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We dream of things that never were and say: “Why not?”

Kennedy giving his speech on Martin Luther Kin...
Kennedy giving his speech on Martin Luther King, Jr.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” — Robert Frost

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned in order to have the life that is waiting for us.” — Joseph Campbell


“You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?’” —George Bernard Shaw

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Being asked at some stage why this blog had the pretentious title; “We dream about things that never were and say: why not?”, – I refer back to one of the plays of George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) “Back to Methuselah“, which actually is a series of five plays on its own.

In “Back to Methuselah” the above quote is used by The Serpent to Eve in the Garden of Eden. The play was performed for the first time in New York City at the Garrick Theatre in 1922 and entailed for the time a most interesting science fiction fantasy which took three nights to do.

The former US Senator and assassinated Presidential Candidate Robert F Kennedy (1968) borrowed this quote and said it differently: “Some people see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say, why not?”

Kennedy and Martin Luther King were the people at the forefront for change in the United States during the Vietnam War. Martin Luther King was assassinated just a couple of months before Robert Kennedy was killed.

The movement for change came to a standstill, the Vietnam War escalated, – social issues to be developed in the US were put on hold. The last until the movement for change embodied in President Barack Obama evolved into a new episode in US history, at a time crucial for various developments in the world.

If the further movement for change on issues of human rights, on Peace and International Stability requires to get stronger, and if the quote in above fiction play (from Bernard Shaw) is being allowed to embody a stronger emphasis, then the “I” part in the quote needs to be changed in the “We” part.

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We are all strongly interdependent and if the “dream” in whatever entity resonates as a ripple effect across the generations, like the waves are coming and going but (!) always coming in terms of new energy, “We” may create a movement eventually which breaks the obstacles for Peace and stability, the obstacles to reduce poverty and keep the ingredients to protect this small planet against  climate changes and other disruptions of various nature.

We dream of things that never were and say: “Why not?”, reflects a shift in perception so to say.  A shift in thinking where new and better options are explored, new ways discovered. Where the creativity from the  right part of the  brain takes over the reactive activity from the  left side of the  brain, the last where those activities are not balanced in the actions of people. Actions which are not right and call for change. Actions which require passion and creative thought for peace and development.

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Where conscious activities take over the activities from the mind, as it is not the mind which dictates the outcome of the future, the first determines then the outcome of our common activities.

Obviously we can do this as people in breaking with the past where this is required and at times we do this by choice, – using this gift we all have.

At the end it is not “I” it is “We”!


There is no pretentious aim in the title of this blog, – as it is not about “me”, it is about “We” as a people, “We” as people, “We” embodied in the future with plenty of issues to be resolved. “We” who bear both the seeds of potential and defeat.

Defeat we had, potential we need.

Far too often we see the scary demeanour of empty confidence and coolness in this world.

People who both often speak too noisy with overbearing pride. People often who build their lives at a cost of others, –the last not rarely with intolerance and suppression. We see this in families, our communities, in organisations where people are still able to manage from inflated principles, – and finally we see this in our country and many countries around us.

Often in “the culture” as well of our political systems, – whether they are democratic or the opposite.

The more suppression there is the more violence it may create, with violence creating retaliation and retaliation creating more violence, – whether this is the violence in our demeanour or the violence of a society.

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Again and too often we see the sickness of not rarely whole societies, – with true respect for those who turn against it. And too often as well again we see the sickness of the souls of those people with the kind of sickness we are neither able to remove nor to heal.

What we can remove however is the hidden sickness of our own souls and shine as brightly as we can, – knowing that we don’t live in a perfect world. But the last thing which remains by free choice is trying to take away some part of the misery of humanity and this world, when it comes our way drop by drop and piece by piece, – either by coincidence or by choice.

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In the final analysis as human beings, – we have the last choice. And again this is not about “Me or I”, but it is about “We”, – where the sum of our individual activities do help to call the trumpet of our collective activities. The last in alignment with a massive human orchestra, directed perhaps by those conductors representing global efforts in favour of increasing international coöperation on the issues of our time.

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This part is not seeing things and standing by only, – and wondering “why?”. This is part of the active process of “Dreaming things that never were and say: Why not?” A creative and proactive activity, an ongoing movement for change where only “we” as a people can  make this change.

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In the broader sense of the word it is a team effort of gigantic proportions, which does not fail when one of the leaders would be assassinated, but where the group activity would make sure that the anti-movement would be eliminated by the proper law enforcement which would be the fruit of our collective endeavours, – and the movement would endure, regardless death, which surrounds us day by day.

Whilst the reality of this world may make many of us pessimistic, – the power of being hopeful and believing in the potential goodness of human nature and going beyond the realities of ignorance and violence, – provides us with the seeds to “Dream things which never were and say: “Why not?”

So let us go forth therefore unto keeping the human spirit alive, against all odds.

Let us go forth into the field where we are able to touch the lives of others who walk in “the dark”, whether they are rich or poor, – whether they represent countries in regression or under repression. As both in our communities we are able to offer the peace which helps people to move forward and inevitably among countries as well, – we are able to support those who need guidance. Not the support of weapons, which only give destruction and not the provision of hope, – but the support to inhabit this planet within the range of our human destiny where forces against its survival can be controlled by the rational end of the human spirit.

The last to be shared with the vigilant efforts within our families, communities and finally between countries, – where law enforcement on peace, human rights and the protection of our environment is not impossible.

Not even impossible in times where annihilation still is possible, – when people can’t do without this enforcement on peaceful efforts to settle disputes of any kind.

Therefore we need to continue to dream things that never were and continue to say, – as acting we must: “Why not?” Each time and in each generation those efforts need to be renewed. Each time and in each generation new identities need to be evolved to combat the danger of evil spirits and evil movements, – whether it is organised crime or human trafficking, whether it applies to countries who foo the world or people who represent terrorist activities.

Where non-violence needs to be the universal aim, – violence can’t be always prevented as ready we need to be to combat the risks of greater destructions.

Never ever we will live in a perfect world. Never ever will there be an enduring peace as there is always the risk of conflict. But “We” as a people need to dream things to create the antidote for the evils of humanity, – which is an active process starting at the base of our own conscience in all our day to day activities where we have to make choices, where we have to make choices to make things better or bitter.

Therefore we have to dream things which never were and say” Why not?” Not because the people have to do it for us, but we have to do it for the people, for those who deserve our care and compassion.

Again lastly (I touched base on this before), the last responsibility we have as people is to remove the hidden sickness of our own souls. Either the sickness from the past or the present, which manifest itself in small and often unnoticed deeds. It’s a process of personal growth which means we need to leave certain things behind us and replace this by better things today and shine as such as brightly as we can.

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After sustaining and surviving the most horrible experiments in 2nd WW concentration camps, –  it is as Victor Frankl once said about choice.

Indeed, at the end we have a free choice.

They can take away everything from us, and even at the last moment we have the final choice as how to respond or not respond at all anymore.

So neither death nor life needs to face us in the things we don’t understand, as long we play our own part on this little planet.

At the end nothing is terminal, everything is transitional, – even where death separates us from our duties here on earth.

But the duties continue in hopefully endless generations to come, each with its specific problems where man made problems need to be resolved.

And finally therefore the “We” part in saying we dream things that never were and say “Why not?” is so important, because the power of our collective dreams for a better world in action creates a ripple effect which can’t be stopped, – neither today nor tomorrow!

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf





Challenges of our times and generation

Some predictions for 2013 after 2012?

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN07 - John F. Kerry, Se...
DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN07 – John F. Kerry, Senator from Massachusetts (Democrat), USA captured during the session ‘The Future of the Middle East’ at the Annual Meeting 2007 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 27, 2007. Copyright by World Economic Forum swiss-image.ch/Photo by Remy Steinegger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

>”Don’t sweat the small stuff when so much else matters.”<

Predictions are not always easy and sometimes impossible. We have one certainty and this is that not nothing is certain. Our agenda for tomorrow based on today or yesterday may well work out, but sometimes it may get disrupted by the unexpected and we have to deal with things as they face us. The day may end differently than we expected, despite a good start perhaps and despite the fact that we assumed everything would by all right.

The same applies to predictions on a New Year, we hope for the best but nothing is certain. Same applies to the weather forecast. We may have good grounds to say it will be a sunny day tomorrow and go to the beach, but we may have to change plans as it proves to be a rainy day with a thunderstorm after eg a very humid day. Let’s be happy that the forecast that the world would end on the 20th of December was nonsense, nobody is able to predict those things.

In other words we may have our intentions but we are not sure whether they come true. Hence what I have to say about 2013 is based on assumptions, based on trends and certain facts perhaps but knowing as well that everything can be changed by the unexpected. In other words and if you like, read what is written below for your pleasure only. It is written by a country Physician, – so be on your guard as Physicians are not supposed to know anything about the future, not to speak about international developments. However what is said is not too difficult and perhaps we all know about it already. Besides this there is no pretension to be complete on those things as completeness on those things as far beyond our abilities.

2012 was for sure not the most dramatic year fortunately. As I said the world did not come to an end and for some this was a bonus, if they were aware of those predictions. Still there have been plenty of issues in 2012 with the seeds of events setting the scene for 2013. This includes eg the launch of a long-range rocket in North Korea, a country with just a new young leader.We had the conflict between Israel and Gaza, or actually as well the non – coöperation from Israel towards a new Palestinian State next door with still clearly significant Hamas impact and the potential of new rocket attacks from East Jerusalem, – if again a conflict situation. Hamas still being supported by Iran, not particularly Israels biggest ally so to say. We all know this. Nothing new. There has been always friction in this area.. Even in the Old Testament there were many reflections on struggle and endless fights. The problem now is that we have different means to start war’s. It’s a bit scary at times. Iran’s nuclear ambitions within this context are only adding oil on fear.

The ongoing civil war in Syria with endless killings and with the remote risk of escalation is an other example, and sadly spoken there is no reference for life at all in Syria (its leaders).. The only thing which is positive after the international community being tight into “non action” is that Russia is getting a bit over Syria with its troubles as well, which may aid international coöperation to end this pointless conflict, – based on a dictator hanging in for power. It’s a terrible example.

There are the current tensions between China and Japan about an absolute insignificant rock in the ocean, which means apparently enough for those countries to send Navy vessels to this direction. And we all hope that no idiot will start to sink a ship in this breeding conflict as little things can have major implications. However feel assured, neither the Chinese nor the Japanese are idiots, they need to show to their own people that they take this issue serious. However one may ask for what reason. One miscalculation or error in judgement may ruin plans. Interestingly Kennedy during the missile Cuba crisis in 1962 was at the end more concerned about his own Generals than about the leader of the Soviet Union at the time. Gives an indication perhaps that playing with fire may give unexpectedly a fire and sometimes a big one.

The continuation of Obama’s Presidency in 2013 may cause him more grey hairs, but his team approach will help to set the tone of international developments where both wisdom action and restraint are more balanced when the election outcome would have been differently. History has not always been that lucky.

Syrian dictator Assad still being in office with all the ongoing massacres will drive him into increasing isolation.Hopefully it is just a matter of time that international approval will help to stop the needless killings and extreme violence in this troubled country.The whole Middle East area is already troubled enough.

Needless to say that the Middle East will be most challenging in 2013, more so than in 2012. This since civilization festered area with religious hatred and conflict for certain will not easily find a harmonious solution for all parties involved. The most practical interim solution will be straight on US – Iran discussions to test Iran’s willingness to coöperate in multi part talks to restrict/reduce the chance of an escalating war without end.The emhasis should be to end all terror related violence as only this will encourage Israel to help the Palestinians into the developments needed with the protection of all people in the Israel/Gaza region.It is just wait and see whether it will go this direction, but it would be wise to include Iran subject to prove of genuine intentions to keep friendly relations with all neighbours in the area, including full safety guarantees for Israel.

It is amazing to see that the Euro crisis has been able to drag on for another year without a final conclusion. In December 2012 Greece is still in the Eurozone and different European countries are struggling with various intensity to stay straight, so to say. Unemployment ratio is increasing likewise the closure or reduction of various businesses. For many the belief in the Euro future is bleak with Germany however insisting that the Euro should survive. Needless to say that a potential fall of the Euro will have lots of implications for the people of Europe, but also for the nations with strong Euro connections.

Leadership changes took place in various countries during 2012 and generally spoken not much change can be expected immediately after those transitions. However, the leadership changes in both North Korea,China, Russia, Japan and other States will set the agenda for changing dynamics in 2013, with the inclusion at least of a stable and trustworthy foreign policy approach of the US under the same President with a good successor of Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State. John Kerry is a foreign policy expert and an impressive elder statesman in the US Senate. He will not need much “in-house training” to aid US foreign policy on critical issues in 2013.

The most important issue perhaps of being resolved at present is unfortunately financial . If both the US and Europe are unable to solve their issues with the required political will, it will enhance the weakening of the “western hemisphere” in almost every dimension. Fiscal cliffs or not, the balance between outgoing’s and innings need to be right. The current US deficit and the Federal Reserve printing heaps of money not backed by any “golden standard” or “oil” is asking for trouble down the line with the risk of a massive new recession.Utterly complex matters within the US not fully controlled need to be be managed or controlled by vigorous new legislation. Gun control is important and a public topic at present but the system of financial self-regulation is vital for the US to continue to exist in the way it does and not go down the road as the Roman empire once did. Some countries perhaps would be delighted with a reduction of US power, but the risk of a significant reduction of US power could destabilise the world and President’s Obama’s second term will be vital to face and deal with the issues as they are.The potential foreshadow of social unrest and increasing violence as a result of a possible second recession makes gun control even more significant to protect US citizens against itself. The potential destruction of the US not necessarily may come from the outside but can come from the inside and the years ahead are critical for the US. Inflation and possible recession are going hand in hand if no firm control on the Federal Reserve, but the powers behind this are significant and dealing with this is a risk for the US President. However what needs to be done needs to be done. At the end of the day it is all people’s work translated into energy, rewarded by money, – which is decreasing in value by the private control of creating money by the Federal Reserve. Man made problems can be resolved by men, only if the political will to support the required directions resonates through various legislative branches in both Europe and the US.Without any predictions being possible it is wait and see how the dynamis in this area will evolve in 2013, knowing that any international conflict could ruin the efforts of each country to solve its balance between spending and cutting costs in a way which protects those who have worked hard for their money, but also those who live from their superannuation, those who are disabled and fragile in society, the elderly and the children included. “Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.” as was once said by Nathan Pyle, – however I doubt this for 2013 (in no uncertain terms).. Increasing costs for food and energy against reduced value of our money is harmful wherever we may live on this world, and still the majority of people can’t afford it anymore and live below any reasonable standard of living.

Various countries in the Middle East will face the problem of opposing Islamist groups taking responsibility of taking Government as many Islamists have their own political frictions with the potential of increasing sectarian conflicts in the years laying ahead. Initial peaceful countries could turn quickly into new areas of intense conflict.

The US has renewed interest  in the Asian Pacific for both economical and security reasons after withdrawing from both Iraq and eventually in 2014 from Afghanistan, but the vacuüm created will have both Iran’s and India’s interest to have their perceived deserved share of influence. Also an area of different dynamics with an uncertain outcome at this stage after US withdrawal by the end of 2014.

It is anticipated that US dependence on oil exporting countries is going to reduce in quite sustained ways with significant “US dollar” issues. There is a tendency already of increasing countries less relying on the value of the US dollar with as final result (forgetting about a few other issues) that the US impact on foreign international policy may reduce in value and strength..

President Obama shortly in his second term will have greater influence to balance the critical important relationships between the US and China. The new President Xi from China needs to get agreement and support for a different set of policies in a rebalancing act on the Chines economy and the demands of some 350 million middle class people. The facts behind the conflict between Japan and China in the East Chines sea could be well that the Chinese government can’t afford to look weak. It is clear that the US has been worried about China for some time and it is not hoped that Japan might be forced to act in a very trivial conflict with apart from this the still contentious issues around Taiwan.

As we all know, words from leaders may lead to action and both feeding empty rhetoric and false sentiments besides fear, are unhelpful to balance the required coöperation between Washington and Beijing.Tha call for action goes together for the call for great care on both sides. Again note that it has been an international interest to have President Obama reelected as US “Commander-in-Chief”, even though a number of US citizens feel different about this.

Iran has been faced with various sanctions in 2012 together with increased inflation and unemployment.The desire of Iran to go nuclear and have potential weapons of mass destruction is going at a significant cost for Iran.It’s standing in the region as due to the Arab uprising is not as strong as it was before.It’s ally Syria is fully involved in a civil war and Israels insistence on a preëmptive attack may seem to have diminished somewhat, waiting what a second Obama term will deliver in terms of security for Israel. The question remains whether containment of a nuclear Iran is possible. Israel will still reconsider its options and in terms of US foreign policy it would be wise to test Iran on its willingness to have serious discussions on security matters in the Middle East area, including its place about Israel. If Israels security is without any doubt accepted it is neither in Israel’s interest nor intention to start a preëmptive war with Iran, but also this is a wait and see matter as how dynamics will evolve. Needless to say again that this is an area of both great concern and importance and proactive management from the US Administration is a need to keep the right balance as from other countries this can’t be expected, unfortunately. It’s a critical issue in US foreign policy in the Middle East and it would be hoped that John Kerry will be granted with a new US mission to explore the potential coöperation with Iran to balance US vital security interest in Israel, without a major Middle East war.

Climate change and the implications of Climate change, the protection against terrorism of any kind will remain high on the international agenda, likewise and hopefully increasingly the protection of human rights. The last often an issue of international lip service and a need being recognised but not often materialised where it proves to be required, including the issue of increasing human trafficking. Also in this domain we have to wait and see how international coöperation will work out, but at least a stable world will contribute and a world with increasing conflict will compromise, – any form of human rights! Hence the importance of the 2013 agenda that some countries are going to deal seriously with their own financial affairs as what we can learn from history is that the great depression of the 1930ties was one of the triggers of the second word war.

America’s stronghold as an economic power has been compromised in the past and it is by far nor sure this will be sorted in the future. A sudden recession or an unexpeced and escalating conflict could ruin each potential to overcome its problems if both leaders in Europe and the US are unable to get the required support to control internal economical dynamics not being sufficiently managed in the past. Fruitful international relationships are  of ongoing importance, which will be really the challenge of 2013 with a new generation of leaders in vital countries of potential conflict.

Far more to say about 2013, but let’s leave this to the experts with more insight information about existing background dynamics. What often seems true on the surface is different from the inside, with the knowledge reaching this inside.

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf


The Next Frontier of Australia

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Good Evening!

From thousands miles that stretched north of us, the first British people reached the Ngarrindjeri lands – on the banks of the river Murray, – almost two centuries ago. They were followed by the first other settlers in South Australia, – encroaching on both the lands and entitlements of the Ngarrindjeri  people, – and many others elsewhere in Australia.

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Many of those amidst the Ngarrindjeri lands, had to give up not only their safety but also their hope. Many lost their lives,   already by far outnumbered, – just before the first European’s set ground on this continent in the southern hemisphere.

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Some would say that the Smallpox epidemic which arrived before was provoked to settle the pathway for British domination. Others would say that those comments or sentiments are not in line with what history says. However, both in history and in the world of today, we see things being provoked to change the direction of the future.

From countries across the globe people settled in Australia , – often under harsh circumstances. They also struggled with poverty, not rarely despair, – to build their lives in a different country. Not rarely European convicts, – ill treated at home already before setting sail to this far away corner of the wold.


Many made it, some did not make it! 

Many still make it!

Most of the people who came to this country were eventually successful and pushed forward to the country which we call Australia today, – still a country closely linked with the British Crown, and some of the British traditions.

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All this started  some two hundred years ago, – at a continent more ancient than the original and aboriginal people itself.-

Today, – most Australians live in the cities near the Pacific Ocean – where over 90% of the people are able to live without ever seeing Aboriginal faces. Often they live their lives in comfort and safety, which is the legitimate desire of people living in Australia. Not rarely they have to do without those comforts, without at times even the adequacy of good education, the safeguard at least in part of building a decent and independent future.

Still too many Australian citizens live in the mediocrity of a British orientated country where both Parliament and systems of government are based on what was once copied from England. England great as a country within the context of Europe, but England as well being inflated to be the ongoing reference for the future dynamics of Australia, the last still trying to find its own identity in the Pacific region with a multicultural society not having any strings anymore with the UK, – apart from trade and friendship.

Speaking about the original inhabitants of this continent and their restrictions we can simply say this:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a “formal apology” on 13th February 2008 to the “stolen generations” of indigenous Australians who have been taken away from their parents. This was the right thing to do. But we are not there as yet as an Australian people, – and the road to justice is long.

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The dynamics are not always easy, – and easy are not always the dynamics of history.

History is a collection of both justice and injustice, – as it proves all over the world. We have however a free choice how to manifest ourselves in the direction of increasing justice, – how to bend the Australian Ark for its own history, for its own identity, into the pending future, – with safety and with speed.

National justice within such mission is able  flourish in this time, in generations to come.

We all cherish this country for various reasons and whilst many people lost their dreams and value for their identity, – as a country we should progress  towards a more unified identity.

This is what you can do as a people.  – as a nation.

Respecting  British history for what it offered over the many years in the past,  people of the future and in the far and extended corners of Australia,  are neither related anymore to the British traditions in politics,  – nor are they related to the British Crown.  The last has been the history of the British in the past, and for certain it can’t be the future of Australia with its own identity,  a culture still finding its way across the far-stretching borders between both the Indian Southern and Pacific Ocean.

The original people who belong to this land, – have survived both in language and culture, both in sharing ritual practices and sharing dreams.

They had and still have their crafts. They had and still have their dreams, their spiritual beliefs – still closely in touch with nature, – like we all have our dreams at different varieties. But we have all our dreams now on this continent, born in both freedom and Australian space,  – respectful for both its diversity and its own culture,  the last different from any other.

Some would say there is a pending challenge in Australia, which we can’t postpone, but have to embrace. Have to embrace it as the past is rushing to the future,- and amidst our own choices, and insistence and perseverance, – we do decide the outcome of our collective history – as one Nation.

At some day – and this day will come in the forward movement of both history and the future, – the Ngarrindjeri people besides other groups in Australia will go up the mountain of hope  – and leave the despair of many of their children without hope or dreams to the past.  And move forward!

And together we shall defend the afflicted among the people, and save the children of the poor.

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The day will come!

It is the day that people will figure out what they hope for as one nation, and live in that hope, – right under its roof. It is the day that all people have both the choice and the opportunity to use their talents and genius for the great good of culture and Australian society, – if they belief this is the right thing to do.

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It is the day that people have the courage to take off their hat and toss them over the walls of existing barriers  and prejudice.

It will be the time for justice amidst the lands and the hills of Australia.  – with a future based on strength, with a future of being a peace-loving country.

A nation being a buffer of positive leverage and both cultural and economical exchange with our neighbours from both the east and the north, – besides maintaining positive ties with old allies. But more independent and interdependent than ever before.

The liberation of people of one Nation starts with the liberation of the dreams, existing in the hearts of people. It starts with the liberation of the talent and genius hidden in the genes of those who take all part in the process of bringing Australia to the next frontier. A frontier with the seeds of historical justice,  where neither genius nor future can’t be lost in the endeavours we face as a Nation in a changing world.

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There will be the day that even Australia,- will not be linked anymore with the British Crown, and some of the inflated other traditions, – and on that day a new generation of Australians will select an Australian President, – some decades down the line.

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It is the day that the Ark of Australian history will bend towards the realities of today and the future, the realities of a different culture, – and fulfil the unique identity of a new nation born out of traditions far older than the British Crown!

When that day comes, – it will be the day  that historical justice finally prevails and that with all the work and talents to be developed beforehand, – Ngarrinjeri and other genius won’t be lost , – as at some day Australia may have eg a President with his or her own Ngarrindjeri or other roots in the future laying ahead.

Like history shows this happened in different countries as well.

Justice shall flourish in this future with the fullness of peace, – speaking within new legislation developed in a Senate based on the qualities of people working together for a common future, rather than the often dysfunctional activities we witness today. Respectful differences are good to fine tune future dynamics in the right direction for stirring this country to the next level, with law enforcement based on proper laws and adequate people to carry them out. With an Australian President chosen by the people and for the people, with both legislative branch, executive branch separated amidst an independent branch to apply the laws Australia deserves, – the last which applies to all of us regardless our differences. 

As a country we need to show candor and honesty in the level of influence we have abroad, in the critical choices we need to make for the future with direction and purpose, – without too much illusions but with healthy convictions.

Speaking  about wars and the disturbing facts in Afghanistan, including the events leading to it,  – after as well both wars in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq –  we are fully entitled to say:

War, – often is pointless, and needs to be prevented with all reasonable efforts on the required international platforms for discussion and dialogue. The perception that major war within seconds could destroy everything what has been achieved during more than 100 generations of work by human is based on the fact of what is available now in terms of nuclear and chemical destruction.

What the US does perceive as national security is not always similar with  Australia’s perception on national security, and we don’t always need to be involved in US military endeavours abroad. Terror is a danger and will be a danger at any time for all times, but the means by which this terror needs to be defeated is subject for healthy discussions as how to do this without causing more damage than intended, – or without causing potential escalating war’s which would defeat the purpose when “speaking softly with a strong stick” could do the job.

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With high level military intelligence and selective actions,   the prevention of terror based on international cooperation  is more effective than using a huge war machinery and abusing human rights at places where there are more people innocent than culprits.

Whilst such considerations may be complex at times, under all circumstances we need to act with wisdom and restraint, – being proactive as well at the earliest possible opportunity to prevent harm at an early stage.

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Our Gross Domestic Product is over US $ 1.5 trillion, but it counts apart from the service sector contributions to ill selected war’s. Apart from the agricultural and mining sector it counts for the costs of air pollution as well. The energy dependency in terms of oil and petroleum is around 80% and we have a an estimated budget deficit of a $45 billion forecast. Whilst exporting commodities, importing various  manufactures are still on the increase.

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Australia is still scoring high in the worldwide quality-of-life index,  but both poverty, chronic diseases, healthcare costs and the extinction of native species are clearly on the increase as well, – besides a future of raising seawater levels and global warming, including increasing brutal forces of nature.

Climate change and water security are interlinked, the last being  underestimated as due to floodings and rainfall related with changing El Niño patterns.  However, long-term drought will be likely again within the  Australian horizons without any productivity on creating water reservoirs, – whilst the issue of water is likely to become critical in the future.

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Besides this, the question of save energy supply for the needs of the many is not allowed to serve the pockets of the few, being allowed to make short cuts in favour of nuclear decisions  where the combat of nuclear disasters on this continent outside times of war can only be successful by not going nuclear.

Australia has to stick to its political promise to look to the future, a future with changing dynamics, both with challenges and opportunities, both with areas of hope and danger.

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This is the next frontier for Australia!

And so today, – we are not forgetting that the quality of courage, – and determination, and perseverance will not be forgotten in Australia, – as this next frontier is based on this particular courage and this particular determination of both the people of this continent and its politicians.

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It is the quality of both the art and speech, –  the people to get a whole nation moving to the next frontier of being an independent Republic. Strong in its foundations.  Strong in its beliefs and expectations  to have quality in its leaders, – today and tomorrow. – Strong in its beliefs of justice and equality among different cultures, – both within and without.

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Strong in its belief not to shrink for the responsibilities, – both at home and abroad. Strong in its commitment to get proper education in place at all corners of this continent, – with equal rights and opportunities for everybody.

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This is the day we can say: we gained Australia and we did not lost it at the altar of poor politics, – on the altar of unfinished business at a cost of the future!

This is the day we are still waiting for!

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf