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About Paul Alexander Wolf – ‘Continuer à essayer’

Don’t tell us what we can’t do, but ask what together we can do for our human destiny!
 In a nutshell about Paul Wolf

He likes:

Family life. – The art of leadership. – Human rights. – The idea and concept of Peace. – The politics of change for the better and more justice. – Good books & musics. – Great and genuine people. – Writings. blogging kayaking. – Sailing. Travelling (when again?) – Relaxing near the Ocean at Robe or Wirrina Cove.

!!!>>AND CAPPUCCINO<<!!!! 

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now“–Chinese Proverb.
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It would be nice to be able to stick to this Chinese Proverb, and keep growing…. It is never too late planting a tree or seeds for renewal and wisdom!

About myself, – the writer of this blog… Following above proverb I keep trying, as indicated. Not sure whether I am always successful though, but it’s always good to keep trying! (‘continuer à essayer‘)

Being fortunate with the type of work I have, (a doctor’s job), – my family and I have been able to see a few things of the world. Hence an international family with 3 children. All born in three different countries.
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In a nutshell:

Born and bred in the Netherlands both my wife and I went together with our baby son to South Africa…  A position as a rural doctor in the very far north of the country together with some 8 other doctors from overseas. All in the same hospital. 
Image result for images of siloam hospital vendaImage result for images of siloam hospital venda
..In retrospect a short-term involvement for a bit over one year, which was however an unforgettable experience in a time of turbulence. It is interesting that short commitments at times may have a profound impact whilst other longstanding positions seem to pass by…For various unrest related reasons we went back to the Netherlands. After 2 years the journey continued to England, then Scotland and finally Australia. (For people interested in the order of events just look at my LinkedIn profile down below, nothing special by the way..)
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In Australia we found home now for some 14 years. The children have grown up with one working and living in Queensland and the other one in New York. They all like to travel as well. My wife is still an enthusiastic tapestry weaver and works in different art sessions with various people.
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At present I am working as a GP in a rural area not too far away from Adelaide. Busy job! Locum doctors don’t cover the weekends here and we have only 2 GP’s … So not enough time to see more of the world or go to Europe and see old friends or relatives etc at the moment. Bit sad at times but that’s life at present. Going for a short break to eg Europe means 2 jet lags in one week.
Relaxing near the Pacific Ocean or very close to the Gulf of Vincent in South Australia is always possible for a couple of days, – which we enjoy really very much. And we make good use of this.
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About my future?…Don’t really know as yet. But somehow, being a ‘family physician’ at present, I would like to have a different engagement at an unalike level,  – at some stage..

Who knows!…

Keep planting seeds or trees, if possible!
Je vais continuer à essayer.
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But all this aside.

About my past family history: ….

Lets start with some archives, and only read this when interested:
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The archives of the Wolf family go back to the 17th century. Elias Wolf was born in Rostock in July 1717. Becoming Mayor of Jever he married Margarethe Christiene Kohnemann. One of their children was another Elias Wolf, born in Jever on the 24th May 17 68 and he became the owner of some plantations in Essequebo (Guyana). He was President and adviser in the Criminal Justice Department of this colony and married on the 5th of May 1792 with Sarah Barkey in Rio Essquebo. They got 5 children, including Frederik Hendrik Elias Wolf, born on the 30th of November 1803 in Breda. He became Reverend in the Dutch Reformed Church at Leeuwen and married in Gendt on the 9th of April 1828 with Johanna Henrietta Coenen. Both got 5 children including Elias Frederik Hendrik Wolf, being born in Leeuwen on the 18th of January 1829 and this Elias became a Reverend in the Dutch Reformed Church in Utrecht. He was married with Sophia Carolina Charlotte van der Goes. They got 7 children, one of which was my granddad.

Considering the directions his brothers and sisters took in life, I can only assume granddad had a colourful family. My granddad (Louis Gustaaf Wolf) was born in Klundert ( the Netherlands) on the 15th of February 1865 and married grandma (Louise Ploos van Amstel) on the 3rd of May 1899. She was born in Reitsum on the 16th of July 1877 and was the daughter of Reverend Johannes Jacobus Ahasverus van Amstel and Anna Geertruida Binksma. They had 6 children including 1 daughter who died at a very young age.

Actually I don’t know too much about granddad’s younger years. He went obviously through primary and secondary school and opted to go into Medicine but in his 5th year of this study, just before the clinical part, – he realised that this was not the future he wanted. After careful consideration he stopped medicine all together despite good results (I don’t think his own dad offered him to try a different study as there were more children to raise)…

Mind you, after 5 years, but he did do the right thing by doing what he wanted.

How and when he met grandma (oma ), I don’t know. He moved with his wife to Canada and started about 1890 one of the first Dutch settlements near Yorktown. Perhaps he was comfortable to be a bit away from his family as he did not follow the usual patterns of life, – or family expectations. Who knows. Auntie Sophia was born in Yorktown and did live amidst the real wolves and Indians. The stories were quite colourful.
Image result for pictures about Yorktown canada

After a couple of years grandma became terribly homesick and both granddad and grandma returned to the Netherlands with the family. Obviously if grandma would not have been homesick in those days, – for sure I would not have been able to write this story in Australia. – History then for our family would have been totally different. This applies as well for my mum and dad.

I found the stories about Canada and the 2nd World War always very interesting experiences in my family background.

Being home sick can be quite bad (with other things perhaps) and the family had to settle again in the Netherlands after the Canada experience. For granddad this was perhaps not the easiest time in his life as he really liked Canada, – likewise his daughter Sophia who loved the lifestyle in the outback and the horse riding etc. For grandma it was clearly different as again she was more close to her own family.

For sure the conditions in Canada in those days were really different than they are now.
Image result for pictures about Yorktown canada

Granddad got eventually employment with the “N.V. Maas -Buurt Spoorweg” (Maas-Buurt Railway Company) in the County of Brabant and became President – Director of this Company in 1918 after the retirement of President – Director J.M. Voorhoeve, – after the 1st world war. When granddad took over the reigns it would seem he did do this in an energetic way, with leadership and insight at times of challenges and turmoil. With an increasing number of bus companies in those days, leading obviously to growing competition, and with the economic recession, this job was really a tough job. In the Company there was the need as well for more social reforms in those days and granddad did properly engage to this, so I am led to believe. He loved his job and cared for his employees. He showed fairness courage and determination, besides a good sense of humour. In speeches he could be quite funny.
Image result for pictures about Maas-Buurt Railway Company gennepImage result for pictures about Maas-Buurt Railway Company gennep

On the 1st of June 1935 he retired from this position. Both grandma and granddad had 6 children. One daughter died at very young age and Elias (my dad’s only brother) died suddenly in 1934. His death drove grandma to total despair. She recovered very slowly.

During the 2nd World War both provided shelter for Jews in their own home at the Parklaan in Bussum. This was a tense time, last but not least as due to my dad’s activities in the resistance movement. Granddad died on the 27th of March 1948 in Bussum at the age of 83.
Image result for pictures about hiding Jews during second world war

Even though he died far before I was born, he made a real impact on me when I was a child. Not sure why.  Perhaps because he was both a pioneer and had lots of courage, besides being very caring for his family. His original painted picture frame is still positioned in our hallway as if he is keeping an eye on the family.

Grandma was as remarkable as granddad, but in different ways. She survived him many years and died later in the 1968 after being moved to Apeldoorn, the place where my mum and dad lived with my 3 brothers. She left a history of memories in Bussum and at her age she could not coop with this transition. Changing old people to a different place often has a major impact.

From the lives of this special granddad and grandma I sensed somehow that life may become harder when we live for others, but it also becomes happier and it brings more fulfilment.

Perhaps not everything was that positive in my later childhood (in my experience), but examples were not the main thing which gave direction in my life, it was the only thing.

My mum and dad met during the 2nd world war and whilst my dad was actively involved as the leader (so I am led to believe) of the “Flying Brigade” resistance group, my mum was dedicated to her role as a “courier” for this group. Many messages and documents went as such from one group to the other. Intelligence about German defence systems across parts of the Dutch coast line passed as such as well to Allied Forces in England.
Image result for pictures about

Both my mum and dad were the only survivors from this group, following someone betraying the “Flying Brigade”…This fate, – this coincidence actually, determined the path to their marriage – which ended some 26 years after the 2nd world war. My dad at the time was planning with his group the 4th assassination. This time on a dangerous Gestapo Officer or General, responsible for lots of Jews being transported to concentration camps (It proved that providing shelter and food for Jews was not enough)…
Image result for photo assassination on gestapo general by Dutch resistance
During the meeting he felt uneasy about the way the planning was approached, and the meeting was stopped for 2 hours. Meanwhile he tried to find his “second-in command” (who had not turned up) to discuss asap, – but arriving at his house he noticed various police cars under the trees and his friend was not at home. ..He felt more uneasy…Going back he was stopped by my later mum at the corner of the street going to the Youth Chapel where the meeting was held. He wanted to get in but was stopped in the back yard by the ministers wife. The Gestapo had seized the Chapel already. 
Image result for pictures about gestapo
All who were in there were taken into “interrogation chambers”…
In retrospect it proved that the negotiations were held with an assassin hired by the Gestapo to infiltrate in the “Flying Brigade”… The whole resistance group was killed after 3 days of interrogation. My dad had now to find shelter during the rest of the war, as he was  a prime target for the Gestapo. …He finished his law degree and had the opportunity, straight after the war, as an Attorney to cross-examine the Gestapo officers who captured his group.
I can only guess this was both painful and interesting…

In retrospect my parents were very good and decent people and though their relationship with each other had such imperfections that it could not sustain, they tried to live life as good as possible. They made an impact in what they provided for their children and what they expressed in their own ways to friends, relatives and in their jobs.
I loved the walks with my dad in the forests near Haamstede when I was young as he always told me about things of interest. He showed a lot of interesting places in Zeeland, like eg particular spots at Zierikzee and Middelburg. He loved historical sites and old churches, the last were he played the organ at times.

