice versa interaction of humanity sorts.

Apart from an introduction – and a closure – there is – actually – nothing  to add, – besides the  self chosen illustrations. The last which I always like to do… And, for sure shortening  her missive, to keep it flowing,  – and simple as required.

Related image….Henry David Thoreau

In ideal  human conditions  we can reach our full potential with both imagination and love for what we are doing…  Those, often, who have a fair degree of fortuity in both circumstances and their personal approach, or place in life,  may reach  a  good deal in the uniqueness of their circumstances… We know, ………. the  last thing we can do is clenching  to our own response in both adversity and good fortune………  For most of us this is a mixed picture with different opportunities to all..

Jhinang Quotes

Different opportunities ……..The last , in the more positive,  is only possible if you have a strong desire and love for what you do…..and believe in what you want..At times, regardless the circumstances or the facts..At times ..this  requires much reflection, analysis, intuition and action..And  this process not always that straightforward or logical..And “science” often in those areas is unhelpful, a good intuition is..

Viktor Frankl

The question  is  whether you like it what you see – (or don’t see as yet), – whether you want it, – whether you allow the wanting and have the determination to follow through. The last with respect for any other human being  you will meet on this pathway…This is not always that easy or simple…

Whilst Astrology in good hands is an ancient art or craft, which  really evolved through the ages, – it has no scientific validity and there is a lot of prejudice against it.  However, –  as an instrument of mapping potentials in people,   man’s free choices find the outcomes!  The same applies  with  e.g  psychological test results. The last with  more  – “so-called” –  scientific validity…….  Scientific validity, however,  can change on the same subject, and is ….. not always the cornerstone and measure for progress in any area of life.

Related image..Thomas Jefferson

Regarding the standard of professions, – there are vocations  where one need to separate the chaff from the wheat more than in other professions… But like there are good politicians, dentists, opticians, teachers,  police officers,  and many others (we all know this), – there are genuine good astrologers as well. Like there are e.g  good doctors, there are less favourable doctors as well, and all for various reasons……There are psychologists  ( – I am aware as  well of one Psychiatrist in the US, Dr Judy Tsafir, – 11 km west of downtown Boston – ) who use the art of Astrology as a way  to look at the wider spectrum  of options and behaviour in people (from a different angle)…  And only if they are well-trained in this ancient art, with the right attitude, they serve a purpose.  But at the end, .. it is the response from the person which counts, supported perhaps by the dimensions they know and don’t know. Supported by the seen and the unseen, believing in what they don’t see as yet, – and fulfilled eventually to see what they believe.

Nothing else, – – I  trust..

Related image…..Psychological astrology ..

What was her “astrology verdict” (so to say) on myself?..Knowing both my restrictions,  my background and my environment, – the angels who keep the great record  may put to her credit that for certain she is a very genuine astrologist and centred in a good place (whatever else they have to say!).. …….However, being realistic,  and perhaps as due to the personal  communications  with this female astrologer, – I was possibly more lucky than others. The last as we both got a lot out of an affirmative  correlation, – which is not further disclosed here.  Hence toda raba to her. The Hebrew saying of thank you very much…  For sure,  she has been able to touch base on a few issues, but her observations are not complete… Certainly useful, but like  an acorn holds the pattern for an oak tree, – as a people, we are the masters of our own transformative and creative faculties, with both seen and unseen forces playing a role,…..  and finally the level of our human interactions assisting all this…. The last so important.. as Albert Schweitzer once noted…… important if we are prepared to discuss the  meaning and purpose in life as on ongoing process of direction and energy….

Albert Schweitzer and Reverence for Life

Related image

In general, the only certainty we have  is that everything can change, for better – or worse…  With this  notion on the seen and the unseen, …… the believe – for sure –  that little really can be lost in creation, ….. I hope myself neither to fear the worst,  – nor the most amazing…..

Part of her “transpersonal communication”:

“You look to do well in the creative arenas of life Paul. You are an artist at heart, but not everyone understands your style.

Related image

I see that you look to be restricted by fear in moving forward in finding your life’s greatest purpose. You will be finding meaning to what you will be doing as you progress through every stage of life.

Related image

You look to be going along relatively smoothly. I don’t see that you are off the path you are supposed to be on……. You are learning and expanding, this is really the main goal in enlightenment and finding your main purpose.

I see this as lasting at least the next 6-9 months before you will be able to move forward to a new destination. I see that you serve a purpose to teach others in this environment as well as learn from others that you are working with.

