“The uncommon thought on the uncommon matter” – Sean Penn

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The uncommon thought on the uncommon matter, as the famous Actor Sean Penn once said, – means that perhaps at some stage something may be breaking through all the conditioning or learning we know and see on this planet. This sounds promising, indeed, if true. But it seems not that promising, actually.

It’s about a type of conditioning which is neither correct nor humane but being closely linked with the inadequacy of both our government and justice systems, the last nearby or far away. We know that those systems are questionable already at times.In some countries almost always, unfortunately.

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The conditioning -which seems pending- as well, applies to the common numbness of an increasing number of people. A conditioning which should not apply, but still is part of the day-to-day reality which encounters many problems all over the world. The way people respond, the way nations respond,  because far too many people are ignorant on what they inflict on others or simply don’t care. And mind you, at times this runs through families, cultures, countries and generations. Not good.

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In all this “the courage factor” and insight are the most important element to face all this, – and not walking away from it.  If you walk away from it you will be followed by the implications of far a too often reoccurring neglect and failure of justice, – both in our close connections, but also in the wider concept of “the world”. Seems not so good news, isn’t?

As we all know, – the pictures of refugees,  detention centres, refugee camps do resonate today at all corners around the world.  Like climate change does.  Like human trafficking does and many others. Things – issues , which affect basic human rights and through which the conditioning of people – the wrong way –  is allowed to endure,  and continue in all the ways we know and see. It’s an image we get from the television. It is an image of day-to-day life, – often in devastating dimensions. We see the pictures of people holding on to boats going to Europe. We see wounded children running and crying away from both violence in the air or on the ground, – trying to escape death.

Look, through history there have been many refugees and as a result of this children from parents arriving from far away have been born e.g. in the rain forest areas of Brazil, or in 40 degrees below zero temperatures upper north in Canada and many other countries.

They found new roots where they were planted, and those are perhaps someway the lucky ones, –  if they had luck enough to meet and engage with the good colours of humanity as they found it in different way in the countries were they were able to make new home. Where they found ways for education and where they were accepted through the contents of their expression and character, but foremost hard work. Apart from wickedness,- there is much kindness in the world as well, but often it is hidden. But the pending negative conditioning or learning is not that good for the hidden kindness either, because the circumstances are not conductive to bring the goodness of people to the surface. Like the conditioning of the German people during Hitler Germany created a domino effect on the way people behaved and acted to each other in this country being blindsided to the violence to minority groups.

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But for people being stranded elsewhere, the ongoing agony is for those who neither find home nor being accepted elsewhere.. People who are not lucky enough with their encounters and fall in the wrong hands, For them the road to freedom is a long one, if they are able to sustain the trafficking, the torture or the rape. This happens when the majority gets used to things which are not normal or humane anymore.

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The question always is what those people became in the long way of the brutality they endured with the pictures imprinted in their heart soul and minds. We don’t speak about those who died along this road.

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If you survive and have to live up to the expectations of civilisation in the way we know this, for sure this is not the easiest transition,- as long as you are welcome and not judged by whatever some people in your group feel as a norm or have inflicted based on those new norms. And this might be quite dire for some, brutal for others.

Some keep praying in their in their silent moments of disagreement, but don’t see “the light” as the darkness in their soul could not reach the real light anymore, numb as they became. Perhaps they stood up in the past against domination but the domination was stronger and did beat the light out of them. That is what torture can do you know, that is what war can do. We know this all too well because people with PTSD trauma’s after service in Vietnam, Iraq or other countries have already difficulties to be accepted in their own countries, – as the conditioning of far too many other people is wrongly wired the way their prejudgment goes. The realities can be very different for many people in one place, who endured conditioning in various different environments. And often is does not go well together because the human connection can be diminished through the preoccupation with the learning or conditioning from various trauma.

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We need to accept that a fair number of refugees have a tribal background who lost all their own connections with what was 10 years ago tranquil living, listening to stories within their elder ethnic groups – where there was peaceful and cultural harmony until they became invaded by whatever brutal force. They had sort of “order” in their mind but now many of those once mindful people, are totally disrupted in their mindset because the violence sustained, has been imprinted.

It is said “the truth sets you free”, but which truth and in which future. The truth of the jungle where you need to be alert for any pending danger is a different truth than the truth I perceive, but I am fortunately able to relate to all those people – realising that when the tide of history does change we all may be homeless and on the go. The concept I may be able to embrace, still, is a far different concept others are allowed to embrace, through the strange conditioning of our world.

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And still, in some of my connections far way, – I still see shining the colours of courage. People who stop the long wanted prospect of a career and look after ailing relatives amidst the huts and villages where the care is insufficient, – and some are the sole carer for a whole family, working flat out to get a minimum income which goes to the costs of healthcare and food and basic shelter. And meanwhile some of them are doing the cleaning of their ailing loved ones by night, but still with the living hope, rarely met by others, by day, – despite –so often – the emotional tiredness.

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For sure, we have to do what life asks us to do in certain circumstances, – but in the most disastrous circumstances the last response of providing ongoing care to someone in poverty is the most beautiful expression of humanity, where the conditioning did not get lost in the numbness of the soul. No numbness at all but conditioning at its best.