I still see my mum cooking in the kitchen of our holiday house in Haamstede on hot summer evenings, with the evening sun shining through the side window, – and children sharing the table after playing football. With always the noisy sounds of the little usual quarrels among kids.
Image result for pictures lighthouse haamstede
The owner of the little local Foodland at the time (“Van Dijke”/ van Dike) was always kind enough to bring a supply of shopping home in those early days, or bringing e.g. a new gas bottle.

I was really fortunate enough to start my life within those comfortable circumstances. No matter what the difficulties were at some stage, no matter what the challenges were when I was a teenager… where it really comes too in life is affection, respect, encouragement and good examples , the last generating the sort of strength and love which is essential in life, – besides “meaning” or purpose.

Personally I had many good examples, both nearby and far away… I still have warm feelings for all those people in what they gave me during various moments in life. This appeared often in little things and most of the times they were not aware… It is one of those mysterious things in life of what we give to each other without knowing it, – and the impact it has at times.
Sometimes this happens during trivial circumstances and simple encounters, – sometimes this happens during vital moments within our human ventures. Moments with seeds being planted in our hearts and minds, and wisdom – at times many years later – growing through the grace of God.

In my case there have been people I never met who made an impact.
Image result for pictures about RFK,martin luther king, lincoln , schweitzer

Both my oldest and younger brother are still alive. One brother, 4 years older only, died suddenly in 1999. His name was Tjakko. He had a strong and solid character, also kind and generous. We played a lot when we were young and apart from some rivalry there was always encouragement and support.

Many of my childhood memories go back to the village of Haamstede at the lighthouse, where so often we went on holidays during the summers, often in the company of childhood friends.
Image result for pictures about haamstedeImage result for pictures about haamstede
Like my dad, – Tjakko later went to study law (in Utrecht). It was for some reason perhaps to suspect that he did consider a career in politics at one stage, – but the political dynamics in the Netherlands did not really appeal to him, neither was he attracted to Courts of Justice. At young age however he became Director of a Road Construction Company. Both as a result of this and his investing endeavours in property he became quite prosperous in Haamstede, where he lived for several years already. Three days before he died we had a last telephone conversation in which we discussed a family reunion in the Netherlands. I was living at that stage with my wife and children in Scotland. When we heard about his sudden death on the Monday, we travelled as soon as possible to Haamstede to be part of the funeral preparations and share with the family in sadness, together with his wife. They had no children. For various reasons his life was an unfinished life, – he died far too early.

Some years between the age of 16 and 18 I spent with a lovely foster family in Apeldoorn. I was able here to finish secondary school as only this environment provided the support being required at this stage in life to help me with some attention & concentration issues at school. This was a somewhat different environment than I was used to. Quite an artistic and warm hearted family actually. There were 3 other children, all a bit younger. Wilgert, the oldest, died at the age of 25 in Groningen following an accident with a bus. One of those terrible moments where a split second of lacking the required attention to avoid danger proved to be fatal.
Image result for pictures about unfinished life

Some 10 years ago we went for an enjoyable family reunion and stayed almost obviously in Haamstede, – besides travelling to Scotland and see old other friends. Having had the opportunity to live so close to the sea in Cullen, in-between Inverness and Aberdeen, was a great experience for both my wife and 3 children.

Together with their friends, our children often jumped from the harbour in the sea. I often did this as well, but often a wetsuit was needed as due to the cold sea water.
Image result for pictures about Cullen harbour scotland

There has been always something special with Scotland, the country of both “the high road and the low road.”

Unique as well was both our stay in England and South Africa, – all before this.

Funny enough I still remember some early preschool events and St Nickolas arriving by boat in the harbour of Goes. The city where I was born. Goes was a great place in my perception and I was sad for days with the prospect of moving to Apeldoorn.
Image result for pictures st nicholas arriving

Adapting to Apeldoorn in 1961 took time. The (pre) school was different, likewise the culture. However also here some friends were made at an interesting primary school being called the “Sondorp school”, named after the previous school inspector. (My dad took over this function, after an earlier career change).

There are many stories about this school and my old school mates have many memories as well, last but not least about the head master. He made the school what it was , with pride, but on another note he often used his hands when kids were naughty, or when “he thought” the kids were naughty. He reigned with a vigorous regime, not rarely at a cost of the children.
Image result for picture hitting male teacher
Image result for pictures about hitting teacher
The first part of Secondary School was not that good. Often in trouble with teachers. The school system at that particular school at the Church Lane (Kerklaan) in Apeldoorn, next door to the swimming pool, was less than inviting or stimulating – the least. It went somewhat better at a different school but I think my mind was a bit preoccupied with other things going on.  At home things were not ideal and my parents went through a divorce.

Following secondary school matters profoundly changed actually after finishing the Teaching Training College in Amsterdam, and after passing an entry test for the medical faculty. I found direction. Medicine has been at the background of my mind for some time already. However I did not had the right qualifications, hence those entry exam in various subjects.

Being able to do the Medicine study in Maastricht, the most beautiful city of the Netherlands, did open various doors to the future. The city was great for students who liked the outdoors like e.g. rowing on the Maas, or climbing rocks in the hills of Belgium. I did do both as much as possible. For sure not only this!.. The concept of the Medicine study was based on problem orientated learning, – new for me and most interesting!  Problem Based Learning (PBL) was almost a replica example from the McMasters University in Canada, the last still known as a high impact University.. The concept of PBL is still with me and part of anything I want to learn.

After graduation in Medicine, life evolved further in Sneek, the county of Friesland. This as part of a hospital job which combined General Surgery, Obstetrics and A&E..Busy busy job!..It was a reasonable preparation for working and living in the far north of South Africa (Siloam Hospital).

Later, with England and Scotland in between, we arrived 10 years later in Australia…This is now in 2015 some 14 years ago, time flies!
AN CAORANN Portsoy Site
As you see I made a few big jumps in my history whilst writing this. It is just to give you a bit of insight in my background, – the writer of this blog.

The lighthouse in Haamstede -in my awareness- was built to give light, was built to endure burning.

I still have this picture in mind and it has  meaning for me.

Lighthouses do not move, they give direction, – they persist in the storms of life…
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Coming back on this blog, which offers an escape for my usual work:

The articles in this blog are a reflection of trying to engage modestly on some of the questions of our time and generation and will continue on a periodic base, – depending on my “inspiration” and workload in other activities.

Feel free to comment on the contents of any of these articles (in the comment section below), if there is anything which strikes a chord or resonates with you..

 “We dream of things that never were and say: .. “Why not?”
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Turning to a different but somehow related topic:
Some of the people mentioned below made a profound impression on me as a person, even though they died already long ago, What they had in common was that they all had more or less strong attentions to easing some of the anguish and suffering about less fortunate people in their communities..

Hence some of their citations are quite nice actually.

They often found their path through unassuming interactions with their inner wisdom and did not worry about social disapproval..

True, there are for sure many things we can’t control, but if we try to focus completely on the things we love, with similar courage and dedication as those in the following quotations, we are on our way to a better life.. A life with compassion and moving forward towards a better state of humanity in ourselves and with others… Even if sadness and disappointment is passing our way…

So still, – – don’t tell us what we can’t do, but let’s ask ourselves what we can do together, – and collected we may have this rendezvous with human destiny, even if it is only simply showing the ways for our fellows to find their own light….

Why not?
Again THANKS for reading some articles in this blog!
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I wish you all well in your own personal life journey, with hopefully lots of inspiration and good health!
Image result for photos explore the unexplored with the best possible with or sparkle!
And if possible: explore the unexplored with the best possible wit or sparkle!

Live long and prosper!

“There may be times when we are powerless to
prevent injustice, but there must never be a time
when we fail to protest”
Elie Wiesel

Image result for small photo elie wiesel
“Let us dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks
wrote so many years ago: to tame the
savageness of man and make gentle the life
of this world”
Robert F Kennedy
Image result for small image rfk
“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he
stands in moments of comfort and convenience,
but where he stands at times of
challenge and controversy”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
Image result for small photo MLK
“But peace does not rest in the charters and
covenants alone. It lies in the hearts and minds of
all people. So let us not rest all our hopes on
parchment and on paper, let us strive to build
peace, a desire for peace, a willingness to work
for peace in the hearts and minds of all of our
people. I believe that we can. I believe that the
problems of human destiny are not beyond the
reach of human beings”
-John F Kennedy
Image result for small photo JFK
“A good head and a good heart are always a
formidable combination”
-Nelson Mandela
Image result for small photo nelson mandela
“I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits
than strict justice”
-Abraham Lincoln
Image result for small photo abraham lincoln
“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness
is the key to success”
-Albert Schweitzer
Image result for small photo albert schweitzer
Keep planting seeds or trees, if possible!
Gardez la plantation des graines ou des arbres , si possible !
Mantenga las semillas o la plantación de árboles , si es posible !
Halten Pflanzen von Samen oder Bäume , wenn möglich!
Tenere semi o piantare alberi , se possibile !
Przechowywać nasiona do sadzenia drzew lub , jeśli to możliwe !
Mantenha plantando sementes ou árvores , se possível !
Derzhite posadki semyan ili derev’ya , yesli eto vozmozhno !
Ueru shushi ya jumoku, kanōna baai o shite kudasai!
Jìxù bōzhòng háishì shù, rúguǒ kěnéng dehuà!
Pidä istuttamalla siemeniä tai puita , jos mahdollista !

Where Allied Forces met again in the ANZAC spirit at Gallipoli

English: Anzac Bridge memorial
English: Anzac Bridge memorial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Churchill did dream about Gallipoli and the Dardanelles, the dead soldiers on both the waters and the cliffs.

It was a nightmare!

The Dardanelles efforts have been his idea and could have altered the course of the 2nd word war at an earlier stage on the Western Front, – but it didn’t. The enemy was waiting and the bitter harvest was that the many youngsters belonging to Australia and New Zealand died, – like many British troops among those ANZAC’s died.