You can learn more and extend more on how to find salvation through love and positive energy….. This through really getting in touch with your inner self a bit more. You will meet this through introspective thought and the recognition of who you truly are and what you are truly thinking….. Remain positive in your thought processes and you will open yourself to receive more positive things happening in your life.

The main thing that I see in your chart at the moment, Paul, is your natal Saturn return. This is something that happens twice in your life, three times if you are lucky. Saturn’s orbit is about 29 years, so we hit the first return age 28 – 29, the second one 57 – 58, and the third one 86 – 87.

Billy Corgan

Saturn returns are quite profound. Saturn plays some key roles in the birth chart. For centuries, it was the most distant known planet–Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are very recent newcomers (and yes, I still consider Pluto a planet). Saturn urges us to watch where we’re going, pay attention to what we’re doing, and cautions us to be careful. When it returns to it’s natal place, it brings to us an awareness of what we might need to avoid.

      Carl Jung.

Saturn in Scorpio is all about control. This is why you are so involved in co-creating your destiny with your blog, Paul…  Saturn is a hard taskmaster, and for you, it is encouraging you to be more proactive about creating what you want from life. This is a time when you need to put your responsibilities to good use–and you are, trying to find a way to have the courage to embrace the impossible. If anything can bring that to you, it’s this second Saturn return, in Scorpio.

This is particularly prominent for you, Paul because Saturn is retrograde at the moment…. Where most people will feel their Saturn return for a year or so, you’re likely to feel this effect for three years or more, as Saturn made a pass over your natal Saturn, went backwards over it, and will soon go forward over it as the transiting Saturn makes its way out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius next month. You’ve been given three times to get things right, and lay the proper foundation for the next 30 years of your life. I’d say you’re doing a good job.

Regarding  what  your  “calling”  may  be  in  this  lifetime  towards humanity, I will pull up your birth chart.

There are many parts of a chart to look at that contribute to the overall calling or “destiny.” I see your Sun and Moon are trine, showing that you are an individual very much in touch with your innermost feelings, often wearing your beliefs and emotions on your sleeve. Your inner world reflects into your outer world, and very strongly. You are a mirror that reflects not only the outside world, but an inner light that is shining within you all the time. You are an Aries Sun, but with a Sagittarian Moon, making you prone to strong tangents into inner philosophies that you wish to share outwardly with others.

Interestingly, your North Node– the signifier of “karmic lessons” in this lifetime– is close to conjunct with your Sag Moon, passing on the meaning that there may be a higher purpose to your inner philosophies that you wish to spread to others. It may very well be that this penchant in you needs to find an outlet, and to be heard by people.

You may have some very important things to say on the past, and revolutionize a specific field with your knowledge and inspirations that you have to bring. It will have to deal with being progressive, moving forward towards a better state of humanity, but draw a lot from the deep well of our traditions and ancient customs of our past.

I would say your LinkedIn profile does show that you have a significant history and acumen in health care, Paul, and that does indeed go along the lines of your North Node placement and the ruler of the 10th House being in Cancer. In addition to the medical practice there is perhaps a bit more you could add, a dose of your philosophy or approach to things. With the planetary angles I noticed, your work as described by the 10th House would be an excellent outlet to spread a bit of your own personal philosophy that you are eager to share– whether that is your own personal views of the world, health, or whichever. Take your pick, follow your heart. I sense an urgency in you, perhaps to want to reshape or revolutionize a field in which you are expert. Perhaps a blend of our personal philosophy with your health care work would be prime suspect there.

Your Sun in Aries describes the way you express yourself outwardly, your pure essence.  Your Moon in Sagittarius describes your inner world, the one that only close friends and family sees. These two planets trine, Paul, …..making them strengthen and feed into one another.

Your inner world is rich, full of philosophies and a desire to explore the unknown, due to the Sag Moon (inner world); you wish to express that out to others, in a very forward and social way with your outer world.

It does seem like you are treading the path of your karmic destiny that has been set out for you, as what you describe fits pretty well with what your destiny shows in your chart. Politics could be another venue to pursue– but honestly, the healthcare field you are in strikes me as very apt to you.

Related image ?

Look out for people who you feel may have more to do with your karmic path. Also, people who mean what they say. In appraising people you wish to have in your company, … look more stronger to action than to words, and thus you can discern their intentions much clearer.

The main things that I see in your chart are the grand trines, Paul. You have four of them in your chart. There are two in water signs (Saturn / Venus / Jupiter, and Saturn / Venus / Uranus), and two in the fire signs (North Node / Mercury / Pluto, and North Node / Sun / Pluto). Grand trines bring you positive and beneficial energy to the areas of your chart where they reside, and yours are occupying the areas about personality, daily life, and the quest for knowledge (the water trines), and goals, income and partnerships (the fire trines).

The water grand trine will give you intuitive feelings about these areas of your life, Paul. The fire grand trine will make you goal-oriented and gregarious in these areas of your life. Of course, just having the grand trine isn’t enough to guarantee success; you have to make it work for you. When you apply yourself to these areas of your life, that is when the universe rewards your efforts.. How?.. By bringing opportunities your way. Like energy always attracts like energy.

The fire trine is particularly interesting because Jupiter–the planet of expansion and growth–is about to enter Leo. This means that it is going to accentuate and energize your fire trine for the next year. Things could very well change for the better, Paul, but you’ll have to keep up the momentum,….  and guard against laziness, to be really successful with this.

Related image

Your birth chart shows a couple of areas to consider about hidden talents. First, the 12th house reveals areas in one’s life where one might have blind spots, and the sign on the cusp of the house and its ruler can point to areas where you might put some attention. Capricorn on the 12th, with its ruler Saturn in Scorpio in the 9th point to some potentials in making manifest some tangible ideas and projects that need organization and a long-range vision.

Related image….Susan Ann Sulley

Hidden talents for you might include some managerial skills, …… particularly if they involve projects that have some depth (Scorpio) and some higher values and though (9th house).

The dwarf planet Ceres is also in the 12th, suggesting you have have some hidden talents with practical nurturing of others. Ceres in Capricorn is a placement that shows skills as a caring administrator.

Nurturing others with an eye to helping them succeed is a hidden talent for sure. You could do this through being elected to office, but don’t count out other mechanisms.

Related image..Paulo Coelho

I like also to point out the placement of the North Node for thoughts about direction. Your North Node, in Sagittarius in the 11th house, speaks to your search for truth and an intuitive and prophetic grasp on your path (Sag), and toward being a leader in your right in a worthwhile organization or group of like-minded people.

I wanted to mention in passing, Paul, that you have Chiron rising, which has a wounded healer aspect. When people first meet you, Paul, with Chiron in Aquarius rising, you lead with this notion of a noble but wounded person here to offer your perspectives on life with compassion and loving detachment.

Paul. dovetailing with the discussion of your North Node, I suspect you might be on track to know EXACTLY what actions ….. and what timing they will undergo.

Again in looking at your chart, several of your indications combine emotional and intuitive approaches with scientific objectivity and a desire to help humanity move forward. I mentioned the 11th house Sagittarius North Node, but I’m also now seeing that Uranus, one of your 2 chart rulers with Saturn, is in cancer in the 6th house representing one’s activities in one’s workplace, as well as well as health and hygiene. The ruler of the 1st in the 6th shows that you have much invested in work with your identity, and in Cancer that work must be in the caring expression of concern for others. You no doubt have a wonderful bedside manner with Cancer on the cusp of the 6th. Further, with destiny-oriented Jupiter here along with Uranus, you do seem to draw positive and fortunate experiences to you through the realm of showing up to your day-to-day in your work life.

The thing that strikes me about several of the men you mentioned, Paul, is that they developed a singleness of purpose over time. Lincoln, MLK and RFK all had some strong attentions to easing indeed the suffering of some less fortunate people in our communities.

Related image

Tiny Buddha – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

With an Aries Sun, you too can develop a singleness of purpose as well, and your Aquarius Rising and Sagittarius Moon/North Node can add in some detachment ……. and hunger for a meaningful seeking after truth for going forward. They also sought their path through humble interactions with their inner genius and did not brook social disapproval.

With the Bach Passacaglia, in your case,  I imagine that allowing your body to work with the music and keeping your meditation as an internal focus on the image you have might unlock some other potentials that are not available to the rational mind.

Related image…..2.1 BWV 582/1: Passacaglia

In looking again at your chart, focusing on your Moon’s emotional needs to engage with others in an expansive and faithful way, and to craft a blueprint for the human future that you will be able to take some steps every day toward manifesting it.

It’s interesting too that your Saturn is in the 9th house ….. which reflects higher education and accessing higher wisdom through opening to intuition and divine guidance. People with this placement can believe that nothing is worthwhile unless it has practical value. Life can get quite stodgy if they don’t access their imagination and wonderment. You seem to have pushed well into this territory, Paul. I wonder if you might be able to help people bust through their preconceptions to see another way of looking at people who are put into a taboo place, to understand that what we resist persists.

Opening up to trust takes a lot of strength and skill. It’s difficult to know whether you’re going to build confidence in the right people.

Emotionally, you feel more at home with people who have a higher mindset and a broader outlook than just the family unit. However, the two feed each other, with Cancer being part of this sector. The Moon shares rulership with Mercury of the 5th house matters.

Out of curiosity, I looked at your AstroCartoGraphy map again, to see where your North Node is more emphasized…… It crosses the Ascendant in northern Chile, Bolivia, western Brazil and Surinam. It also has some strength off the coast of Scotland and into Norway, Sweden and Finland….. It crosses the MC (Midheaven) in western Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique–interesting how many of them show lots of conflict! Not sure what to make of that. I’m wondering if people from these places might not have something to offer you.

In contemplating your chart some more, Paul, I keep being drawn back to the North Node and the Moon. You may write a book if you wish. You do have Mars in Gemini in the 3rd house which suggests you can have a forceful and fluid approach to getting out … some pivotal ideas. Plus your Sagittarius Moon/Pallas/North Node can give you a fire to bring out some big ideas about where humanity needs to be going. I think even sharing much of your observations about the life you’ve led and the inspirations you draw from  Albert Schweitzer, the Kennedy brothers, Nelson Mandela, etc., would be well-received.

I was struck, by the way, by RFK’s concept of the ongoing “menace of violence.” How that seems to echo in the present day. It is easy to get caught up in it, and it is just as easy to try to retreat into isolation as RFK wisely observed.

Related image

“Changing an attitude, returning to a work in progress when one has been discouraged, is surely difficult. However, …….. that is what the hexagram calls for, which I picked out for you. You must not only revise your work, but you must also revise yourself as well. Nothing is harder than self-transformation, which must start with self-awareness.”

Related image

I’m wondering where you might take all this…………… ”

This is at large the summary of what she said.

Small epilogue:

Her genuine observations as part of a meaningful correspondence, made an impression on me and left me with appreciation.

Appreciation as well for the way she works and the way she lives….. It was the sort of complementary encounter which I valued for actually various reasons… Often encounters are superficial,  as even in friendships we don’t (always) give away what we really are, the last which may be “restricting” at times…

Like the layers of an onion,  is somehow the soul of a human being, the colours and the texture, – and we have no automatic entry to this entity, – and need to treat the last with respect,  if possible.   Even friendship does not allow someone to have access to this,  and building up trust takes time and for sure is not always that easy..

However, meaningful encounters are so important… asking each other questions…and resonating on the important things in life we can share, – rather than retreating in isolation, or silence and despair perhaps.

Astrology in really good hands did change my perception on the art itself… For sure, …. I was biassed, for various reasons, – but I like to explore the unknown as part of expanding my understanding. Not that I do understand astrology, …….. but there are many other things which I don’t really comprehend…  Yet,  my curiosity for the more unconventional  “ways”  often helped me a bit further and …… an added  holistic approach in health and well-being has, I feel, a time and a place….. if it is enhancing the lives of the living and enlarging  our spiritual condition…

Related image….Cicero

Life is an ongoing adventure of sorts and the beauty is that  it never stops,  so let’s embrace it in whatever the outcome, – unpredictable as this life is…..  Therefore don’t “depend” on Astrology as such to predict anything or guide your lives, but trust the design of your inner compass in the dimension(s) it was created.

For sure,  this requires lots of imagination and intuition for all of us, and indivisible,  – sustained love for all we can do within human race.

Whilst love is the driving force in nature, – compassion is the dimension which could save the world where this grace can be applied within the restrictions and dilemma’s we face.

Whilst lots of people are working on their own,  being more engaged in joint efforts, – both the last in concerted labour through an increased conscious contact with the God of our Understanding, –  will bring us sooner to the purpose and meaning most of us seek in our lives.

Whilst often in the grip of the common coolness, most of it being rooted in the empty dust of our planet, – over and over this world has too many people who don’t know how to express their gratitude and appreciation to each other. However, expressing what we feel in the positive to each other makes more gentle the life of this world.

And so,  we may all have to bring and to bear; just to make the wise distinctions where we are able to, – and to make the little differences where we can, – and to seek the encounters we need to make this happen…
And in most of all of this it is neither the money we lack nor the money we seek, but the compassion we wish for …. and the compassion and goodwill other people need……
Thank you so much!

Todá Rabá!


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