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Humanity and inter-humane connections across the spectrum of cultures is the golden standard for real progress all over the world. Compassion for your own people and “all people” (please don’t take this literally!) is the standard on which we all will be measured one day. And that day will come. That day will arrive. The day that all those people who sustained the agony of their time and kept the colours of both courage, compassion and faith will be set free, whatever they had to sustain..

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It will all fit the larger picture of a future which we can’t see as yet, but in our dreams it might be alive already and we may say: ”Why not?”

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Believe it, hear it, and see it, – with all those, who share this promise with you, and make it work, – rewind and rewire towards a better conditioning of humanity, towards a different and better world – to start with ourselves.

Thank you so much!


Paul Alexander Wolf

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“AUSCHWITZ begins wherever people look at the slaughter house and say: they’re animals only”‏

The Refugee Question In Europe

A few remarks on what happens in Europe. An increasing crisis with refugees.
Likely not the real crisis are the refugees itself, as a group, – but the related tiny fractions only those who undermine everything what is the aim. And the aim was to help and reach out, and this should stay being the purpose but meanwhile eliminating some dangers for society itself.
The question is what is the price of true principles and what patience and efforts are required to reach those standards. The virtues as well to give refugees a new chance in Europe. A new chance as well in the US. A new chance as well in Canada, –  or anywhere else where people deserve a new chance.

By endurance justice will prevail by cutting off those who make injustice and crimes the domain of their activities, like happened for instance in Cologne. We must continue to work for peace and reconciliation. We must try to reconnect with each other and open the frontiers to a different humanity, faced with the conviction we have to deal with so many issues because humanity gets compromised. We have to try and cut any intercultural barriers and prejudice, – besides making more gentle the life on this earth.

But the last based on the principle of justice for everyone equal.

Never loose your spiritual freedom by becoming enslaved through dogmas, whether they come from a religion or any people being captured by the false sentiments created in the public domain. The public domain which includes an increasing number of dangerous agitators and right-wing radicals. Radicals who seek only one solution.

Always ask yourself what the God of your (“real”) understanding requires you to do in any specific situation, and refrain from bringing harm to those who should not be harmed, – those who are innocent and harmless

As such you are better off than any dogma’s. As such you are better off than any right-wing radicals. As such you are better off than following Donald Trump, – who promised to build a wall between Mexico and the United States, –  and claimed after a shooting that he could kill somebody in NY, without losing votes.

As such  you are better than any ringleaders threatening the status quo by violence. As such you are better than all the different Donald Trump’s and the “blindness” of their followers, – in the US and anywhere else. As such you are better off than Geert Wilders in this small  Dutch country, where his Party for Freedom resists anything what has to do with Islam or other “foreigners”. He has an increasing number of followers.  He says his movement is peaceful and democratic, – but Hitler claimed to be peaceful as well until he got the powers through democratic elections.

People, by the way, who never endured the violence in Syria or anywhere else in major “capitals of torture”, – are not qualified to speak judgment on all groups of ethic minorities. 
The Refugee Question In Europe

True wisdom comes with answering the question in word and deed where to diminish pain and suffering, if possible.. If children are learnt both at home and at school how to relate to each other in the best possible way, through forgiveness and learning to love, their relations in adulthood would thrive with more inner-strength, –  and a refreshed new generation would embrace better leaders than ever before.
The Refugee Question In EuropeThey would be better able to deal with the human playground in politics where proper interactions are so important to make the difference we need to make. They would make a difference in society, like ordinary people as well, at home and in their communities. They would be able to capture the people again who were at risk to get lost.
Against human inadequacy we must strive for understanding, even if long-held convictions have hardened our hearts and minds. Strive and alienation are part of our culture and this applies to the problems of refugees as well.

Sweden had the greatest influx of refugees and encounters significant problems with a tiny fraction from the people arriving from Syria. However, this fraction is imposing a danger of different kinds, both for their fellow country man and triggering as well the increasing force of right-wing extremists ,who simply seek the political or even violent resolution that “any foreigner” should leave the country.

Though many have been exposed to cruelty in Syria, it provides no freedom to assault or rape in the free countries who embraced them as part of the values we cherish in a free society. People who as such commit crimes and compromise the future chance of their fellow country man, the very last who try to build up a new life on dreams which have been shattered, – those people committing those crimes need to be returned to Syria, – failing other options. All this to prevent the long-term deep-rooted prejudgment festering in western society, – and in free elections right-wing radicals coming to power, in which case increasing the risk that history is going to repeat itself.
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A human being should never be used as a means to an end, but the end comes when a human being creates the end of others.

Auschwitz should be a lesson to the world. It should never ever happen again. But allowing right-wing radicals in the Netherlands, Germany and other countries coming up as a response on what goes wrong in the management with refugees, the worst of evils may come to light if those groups are not eliminated by the power of reason, and gain a majority of voters. 
Auschwitz should be a lesson to the world”>

Never allow this to happen, never allow history to repeat itself as the skin of civilization get thinner when right wingers and people like Donald Trump raise to power.
Mind you, never allow this to happen, never be silent against extremism of any nature, never be silent when human rights are compromised on the altar of nationalistic sentiments, as history will repeat itself in such case, – with far different and far darker dimensions.

Thank you for reading.

Paul Alexander Wolf