The memory might be fading and whilst privileged nations may not fight again, underprivileged nations will continue to do this and today at greater risk as due to access of warfare which ended the war in Japan.

Related image

In those days with ANZAC fighting at Gallipoli the biggest fear was fear itself for the enemy, militarism in both major wars, – which was the reason those war’s were fought as militarism was in the hands of large evil powers.

Related image

Almost all who died were civilians in peace time, leaving gaps in both their families and little towns, leaving empty places in both factories and farms.

They suffered, for sure, – whilst many others suffered as well, cruelty from all sides!

Related image

Those who died would have rather lived in peace, but there was no peace.

Those commemorating ANZAC day on the shores of Gallipoli today dedicate this former slaughter field as a final resting place for those who gave their lives not knowing which fate they would endure before they arrived here. They did it willingly or unwillingly when the end was near.

Related image

We will not remember for ever what they did, but let us never forget the evils of major war, – being dedicated to prevent such thing forever to be repeated again at far larger scale.

Now In the 21st century the wheel of history has turned from independence to a greater need of interdependence. This applies in all our endeavours, but the prevention of a new major war the most, even if it would take a war to prevent the last.

War’s have been fought over various decades, influence shifted across the borders of various nations and the balance of power will be neither the domain only of super powers nor the prerogative of economic powers when we see countries arise with the potential of military and nuclear power meeting us again, – eventually by surprise perhaps. The last destroying historical efforts of civilised nations to stay above the potential of mass destruction, based on the reasoning that a large new war is not a rational alternative anymore. Often this reasoning forged in the crucible of historical hardship, being different for most of the nations on this world, – however being unique in both the shared will to survive and to prosper.

Related image

This is what we need to see on ANZAC day as well, a reminder that the past is not allowed to repeat itself in a different identity.

Related image

Today in the international arena of politics we are faced with the increasing prospect that relatively less influential nations and leaders may use their possession of nuclear warheads by narrow-minded choice, – aiming to inflict as large as possible destruction for reasons nobody understands.

Related image

Where in the past super powers were in a state of ongoing rivalry with each other, times require the same super powers working together both for reasons of economic stability, – but also to contain and prevent those leaders and nations who may opt to use their arsenal of nuclear and chemical destruction.

It is bad luck that science provided us by choice the ability to destroy each other but fact is that the abilities are there, likewise the choice to do so is there, – the last increasingly in the hands of a few who may act both as evil and irresponsible as some leaders and nations in the past.

Related image

The examples are there and we all know them.

Neither history nor future will save us from destructive and evil spirits willing to destroy what has been made and to compromise the liberties of free man in the worst possible ways, – but early mutual recognition combined with similar mutual selective action may prevent larger drama’s lying possibly ahead.

The problem as such is as important as our response to this.

Whilst banning and destroying all nuclear and chemical weapons might be the ideal situation, it is not an achievable goal within the rational of those who have acquired those potential destructive powers as a deterrent.

Most of the countries who have them will use them as a last resort, based on the knowledge that first use of those abilities may lead to self-destruction, as first action this direction will likely meet more than a double strength response.

Whilst rising intensity of slavery in history and the threatening dissolution of the US as a nation became the triggering cause for a massive civil war on US mainland in the 1860ties, – rising nuclear tensions and the lack of super powers cooperating to combat those last tensions may be not the trigger of a civil war, – but the trigger of a new global war with more losses of lives than in all war’s before, – with more destructions than in all destructions before.

This is what we need to see as well, – remembering ANZAC day today.

We are faced with an opportunity to save and improve coöperation on this issue at global level, or lose it all together, – testing us now whether we can long endure.

The principles on which our endeavours would help us to reduce the risks being more clear now, need to be agreed on by the nations with the most leverage and influence on the dynamics of this world. Those principles would involve agreements and processes under which circumstances it being right to take military action as a first and last resort to prevent greater dangers down the line.

Related image

The issues around North Korea and its dictatorship provides an opportunity to both China, the US, Russia and other countries to re-examine their attitude towards the dangers of more countries perhaps having access to nuclear weapons and the increasing risk when they are in the hands of irrational leaders, – neither willing to surrender nor to compromise.

The issue that existing weapons are non provocative, designed to deter and carefully controlled is more important than ever before, likewise the issue of being disciplined in self-restraint and committed to peace, refraining from rhetorical hostility, – all being of greater importance than ever before.

Those countries not complying with the last, subject to prove,  – need to face the agreed implications at the earliest possible stage. The last neither as part of victory nor triumph, – but more for the sad necessity to relief the world of potential more devastating and evil directed conflicts than ever before, putting humanity at risk.

This requires being prepared for those who wish this, – but civilised nations need to be alert to stop it.

The last as well in an effort of building a world where the strong are just by meeting their responsibility to protect those who are weak.

Whilst the road to peace might be difficult, – a strategy of annihilation in one part of the world may affect the whole world and is inconceivable.

Related image

It’s a thing not to forget when facing ANZAC day in the eye today!

It’s a problem affecting us all and whilst present problems are the result of the way of thinking created at least in part amidst various rivalries from the past, – major improvement can only be expected when the majority of civilised nations do realise that some of the past perceptions do not work, – and can’t be solved by working harder on inflated and obsolete ideas.

That we need to captivate imagination and inspire emotion to work together in different ways and leave rivalries risking to compromise an enduring stability behind.

Related image

Whilst the founders of many nations did achieve a lot to be where we are now, the harvest of any past glory is overshadowed by the challenges we face in a world with an obligation to sustain, – and not to perish together on moral ground not being fully occupied on the proposition that all men are created equal, and that no one has the right to put the lives of many at risk on the battle fields of hatred.

Related imageRelated image

Therefore the ANZAC spirit at Gallipoli can’t be forgotten, – because if we forget,  the past will repeat in the future at a different time and at a different place and at a different level.

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf



The Question As How To Serve…

Albert Schweitzer, Etching by Arthur William H...
Albert Schweitzer, Etching by Arthur William Heintzelman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”

–Marten Luther King,Jr.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

Robert F. Kennedy

“We need to find the courage to say NO to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity.”
Barbara de Angelis

SOME PEOPLE ASKED  me in which way they could serve in the best possible way, – and I smiled because they asked me.

Related image

For those who don’t know, I serve my patients from a comfortable position being paid as a Family Physician in Australia. However I love what I do and look with gratitude on the things I received and still receive, – knowing that in all of this I am dependent on the work many people did before I was born, and during the time of my life until the present.

The best answer on the question as how to serve in the best possible ways can be given by those who serve or served best.

Those who went out in any kind of wilderness, – lacking money and recourses and build up their heartfelt dreams.

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There are different ways of serving.

I have neither vivid memory on my school friend who died to early at the age of 6 as due to childhood cancer, nor do I remember his face, – but he “served” me in the way he died with a peace you don’t often see.

Besides this he left me with one of Bach‘s most beautiful organ plays, played by Albert Schweitzer. This left me at an early place in life with a memory on something different from life itself. I am still grateful that this old school friend passed my way, not because of what he was, – but of what he was able to “plant” without knowing it.

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Sometimes, many years later, we do realise. In a way this is a secret of a kind we need to cherish, not by speaking about it when we do realise, but by allowing it to grow. So are human encounters at times of a nature we better not speak about, but our “awareness” is enough on its own and as such we respect life as it is without touching it. On other occasions we do good to show our gratitude at least ten times more than we tend to do.

There are 100 billionaires all over the world who could wipe out hunger with little more contribution. The difference between rich and poor is getting bigger and bigger. Some of them indeed do contribute but they are not the people who work in the front line against poverty, against war and against various abuses of human rights. If people ask me as how to serve, I tend to say to look at those people who do and find the answer in your own heart.

We are limited perhaps in our potential as due to nature and living conditions but there is neither limit nor ceiling to our potential to love and work our imagination the desired direction in our own circumstances.

It is as Albert Schweitzer once wrote about his work in Lambarena less then 100 years ago, – that anybody can create his or her’s own Lambarena. An affirmation only to illustrate that everyone can create his or her’s domain of care, and serve as such. Those who care do serve and the options are endless. Many examples are not seen by the world or valued for what they are.
Child soldiers who lost their innocence at an age far too young. Many of them did do terrible things but some of them reacted amazingly well by saving lives. People who fight the cruelty in central Africa, – within the domain of strong discomfort but perhaps with peace at heart. People who reach out without fame or name, saving friends and family amidst war.

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Fire- fighters entering houses with people, children, at risk to be burned, and they do this at risk for their own life. People providing aid in Syria now. Fathers and mothers protecting their children in the Congo, without caring for themselves anymore. People providing polio vaccinations in Pakistan despite Taliban death threats. Journalists working at the forefront of all those things to bring the news, at risk of their own life.

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Human encounters are essential before being able to serve as the memory of some people may enlarge what we are able to do.

And in our memory those people deserve honour.

The question as how to serve best is an interesting question, but much depends on the situation where you are and on both your desires and imagination, besides the level of love you feel for those desires.

Sometimes people may be put in a situation where they have no other choice than to serve as staying on the side line would be betrayal of one’s own conscience. Sometimes people go out and meet those situations by

Again it’s hard to say.

One thing is sure, we can’t wait for the moment everything and everything is ready because in such case we are not likely to begin to serve or reach out.

The other thing is true as well, – true that if we want to work on a dream, to build a ship, – that it is no point to drum up the people to collect the wood and other material. That there is no point to give them tasks of the work due to be done. Working this way is an error of judgement, as the starting point is to help people see what you see, and teach them the ways to get the dream into a reality, – to help them to buy into the endeavour themselves, and then it’s time to collect the wood and all the other things.

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Faith is to believe the things you don’t see, rewarded at times by seeing the things you believe. Time might seem to be a limiting factor but not where it comes to the frequency of love. Love is the prime substance of both our life and nature, the prime substance of both earth and heaven. Without this love there would be neither cosmos nor sun, neither earth nor life.

“For everything there is a time and place”, – so to say.

The other thing being true is that you don’t travel as you think, but you think as you travel. Neither is it true that as you attract you do love, – but as you love you do attract. True love and real care are indispensable and we don’t always touch what is beautiful, neither do we lose the opportunity to see anything which is beautiful, – whether it is a fair face or a plant, a fair sky or a dark cloud. We absorb the seeds in our own soul and this gives life, – and may give direction as where to go, as alert we need to be. One spark of fire may light ourselves and from that fire we may light the world. None of us is too small to serve and freedom can be gained by giving more of ourselves.

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Real love may reach the frequency of “the universe”, the last which may transform us as a transitional “human-being”, – through the awesome grace of God.

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf



What sort of a Peace..

“If man does find the solution for world peace it will be the most Image result for image What sort of a Peace..revolutionary reversal of his record we have ever known.”
George C. Marshall

“Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul. Peace is not merely the absence of war. It is also a state of mind. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people.”
Jawaharlal Nehru

“Peace without justice is tyranny.”
William Allen White

“And is not peace, in the last analysis, basically a matter of human rights — the right to live out our lives without fear of devastation – the right to breathe air as nature provided it — the right of future generations to a healthy existence?” (John F. Kennedy,  1963, American University speech)


It was an honour to be considered this week by Professor Stephen Palmer, to be incorporated at the University of Quantum Dynamics Foundation, with a title at the Order of St Germain, at the Campus in Rijswijk in the The Hague,- an area of the Netherlands.

For various reasons I had to decline the offer, – respectfully and for personal reasons. Titles of honour are subject to prove.  Needless to say that Professor Stephen Palmer is a wiser man than I am.

However some words about the Science of Resonance, the Quantum Dynamics, are justified and in place.

Whilst many believe that “Quantum” has something to do with concepts being far away or with the stars (some may say it’s Australian airlines) – it is actually the vibration of energies and possibilities which connects us all. In essence it is about the interaction between you and me and everything else,- the bonding actually to everything through our hearts as a result of choice. Choice being made in the space between stimulus and response, whatever it takes, whatever time involved, – the choice as well to be both connected with the physical world and the things we can’t see, – but only hope for. We in the universe as its manifestation and the universe in us. For some the embracement to all, for others the attachment to none.

Whilst there are many positives on the Quantum Dynamics and favourable examples in the expressions of its field ( and we think e.g. about Deepak Chopra), – there is the risk of getting side tracked as well. But supporting the institution of higher learning in this area, with still many of the unknown manifestations to be explored, both to serve new skills and awareness, – the last may be fulfilled in an enlightening University, as there are already Centres for Quantum Dynamics as e.g. represented at Griffith University in Australia.

Life indeed is not about what happens to us , but it is about our proactive response, – the meaning we give to life. Life we cherish in its different manifestations, life we need to respect in its different identities, – “Reference For Life”, as Albert Schweitzer once told.

However creation is split in this endeavour as life often goes at a cost of life, – as nature in a deeper sense is a reflection of this “split” and a reflection of endless cruelty which we as human beings are able to reduce as it affects us as well, – however within the context of free choice, within the context to avoid harm as much as reasonable possible.

If we are able to do this we are able to create peace, a topic too often ignored, a topic too little valued as well, – however with the implications to be fulfilled at it’s ideal dimension, it may have the most crucial implications here on earth. It’s about the peace worth living for, the peace which enable nations and communities to grow, the peace which gives people the opportunities to serve, – to give back what they received.

Peace does not mean to be at a place with no noise. Peace does not mean to live without trouble or hard work, but it means to live at a place where our energies are focussed. It means we can be calm at heart when there is violence, calm at heart when there is injustice, – but work against it with “Peace at Heart” (which is the essence) as the world lives in us and we do live in the world. The last with our own response, – with our last choice to make this world a better place.


We may speak at times about dignity as part of law or politics, – dignity as part of medicine or e.g. terminal care. But there is also the dignity of human rights, peace and universal love. The very last for certain not the one as described in our popular magazines, often, – neither with respect or real affection.

Where there is encouragement and real support we may love in a broader sense. This is what we try to give our children. Real love has neither dictionary nor name, – it is nameless. And in the actions we share, resisting the temptations of hatred and mistrust, sharing the road of compassion, peace and understanding, whether we are black or white, – we may suffer sacrifices and loss. But on this road, at times, we may recognise the same efforts in others, – and without giving it a name we share the same understanding, the same love, the same compassion. Perhaps the compassion and love not completely from this earth, but coming from the universe, somehow, – in ways not always easy to understand.

Gustavo Becquer once wrote about the shame that love has no dictionary, but it is at the credit of love, compassion and peace, that it has no real dictionary,- like our soul has no dictionary. Love and understanding do come to us as an unknown identity and the ask is us to follow it, the road of both this compassion and dignity, – with options as wide as the universe,- wide as the universe is. Some one wrote me at young age, at times not always easy, – that we are a cosmos of endless opportunities, that we should neither die in spirit nor in our earthly endeavours. I say this in my own words as not all translations are suitable, – but as it was part of my DNA those words did resonate in sustained ways. At young age this person had by impulse a bright view on cosmos and earth, or better on people of flesh and blood with bones being dead already in the body,- which has major implications.

In the choices we make on our endeavours to peace, compassion, growing as we grow, – doing the things we do, – in all those endeavours lies both our growth or failure, both our freedom or slavery, and it is the task of humanity to take the vision of peace on board. Not the peace of the people going to die, but the peace of those who live and want to pass this over to the next generation. Not the peace of those who want to avoid trouble and hardship, but the peace found to be at the forefront of our restless efforts. Not the peace of those who are bystanders, but the peace of those who see the promised land and work for it.

Vision we have, task may fail. But vision and task on this road will fulfil the dream of human destiny, – at least it will fulfil the purpose of our own lives in the directions we take during our short existence on this planet.

And if the efforts of those who fail whilst giving it everything it deserves, if the efforts of those even killed during their endeavours with their heart on peace, if the efforts of those in all the little actions are not even written in the hearts of people, in the generations to come, – let it be at least written in the stars, in the universe. As one day the universe will come back to finish all the tasks we left unfinished, to restore creation as it was intended. Not creation living at a cost of creation, but creation as part of all united energies, – both the broken and the unbroken, both the finished and the diminished.

So blessed are those who neither die nor sleep in either conscious or spirit, – whilst being alive. Those who lived, and do live, for peace for now and for ever at such a crucial time, – those who lived for peace today and tomorrow, for peace at our times and all times. We breathe the same air on this small planet, we struggle similar endeavours at increasing heat all over the globe, we may lose jobs where ever we are and sharing tears wherever we may live. The last as a result of pain and struggling with death surrounding us and with a risk that this may increase at a dimension we never faced as due to self-inflicted violence at international level.

So the question is not what peace can do for us as a people, what peace may do when we only dream of a better world and meanwhile pay lip service to the relationship we need to have here and now, – today and tomorrow. No, the question is what WE can do for peace itself in all it dimensions, for peace in our families, for peace within our contacts if we can control this, for peace within our communities and at the end for peace on this planet, – for peace on earth. A planet where it’s nature is split at it’s heart, due to the way nature has been created, – but where we as human being have a choice, – perhaps the last choice, the final choice with the means we have on destruction.

So blessed are those who neither die nor sleep in either conscious or spirit whilst being a living manifestation of our universe during their short time on earth, those who are prepared to take the torch forward for this time and for all times, – as failing we did but gaining we must. Not for us but for all, not for the impressions we had but for the expressions we are able to make as part of our universal given choice as human beings on this earth. This is what we need to gain and this is what we are not allowed to loose, as neither death nor live may separate us from this Universe but death may separate us from this earth whilst we failed in our basic humanity.

So Peace needs to be at the focus of our attention to reason at times of conflict , at times of disaster or hardship. Peace which starts in our own heart, in our own mind, – and conscious will rule our actions, if we are able to develop it, – but develop we must – And if in our endeavours we share our tears to gain wisdom through the grace of God, if in our endeavours we share the universal given love to be the proper care takers of this planet, – so let it be said that out tears and pain for those endeavours will be written in the stars if we meet “eyes” who will not see and if we speak to “ears” who are deaf, – or when some of us are killed like people were killed in the past for their efforts, the last by people who did neither “hear” nor “see” or were “blind” at heart.

Peace is the most important topic on earth, – in all it’s dimensions, to survive as a people and to continue to live in future generations.

So let us not fail!

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Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf



On the issue of human trafficking


English: Prostitutes in front of a gogo bar in...
English: Prostitutes in front of a gogo bar in Pattaya, Thailand. Original text: Like slaves on an auction block waiting to be selected, victims of human trafficking have to perform as they are told or risk being beaten. Sex buyers often claim they had no idea that most women and girls abused in prostitution are desperate to escape, or are there as a result of force, fraud, or coercion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative past Tuesday, US President Barrack Obama took the remarkable step calling modern day slavery “barbaric” and “evil” as he spoke against trafficking and praised companies, organizations and people taking up the fight against the traffickers: “It ought to concern every person, because it’s a debasement of our common humanity. It ought to concern every community, because it tears at the social fabric”. “It ought to concern every business, because it distorts markets. It ought to concern every nation, because it endangers public health and fuels violence and organized crime”.”I’m talking about the injustice, the outrage, of human trafficking, which must be called by its true name  –  modern slavery.”

A 2011 paper published in The Human Rights Review  about Sex Trafficking, the trends, the challenges and limitations of International Law,  noted that since 2000 the number of sex-trafficking victims had risen while costs associated with trafficking had declined: “Coupled with the fact that trafficked sex slaves were/are the single most profitable type of slave, costing on average $1890,= each but generating $29000,= annually, leaded to stark predictions about the likely growth in commercial sex slavery in the future.” In 2008, over 12 million people were classified as “forced labourers, bonded labourers or sex-trafficking victims,” – as the study stated. Approximately 1.39 million of these people worked as commercial sex slaves, with women and girls comprising 98% (or 1.36 million) of this population. Trafficking as can be seen is a lucrative industry. It has been identified as the fastest growing criminal industry in the world.  It is second only to drug trafficking as the most profitable illegal industry in the world.
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President Obama signed legislation for domestic federal contracts, and tightening anti-trafficking rules for government contracts. He praised businesses in their industry, church groups for using their faith to tackle slavery and people trying to make sure the products they buy are slave-free. He further said: “Our fight against human trafficking is one of the great human rights issues of our time, and the United States will continue to lead it.” The President also spoke about modern-day slavery in the U.S., from child sex slaves to migrant workers who have their documents taken from them. He said: “Last year we charged a record number of predators with human trafficking… We are going to do more to spot it and stop it.”
What he said should apply to each country, should be the responsibility of each nation, – the rule of each State to make sure there is proper law enforcement to irradiate this crime against humanity, – to ease the burdens of those who are forced to live at the bottom of a total unacceptable social and moral spectrum. A spectrum where the law of criminals rules, where people get abused and tortured for life, if they survive.
 There are countries whose governments fully comply with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s (TVPA) minimum standards but there are many countries as well whose governments do not fully comply with the TVPA’s minimum standards. Some of them are making efforts to bring themselves into compliance with those standards. Others however do not comply with the bare minimum required standards and neither are they willing or making efforts to do so.

A White House news release recently mentioned: “More than 20 million men, women, and children worldwide are victims of human trafficking”. “Companies around the world are taking steps to end the potential for trafficked labour in their operations and supply chains, and President Obama is committed to protecting vulnerable people as government contractors and subcontractors perform vital services and manufacture goods procured by the United States.” “As the largest single purchaser of goods and services in the world, the U.S. Government has a responsibility to combat human trafficking at home and abroad, and to make sure American tax dollars do not contribute to this affront to human dignity.”

Why is this single issue so important?
This single issue represents at large the standard of any morality in any country, and failing to comply with the protection of human rights as such in this area is of predictive value as how the social & political standards of counties do evolve, – some of them simply ignoring and blind folded by the gross injustice affecting vulnerable people. Not taking any action against it is similar as allowing the world to become a worse place where cruelties within nations themselves are interlinked with the level of increasing moral decay of institutions where criminals have increasing free play. It is very clear which countries are the worst culprits in allowing this injustice spreading.
In 2009 it proved that seven countries at least demonstrated the highest possible performance in effective policies for the most significant dimensions of protection, even though those countries had problems on this issue as well. At least they did something. These countries were Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Sweden and the US. The second best performing group included France, Norway, South Korea, Croatia, Canada, Austria, Slovenia and Nigeria. The worst performing country in 2009 was North Korea, receiving the lowest score. The global extent of the problem is still horrendous. Thousands of children from Asia, Europe, North America and South America are sold into the global sex trade every year. Often they are kidnapped or orphaned, and sometimes they are actually sold by their own families, – a problem still tolerated by many countries all over the world.
Whilst there is still a  lack of understanding of human trafficking issues, poor identification of victims and deficient resources for the key pillars of anti-trafficking, besides identification, protection, prosecution and prevention, – the good thing is that the current US President is voicing his opinion on the matter. It’s an international dilemma and it deserves international attention.
The ignorance of the violent past is inadequate for the even more stormy future if little is going to change on this important aspect of human rights. Whilst ignorance is able to multiply on thousand occasions ,violence against human rights is able to multiply on a million of occasions The occasion is piled high with difficulty like we see amidst a different scenario in Syria, and we must rise with the  occasion. We can’t afford to turn a blind eye against gross inhumanity across the globe without the last and final implication that at some stage we will be ourselves the victim of similar gross inhumanity, as where we allow others to fall we will degrade ourselves as well. People not being educated on the moral issues of our times are lost people, like a child uneducated is a child lost.
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Progress in our general humanity is neither automatic nor can it be escaped, however the road towards increasing justice is as old as Methuselah and requires struggle and suffering, besides the  tiredness efforts and passionate concern of dedicated people who feel compassion, in  which all ethics must take root. Compassion only can meet its full breadth and depth if  it embraces all living people at the disadvantaged level of the human spectrum and  the fight against human trafficking is one of the corner stones of  respecting    human rights, – and international law enforcement on this issue should be at the corner of our international efforts as it is both right and a reflection of human justice.
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Abolishing of human trafficking is at the heart of global civilisation as it will decide our approach on other issues affecting human rights, – both here and around the world!
Human activities during war-time may lead to war crimes against humanity.
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From my perception human trafficking is a crime against humanity and needs to be dealt with accordingly, without mercy for those who commit them.

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf


Australia’s role in the Asia – Pacific Region

English: Paul Keating in 2007 - crop.
English: Paul Keating in 2007 – crop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“In  my  time  I  have  seen  truth  that  was  anything  under  the  sun  but  just,  and  I  have  seen  justice  using  tools  and  instruments  I  wouldn’t  want  to  touch  with  a  ten-foot  fence  rail”      – William  Faulkner  (Knight’s Gambit 1949)

Justice, balance of power and peace


Former Prime Minister Paul Keating said the other day that China must be welcomed into the world as a shared partner and a vital economic power, not a military or political challenge to be contained. He made a speech in November 2004 in Beijing in which he stated that he believed that China would become an economic competitor of the United States, but not a strategic competitor, and its military growth was unlikely to be about force projection.

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Keating still thinks “the rise of China is one of the great events of all economic and human history and I think this will be overwhelmingly a positive thing for the region and the world”.

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Whilst the White House and the Pentagon have different views, Australia seems now verbally part of the US containment policy as part of a well prepared Presidential visit to Australia.
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The US perception is that the model from China based on communism and the ruling of a committee is doomed to fail and President Obama is speaking about this in the Australian Parliament. President Obama says: “With our new focus on this region …. We’re here to stay. … History’s on the side of the free. … By upholding core principles, we partner with democracies.”
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The speech is basically saying that the United States is back and some would say we can’t help  thinking that the commentary was somehow about the old Soviet Union.
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It should be clear that China is not the old Soviet Union and trying to contain China with new military alliances could well prove to be an error of judgement. This speech should have been held in Washington and not in the Australian Parliament.
Like the US needs space and being ready to defend it, China is entitled on space as well as long as the occupation of this space is not based on domination. China proves already in Africa to increase space and to make sure there is a supply of recourses for China, but all this is based on sound economic principles and a win win situation for countries being involved. As long it continues this way other countries have the benefit of China s as well, which is positive.
Containment of China unprovoked could lead to conflict. China need to be able to emerge, not as a dominating power but as a power contributing to both its own welfare and the welfare of other nations. Similar the US needs to play a role in the Asia-Pacific area, but based on the same principles and in concert with other powers, to watch and maintain stability and coöperation in this vital area.
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The US position should not be based on inflated cold war sentiments being dominant some decades ago, within their stance against Communism in the former Soviet Union.
Let’s face it, apart from human rights issues which will be addressed in China for the better in the future, China never exposed real threat in foreign policy and their issues with the Chinese Sea are not much different from what the US feel as their entitlements close to their borders. Like the US, China is not free from injustice but on foreign policy “let’s not sweat the small stuff” as was once reflected in an interesting booklet, and let us “seek to understand first”.
Related image
The world and the US are justified concerned about the movements from both Iran and North Korea and allowing those countries getting away with nuclear military expansion would be the same mistake as was allowing Germany to rearm itself after the 1st world war. In a broader sense the US itself after the second world war has been involved in various conflicts until recently where the legitimate question could be raised why matters were not dealt with differently as those conflicts did cost millions of lives, – all for some part due to CIA and Pentagon driven policy. The freedom in the US goes that far that when a US President is not alignment with Pentagon and/or CIA policy he may be assassinated like happened with President John F Kennedy in November 1963. The result was a dramatic escalation of US military involvement in Vietnam at a cost of millions of lives and like Australia followed US footsteps in both Iraq and Afghanistan, it followed US footsteps in Vietnam without ever realising that those choices in essence were ill contemplated, based on dependence and not interdependence.
Related image
The Pentagon at the time of former President G.W.Bush has been working on a new China war plan with the most advanced weapons being ready for use in case of conflict. The US announced only this week the creation of “the Air Sea Battle Office”, which is precisely designed how to work out how to counteract China’s growing missile dominance, its dominance in the region with fighter aircraft, new versions of fighter aircraft and warships.
Related image

Some realism is right. Whilst not being in favour for any arms race, any country is running a defence policy. The US is doing the same. What we see evolving requires the need to prevent domination of any country, the Pentagon policies included. Hence we need a region accommodating China without building a military structure around it. The US would not like it when other countries would do this at the disadvantage of the US. China likewise does not like this at the disadvantage of China. Australia again without much realistic consideration is again following the footsteps of the US-based on dependence. “Australia’s dependence on a major power lies deep in our national psyche” said once.
Related image
Within context countries like Iran and North Korea impose a far greater danger than China and trying to contain China will only improve the chance on conflict among superpowers on those potential dangerous nations,- which is simply stupidity in the worst possible way. China has enormous leverage on those countries and seeking support and coöperation from China as an ally and not a country requiring to be contained in the dogmatic views of the Pentagon, would make the world a safer place.
If we look at history we may hope that any US President is fully in charge of the Pentagon and it’s generals and President Obama’s message in the Australian Parliament is considerably coated with Pentagon policy, brilliantly delivered however but to be watched carefully on the implications for the region. Australia did swallow the rhetoric against China without taking the long-term view.The point is that there is already the 7th US fleet in the Pacific with bases in Okinawa and Guam, but the new message is that the US is getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan and that they are coming here. There are many Republicans in the US talking about “knocking China over” and whilst President Obama is far more moderate he represents a country showing extreme dynamics. US Congress is a reflection of at times dysfunctional Republican behaviour and taking the long view I don’t think Australia should be dragged into policies of the Pentagon which were not always that fruitful in the past. On foreign policy matters we can’t complain about China till so far where as US foreign policy could have been dealt with clearly differently on various occasions. There was once a Pacific war and we don’t need a new one! China is Australia’s biggest trading partner and China reflects an emerging power with no evidence of desiring to dominate the world as they know history. They represent a country where despite human rights issues some one and a half billion of people have been dragged out of poverty and by no means should this country be compared with the former USSR. Obviously nothing is fool-proof in history but this applies to the US as well and whilst Australia is an important ally of the US, good intentions in this area are always subject to proof and if Obama’s rhetoric will be followed by strongly driven Pentagon policies in the Asian Pacific region we may need to be perhaps on our guard of the US as well because an increase of US military activity in history was not rarely followed by US inflicted war down the line, – at times.
Related image
Pentagon and CIA policies are stronger than US Presidents at times, even in the US as a democracy. Whilst President Johnson could not coop anymore with his own inflicted escalation of the Vietnam war, he resigned in 1968. The most succesful Presidential candidate opposing the Vietnam war (Robert Kennedy) was assassinated by the military wing of the Pentagon (the CIA)  and this provided a more Pentagon friendly candidate, Richard Nixon, the chance to be elected US President and continue Pentagon driven policy.
Related image
The reflections of Australian foreign minister Kevin Rudd on the recent 7.30 News report were more of a hardline response to China and for a person with such a claimed insight knowledge of China this was not a demonstration of wise and insightful diplomacy as Australia as a middle power did change position after Obama’s visit, as it would seem.
As a middle power Australia should be more independent in it’s role in the Pacific as the “core values” of the US did not always seem what it could and should have been, and foreign policy of China till so far did show greater stability than what the US did if we count the wars over the last decades and the millions of deaths in military conflict. Democracy can be the core value but history did prove that democracy was neither perfect nor always carried by people who had high standards of integrity and a broader view.
Kevin Rudd said: “We’re not going to have any national security policy dictated by any other external power.” However the exemption seems the US and the Pentagon. Kevin Rudd represents Australian policy when he later says: “That’s a sovereign matter for Australia. We don’t seek to dictate what the Chinese about their national security policy.”
Australia would be wise not to allow their own national security to be dictated by either the US or China. The difference is that China till so far made no efforts to instruct Australia on issues of national security but the US did.
Related image
For the region applies that Australia as a middle power needs to play in concert with other powers and not co creating an alliance to contain a super power like China, which neither provoked Australia in any way nor provoked any other country in any significant way.

This means that it is in Australia’s interest to have both productive and friendly relations with the US and China, providing leverage and an example in better communication when those 2 super powers may get carried away with different opinions.

Whilst safe with President Obama, the US under some Republican Presidents was not always the country defending the core values of both Democracy and human rights. It would seem that there are too many ideas what the core values of a democracy should be. The majority vote at a particular time in history is not always the right choice and does not always show the right action as being clearly demonstrated in US Congress.

The development of Australia as a great middle power continuing to play the role being required, as happened in the 1980s and ’90s did include foreign policy like APEC and it’s leaders’ meeting, the ASEAN regional forum, the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Canberra Commission for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, the Cairns Group etc. This should not be thrown away by a Pentagon dominated foreign policy in Australia.

Neither that we have foresight in how power will evolve in the United States Government in the years lying ahead, nor do we have foresight how power will evolve in China, but as a great middle power Australia has an obligation to maintain a pleasant and peaceful co-existence with surrounding states and a close military alliance with the US to contain China whilst not being provoked as a nation will not pay any dividend to Australia and is compromising the role Australia could play as a middle power, and as such the foreign policy of Australia at present (if not revised) could prove to be a floored one by principle and on principle with little insight in historical dynamics.

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The policy of containment of China at this stage in history is wrong and without proper base, guided actually by US rhetoric and Australia should have known better. Former US Vice President Al Gore did describe in his book “The Assault On Reason” the US dynamics when George W Bush ordered forces to invade Iraq, the damage being done to the US as a democracy as Bush played the public with a fear of terrorism campaign whilst the US Senate stand mute then, like it stayed mute on various other occasions including political assassinations.

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Australia should not allow “assault on reason” within the Asia-Pacific area and whilst the dynamics in Australian Parliament may show at times doubt on reason both in terms of style and quality, as a country we need to be stronger than this.

The answer to this problem is that what could have been done differently yesterday can be corrected tomorrow and only fools don’t change their mind in the course of history. New beginnings depend on endings and to make them in the right way the right time and for the right reason!

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf


The Political Required Implications Of Obesity And Other Risk Factors Being A National Threat

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Obesity a National Threat

Picture of an Obese Teenager (146kg/322lb) wit...
Picture of an Obese Teenager (146kg/322lb) with Central Obesity, side view.Self Made Picture of an Obese Teenager (Myself) (146kg/322lb) with Central Obesity, Front View. Feel Free to use. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Picture of an Obese 146 kg Teenager on the right>>

The Australian Bureau of Statistic (ABS) do show that two-third of the Aussies are either overweight or obese. In 2008 24% of the Australian population was obese whilst an other 37% was overweight. Only 37% had a normal weight. Adding those figures you get an interestingly 61% of the people being either overweight or obese, compared with 57% in 1995.   Children up to year 12 are today more likely obese and Australia’s remote and outer regional areas do count increasingly adults obese as well. Only 6% of the Australian adults take the recommended daily amount of both vegetables and fruit,  regardless of weight. Costs of obesity for Australian society are on the increase with an anticipated cost of close to 60 billion dollar in recent 2008 (all associated costs included).

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It would seem that men have gained weight at a higher rate than women. In the disadvantaged  group of people one-third seems obese. Toddlers are generally getting increase obese with teens developing already diabetes and liver disease. Cases of 16 year – olds already in the rage of 140-150 kg as reflected in the above photo are not rare at all anymore.. It shows that extreme obesity is on the increase. In young age we see already adult patterns of high blood pressure and early stages of heart disease developing.  Early onset of both diabetes and liver disease as result of obesity are on the increase in the age group of 15 and 16 year olds with families losing the normal picture of children being healthy and active.

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We measure the weight ratio with a thing which is called the BMI (Body Mass Index). As soon as the BMI is greater than 30 we call the person obese and obesity is related with a  significant increased risk on heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, asthma, osteoarthritis, kidney disease,  mental disease, and early death. Those diseases represent very obvious costs, including  costs for the healthcare system and carer’s. Not to speak about significant costs for the workforce in terms of sick days and reduced productivity, besides unnecessary suffering in far too many occasions. We are not only speaking here about Public Health issues as those direct costs are one-third only of the indirect costs for the total economy. The main issues and related indirect costs are predominantly connected with the drain on resources and the obstacles to optimal productivity, – as it would seem.

Together with the US the Aussies are front-runners in terms of obesity and associated disease. Obesity at widespread levels of this nature are an increasing danger for society.

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If either country is unable to contribute to the reduction of the existing obesity figures, those who are obese will be increasingly unable to give to their country, to their families and to themselves, – with debilitating   disease and death as an early result, besides staggering costs for society.  A country will simply not thrive with an increasing number of “potato couches”. The costs of treating obesity and being overweight are on its own already close to 2.5 billion dollar a year in Australia. The loss of being not at work, unemployment  and lost work productivity ( some of the indirect costs) are close to 8 billion dollar a year. In line with the International Obesity Taskforce predictions, one in every 3 adults will be obese by 2025 if the increasing trend till so far is not going to change.

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Therefore obesity is one of the more serious topics on both the national health and the political agenda. Still we are living in a society where there is a rise of TV and/or computer viewing, a society where the numbers are trending up for both the preference of “take away” and pre-prepared food. A society with a trend increasingly towards sedentary jobs with less physical exercise in particular groups. Despite the awareness of Australian health authorities since the 1970-ties following various reports calling for action,- until 2002 there was hardly any activity from governments at State levels. In 2002 the State and Federal Health Ministers created a National Obesity Task force with the instruction to provide adequate intervention strategies within a time frame of close to 8 years. This was a multidisciplinary task force, including  both food industry and sporting bodies, consumers associations, retailers, doctors and some others. State governments meanwhile did look after their own programs. The Federal Government in 2004 dedicated some 115 million dollars over 4 years to help programs with both a family and school orientated approach to enhance the awareness of healthy nutrition and the importance of physical activity.  Family Physicians got incentives to look after patients with obesity within the context of chronic disease management, with obese people getting the option of being referred to an exercise physiologist paid by Medicare.


Still however the percentage of obesity levels is not reducing. Existing programs emphasising to educate people to help and change their habits and behaviour are simply not working because they don’t give enough incentives. GP’s and other health workers are considered the cornerstone in tackling the problems associated with obesity, but it does not resolve the problem on its own as outside the various consulting rooms both incentives and (really!) discouragements are lacking. The National Obesity Task Force itself has no uniformity in vision from the participants and within the context of the consultation process not being always that fruitful, long delays in government reporting  are more often than rarely the case. Both State and Federal Government find it to hard to tackle the problem.

Unhealthy habits are difficult to tackle in society. This applies eg to smoking, but smoking however is getting even less tolerated at present. Like anti smoking campaigns are more radical than ever before, anti obesity programs need to be far more vigorous than ever before as well.

The old ways do not seem to work.

Options for political discussion are:  creating financial incentives for changing eating behaviour, gradually increased taxation ratio’s for people with risk behaviour  (e.g.smokers,  drug users, people with good mobility and a BMI greater than 30 in the adult population, subsidising sporting facilities and healthy food choices, involvement of employers with legislation supported financial incentives to give both weight-loss and nutrition programs to employees. Private health funds could load people with higher BMI’s with an increased premium, whilst evidence on lowering BMI’s could result in discounted premiums. There are now Pharmaceutical Benefits Schemes (PBS) for anti smoking drugs like Champix. For people being seriously obese, – similar PBS subsidies should be available.

Unhealthy habits are the manifestation of poor lifestyle choices and whilst it can’t be denied that people have a free choice, it can’t be tolerated that this free choice should be allowed resulting in all sorts of associated conditions impacting the national budget being shared with others. Very obvious, – many people can’t help it that they are ill, get an accident, or have a chronic condition. Furthermore people can’t help it when they are getting old and have to sustain age related illness.

Obviously people who smoke by choice, people who are obese by choice (=not changing unhealthy lifestyle habits),- likewise people who use drugs by choice, people who cause accidents by speeding etc deserve healthcare, – but the healthcare or the taxation ratio needs to come at an increasing cost for them, and not at a cost for those who can’t help it to be ill as due to not long-term self-inflicted bad choices. Simply spoken bad life style habits need to be made utterly unattractive and painful for the wallet for those not being ready to change eventually.

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The aim of the national political agenda should be a reduction of both the direct and indirect costs related with obesity as one of the major health threats, where free choices allow this health threat to grow or to cut. Free choices should not encroach the rights of others and I would rather see a law enforcement with active discouragement of bad lifestyle choices ( smoking, drugs, excessive food of the wrong nature, excessive alcohol use etc) than seeing the morbidity and death levels rise as a result of an increasing obese society with disproportional healthcare costs draining the national budget, – affecting e.g the budget on education and positive economic stimuli for the middle class and the country.

The concept of an increasing obese society by allowing this free choice is simply not acceptable. Drastic measures are required with vigorous and fair legislation at the core of national leadership with e.g increasing tax ratio’s for people with a BMI greater than 30 without an endocrine base and normal mobility.

The education needs to start at primary school and the law enforcement needs to target those groups still able to change, as the trend is that an increasing number of kids up to year 12 is already obese. The fact that only 6% of the population is using the recommended dose of fruits and vegetables is a trend which needs to increase for the better, with subsidising healthy food choices and taxing unhealthy food by legislation.Weight and exercise programs need to be subsidised as well but those costs need to be paid from the tax revenues from (what I would like to say) “the unhealthy stuff”. Family focussed education programs including the combination of practical parenting and nutrition information are able to revitalise families with an emphasis on regular daily exercise and for children engaging in sporting activities rather than video games.

The question what to do with other risk behaviour impacting on the national budget by free choice is not within the scope of this article, but will be a natural response if it proves that certain “free choices” are encroaching on both the rights and national budget of others. We have a duty to help the poor and the uneducated to overcome their burdens and to give to society, – likewise we have a duty to manage those groups of people who by lifestyle choices on the long terms create not only a burden for themselves, but also a burden for society. As “healthy people” we don’t need to ask what the country can do for us, but we need to ask what we are able to give to society to lift the burdens of people who do surround us, whether it is nearby or far away, and as such we help to make a more sustainable society on the long-term where negative trends will be better managed or controlled, – if the last is required for the benefit of others.

The dangers of obesity are underestimated with adult disease patterns hitting the younger age group and the general population getting “fatter”.

Thank you!

Paul Alexander


Australia’s Prime Minister and human rights issues in China


Australia’s Prime Minister and human rights issues in China.

Human Rights Review
Human Rights Review (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Australia’s Prime Minister Ms Julia Gillard spoke at the Australia China Economic and Cooperation Trade Forum during her current trip to China and in her keynote speech she told her audience that the last 30 years the dual way trade with China has gone from 100 million dollars to 100  billion dollars. China is Australia’s largest trading partner. One quarter of Australia’s export is in China. There will be new mutual agreements on clean energy research as part of slowing down the scale of global warming. It will be however interesting to see how Australia will balance both its relationships with the US and China, with pending defence coöperation. Whilst the interests are not necessarily conflicting there could be a difficult issue if e.g South Korea would be vigorously defended by the US in case of a large-scale attack from North Korea.

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China being prosperous in the region is not only good for Australia but for the rest of the world as well. Still China is in a place to use its leverage on North Korea to dismantle nuclear weapons, as due to its increasing regional influence. Australia’s PM has been clearly balancing on mutual and constructive economic ties and the human right issues, but in a tone of common sense and reason, which is effective enough.

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The scope to improve human rights records in China is still much and this need is quite clear within the context of the  recent largest crack downs on human rights in China since the last 2 decades.

Related image

Evidently there are tensions between Washington and Beijing. Obviously the recent crack down on dissidents in China needs to be viewed within the context of the spreading unrest within the Arab world. China however does not feel it has taken a step back on the issue of human rights and recognises the need for improvements, but has tightened up its control on activists , dissidents and religious freedom.

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The US – China human rights dialogue which starts today will be focussed on the main concerning values in which China and the US disagree. Those discussions take place during and after the worst Chinese crack down in years on dissidents and human right groups with mass detention as  a result. For the US applies as well that economic ties with China have been quite important since the ruling Communist Party in China opened up the doors to the market forces in the world. During the Chinese President’s State visit to the US in January, he acknowledged the global importance of human rights and reflected that “still a lot needs to be done in China”.  He mentioned as well: “>to take into account the different national circumstances when it comes to the universal value in human rights<“.

Related image

Interesting the views on human rights are different in so far that China does not only view those rights as each being a personal right but in particular containing collective rights as well.  For instance the right of national independence, development and the right to subsistence. Poverty reduction is e.g. high on the national agenda of China, as part of this reason. Three universities have been recently implemented in China on the area of national human rights education and for the Chines police force there is a human rights manual close to completion.

Like the US did change some aspects of its culture towards human rights not so long ago in history, with law enforcement to be followed, – similar may happen in China.  If we look at the changes in the US in the 60-ties it is clear that certain dynamics need time, especially for the movement of social change amidst the protests against the Vietnam war.

Liberty and tolerance are at the base of improving records of human rights. To allow people to live in harmony in countries, liberty can’t be turned into licences of any kind encroaching on the rights of others. There is however a broader context. People are not really free when they are compromised to build up their lives with purpose. Positive freedom is the freedom as well to meet areas of personal potential. If we divine the distinction between the two aspects of freedom as both interpersonal liberty with certain restrictions and intrapersonal freedom, (being empowered to meet certain goals with value, nurtured as such within a person), – we are reaching somehow  the broader context of freedom and liberty.

Related image

Liberty at State (Nation) level is neither a licence to kill in pointless war’s nor a licence to start “a war on terror” with over the years which followed inflicting mass casualties with both restricted civil liberties and gross compromises on human rights. The torture of prisoners by US military personnel at detentions centre’s in Iraq and Guantanamo in Cuba are the latest US examples of America’s conviction during the last administration that liberties best defender is irreleberality.There are most unfortunate examples how the US did work inside the borders of some foreign countries during the last decades and it is up to the US to evaluate its role in the world, which is clearly in the process of happening during the Obama administration. Whilst there is nothing against opposing a crack down on the terror of human right atrocities in Syria in the strongest possible  terms, – generally spoken a degree of humility of approaching the subject of human rights by those countries who have been culprits in the area of human rights abuses itself, – seems sensible and may create a more trustworthy partnership on this issue where extensive dialogues are required.

Related imageRelated image


Related imageRelated image

If we look at human right abuses over the last 45 years it would seem unfair to say that China has worse records than the US itself. Where the US was involved in various war’s far outside its borders, with lots of human rights violations in numbers,  it wasted most of its financial resources  before even considering its own middle class and other disadvantaged groups, deserving basic healthcare, education and other rights. The budget deficit as it reached its current levels is the result of some faltering past administrations compromising as well on basic essential rights of its own citizens. being before one of the most wealthiest countries in the world.

Tolerance is a virtue of toleration, in particular an ingredient of liberty and freedom. Still members of major religions at many countries are unwilling to tolerate their opponents or their religious beliefs. There is today however more tolerance when it comes to the colour of skin, ethnic origins, sexuality and lifestyle choices. Generally the level of tolerance is proportionate to the degree of disapproval. The problem arises when tolerance is considered to be a virtue when certain practices or beliefs are morally wrong or even evil. In those cases of the paradox applies that if you can avoid certain things from happening, it is wrong not to do so.

Related image

Human diversity makes both tolerance, liberty (within its boundaries) and respect for human rights more than virtues of the fittest or the richest, – it makes it a need for all our chances of survival on this planet. Hence the required direction of better understanding and implementing  human rights in all its dimensions,  should be encouraged all over the world. Most countries however have entirely different historical dynamics and widespread revolutions and turmoil have provided far too much bloodshed and tears in the past,  – which is the reason – besides preserving the core securities of countries – to carry out required reforms with both added value and respect for life.

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Creating harmony among plenty of differences is the cornerstone of tolerance, which is the virtue that makes it possible to replace the culture and politics of war by both the politics and culture of peace. It is a responsibility which respects life, human rights, diversity, democracy and the law enforcement a real democracy insists on. When people take their rights in their own hands, more often the loser is the law, not rarely at a cost of freedom. The problem of extremists is not that they are extreme, but that they often show intolerance. It is not about their cause, but what they both have to say about their opponents and what they do with their opponents.

Related image

Increasing globalisation, swiftly evolving technology in terms of increasing worldwide mobility and communication, changing social patterns, increasing interdependence and integration  are the major marks of our time. Large scale migrations and displacements are also less positive marks of our time. Tolerance for this reason is more essential than ever before and should be the point of reference of any country in the world, within certain restrictions where this tolerance goes beyond the boundaries of respect for life or provokes violence. Escalating intolerance and violence are potentially menaces in every region.

Related image

We need to keep the liberties of free men, not as a license to kill those who may think differently, but as an obligation to preserve harmony and tolerance among nations, where the principles of respect of life are not compromised. With this attitude some terror groups may put down their weapons.

Related image

In ancient Greece people were not slaves of their passions, but the plants of reason were nurtured in people. It is with this meaning of “reason” in mind to say in fairness that it will be impossible to abolish all forms of human injustice. Injustice is part of life and part of life is that we can learn from it. Reason however only, – is restricted as it only tells us what the senses do.

Related image

Neither reason nor faith are the sole entities of the divining moments in the future, they need to work together to embrace both the concept of more justice and tolerance.

In all corners of the earth  still applies  the command of Isaiah: to “undo the heavy burdens” (eventually) ” and to let the oppressed go free”.

Related image

Respecting human rights will make Nations better places and people more committed to give their best endeavours.

This is a concept within reason for China as well.

Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard did raise the subject quite well as with better mutual understanding and coöperation on various other issues, the domain of our own values and perceptions on this issue may be well taken on board.

There is only really however one way forward, –  for all of us eventually:

—–>”To undo the heavy burdens and let the oppressed go free!!!”<—-

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf


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The Next Frontier of Australia

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Good Evening!

From thousands miles that stretched north of us, the first British people reached the Ngarrindjeri lands – on the banks of the river Murray, – almost two centuries ago. They were followed by the first other settlers in South Australia, – encroaching on both the lands and entitlements of the Ngarrindjeri  people, – and many others elsewhere in Australia.

Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

Many of those amidst the Ngarrindjeri lands, had to give up not only their safety but also their hope. Many lost their lives,   already by far outnumbered, – just before the first European’s set ground on this continent in the southern hemisphere.

Related imageRelated image

Some would say that the Smallpox epidemic which arrived before was provoked to settle the pathway for British domination. Others would say that those comments or sentiments are not in line with what history says. However, both in history and in the world of today, we see things being provoked to change the direction of the future.

From countries across the globe people settled in Australia , – often under harsh circumstances. They also struggled with poverty, not rarely despair, – to build their lives in a different country. Not rarely European convicts, – ill treated at home already before setting sail to this far away corner of the wold.


Many made it, some did not make it! 

Many still make it!

Most of the people who came to this country were eventually successful and pushed forward to the country which we call Australia today, – still a country closely linked with the British Crown, and some of the British traditions.

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All this started  some two hundred years ago, – at a continent more ancient than the original and aboriginal people itself.-

Today, – most Australians live in the cities near the Pacific Ocean – where over 90% of the people are able to live without ever seeing Aboriginal faces. Often they live their lives in comfort and safety, which is the legitimate desire of people living in Australia. Not rarely they have to do without those comforts, without at times even the adequacy of good education, the safeguard at least in part of building a decent and independent future.

Still too many Australian citizens live in the mediocrity of a British orientated country where both Parliament and systems of government are based on what was once copied from England. England great as a country within the context of Europe, but England as well being inflated to be the ongoing reference for the future dynamics of Australia, the last still trying to find its own identity in the Pacific region with a multicultural society not having any strings anymore with the UK, – apart from trade and friendship.

Speaking about the original inhabitants of this continent and their restrictions we can simply say this:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a “formal apology” on 13th February 2008 to the “stolen generations” of indigenous Australians who have been taken away from their parents. This was the right thing to do. But we are not there as yet as an Australian people, – and the road to justice is long.

Related image

The dynamics are not always easy, – and easy are not always the dynamics of history.

History is a collection of both justice and injustice, – as it proves all over the world. We have however a free choice how to manifest ourselves in the direction of increasing justice, – how to bend the Australian Ark for its own history, for its own identity, into the pending future, – with safety and with speed.

National justice within such mission is able  flourish in this time, in generations to come.

We all cherish this country for various reasons and whilst many people lost their dreams and value for their identity, – as a country we should progress  towards a more unified identity.

This is what you can do as a people.  – as a nation.

Respecting  British history for what it offered over the many years in the past,  people of the future and in the far and extended corners of Australia,  are neither related anymore to the British traditions in politics,  – nor are they related to the British Crown.  The last has been the history of the British in the past, and for certain it can’t be the future of Australia with its own identity,  a culture still finding its way across the far-stretching borders between both the Indian Southern and Pacific Ocean.

The original people who belong to this land, – have survived both in language and culture, both in sharing ritual practices and sharing dreams.

They had and still have their crafts. They had and still have their dreams, their spiritual beliefs – still closely in touch with nature, – like we all have our dreams at different varieties. But we have all our dreams now on this continent, born in both freedom and Australian space,  – respectful for both its diversity and its own culture,  the last different from any other.

Some would say there is a pending challenge in Australia, which we can’t postpone, but have to embrace. Have to embrace it as the past is rushing to the future,- and amidst our own choices, and insistence and perseverance, – we do decide the outcome of our collective history – as one Nation.

At some day – and this day will come in the forward movement of both history and the future, – the Ngarrindjeri people besides other groups in Australia will go up the mountain of hope  – and leave the despair of many of their children without hope or dreams to the past.  And move forward!

And together we shall defend the afflicted among the people, and save the children of the poor.

Related image

The day will come!

It is the day that people will figure out what they hope for as one nation, and live in that hope, – right under its roof. It is the day that all people have both the choice and the opportunity to use their talents and genius for the great good of culture and Australian society, – if they belief this is the right thing to do.

Related image


It is the day that people have the courage to take off their hat and toss them over the walls of existing barriers  and prejudice.

It will be the time for justice amidst the lands and the hills of Australia.  – with a future based on strength, with a future of being a peace-loving country.

A nation being a buffer of positive leverage and both cultural and economical exchange with our neighbours from both the east and the north, – besides maintaining positive ties with old allies. But more independent and interdependent than ever before.

The liberation of people of one Nation starts with the liberation of the dreams, existing in the hearts of people. It starts with the liberation of the talent and genius hidden in the genes of those who take all part in the process of bringing Australia to the next frontier. A frontier with the seeds of historical justice,  where neither genius nor future can’t be lost in the endeavours we face as a Nation in a changing world.

Related image

There will be the day that even Australia,- will not be linked anymore with the British Crown, and some of the inflated other traditions, – and on that day a new generation of Australians will select an Australian President, – some decades down the line.

Related image

It is the day that the Ark of Australian history will bend towards the realities of today and the future, the realities of a different culture, – and fulfil the unique identity of a new nation born out of traditions far older than the British Crown!

When that day comes, – it will be the day  that historical justice finally prevails and that with all the work and talents to be developed beforehand, – Ngarrinjeri and other genius won’t be lost , – as at some day Australia may have eg a President with his or her own Ngarrindjeri or other roots in the future laying ahead.

Like history shows this happened in different countries as well.

Justice shall flourish in this future with the fullness of peace, – speaking within new legislation developed in a Senate based on the qualities of people working together for a common future, rather than the often dysfunctional activities we witness today. Respectful differences are good to fine tune future dynamics in the right direction for stirring this country to the next level, with law enforcement based on proper laws and adequate people to carry them out. With an Australian President chosen by the people and for the people, with both legislative branch, executive branch separated amidst an independent branch to apply the laws Australia deserves, – the last which applies to all of us regardless our differences. 

As a country we need to show candor and honesty in the level of influence we have abroad, in the critical choices we need to make for the future with direction and purpose, – without too much illusions but with healthy convictions.

Speaking  about wars and the disturbing facts in Afghanistan, including the events leading to it,  – after as well both wars in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq –  we are fully entitled to say:

War, – often is pointless, and needs to be prevented with all reasonable efforts on the required international platforms for discussion and dialogue. The perception that major war within seconds could destroy everything what has been achieved during more than 100 generations of work by human is based on the fact of what is available now in terms of nuclear and chemical destruction.

What the US does perceive as national security is not always similar with  Australia’s perception on national security, and we don’t always need to be involved in US military endeavours abroad. Terror is a danger and will be a danger at any time for all times, but the means by which this terror needs to be defeated is subject for healthy discussions as how to do this without causing more damage than intended, – or without causing potential escalating war’s which would defeat the purpose when “speaking softly with a strong stick” could do the job.

Related image

With high level military intelligence and selective actions,   the prevention of terror based on international cooperation  is more effective than using a huge war machinery and abusing human rights at places where there are more people innocent than culprits.

Whilst such considerations may be complex at times, under all circumstances we need to act with wisdom and restraint, – being proactive as well at the earliest possible opportunity to prevent harm at an early stage.

Related image

Our Gross Domestic Product is over US $ 1.5 trillion, but it counts apart from the service sector contributions to ill selected war’s. Apart from the agricultural and mining sector it counts for the costs of air pollution as well. The energy dependency in terms of oil and petroleum is around 80% and we have a an estimated budget deficit of a $45 billion forecast. Whilst exporting commodities, importing various  manufactures are still on the increase.

Related image

Australia is still scoring high in the worldwide quality-of-life index,  but both poverty, chronic diseases, healthcare costs and the extinction of native species are clearly on the increase as well, – besides a future of raising seawater levels and global warming, including increasing brutal forces of nature.

Climate change and water security are interlinked, the last being  underestimated as due to floodings and rainfall related with changing El Niño patterns.  However, long-term drought will be likely again within the  Australian horizons without any productivity on creating water reservoirs, – whilst the issue of water is likely to become critical in the future.

Related image

Besides this, the question of save energy supply for the needs of the many is not allowed to serve the pockets of the few, being allowed to make short cuts in favour of nuclear decisions  where the combat of nuclear disasters on this continent outside times of war can only be successful by not going nuclear.

Australia has to stick to its political promise to look to the future, a future with changing dynamics, both with challenges and opportunities, both with areas of hope and danger.

Related image

This is the next frontier for Australia!

And so today, – we are not forgetting that the quality of courage, – and determination, and perseverance will not be forgotten in Australia, – as this next frontier is based on this particular courage and this particular determination of both the people of this continent and its politicians.

Related image

It is the quality of both the art and speech, –  the people to get a whole nation moving to the next frontier of being an independent Republic. Strong in its foundations.  Strong in its beliefs and expectations  to have quality in its leaders, – today and tomorrow. – Strong in its beliefs of justice and equality among different cultures, – both within and without.

Related image

Strong in its belief not to shrink for the responsibilities, – both at home and abroad. Strong in its commitment to get proper education in place at all corners of this continent, – with equal rights and opportunities for everybody.

Related image

This is the day we can say: we gained Australia and we did not lost it at the altar of poor politics, – on the altar of unfinished business at a cost of the future!

This is the day we are still waiting for!

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf