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“We spend our years as a tale that is told..” – Psalms


They tell me that words and differences  often do not  matter, and that actions only do.. They tell me that stories and tales do not matter either, and that only reality does.. Others do say  that words are only words and not always have a meaning…

They forget then that actions follow words (often on differences) , and that the way we approach differences are often the extensions of our attitude and that attitude follows mindset.. A certain mindset on which words do follow…Just repeat this if you wish, … And don’t forget that tales at times carry both hope and inspiration if the last is based on the mindset which makes someone tick the right direction.

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Words carry weight. Words carry sometimes a burden as due to created perceptions of fear. Tales, words and hope do matter… Many of us are brought up with stories and tales. Stories about the family, tales about people. Just name it! Almost everyone has examples, either at school or at home or at work or elsewhere. We live  in a world with role models, film stars, sport heroes, leading men and women and all the others on which we may relate some way or the other. It is what they say, what they send in their energies. And all those people are so different, what they say is different and what they do is different. Likewise what politicians say, based on mindset, context, and their attitude. Name it different if you wish, but what they say has an impact, as for sure it is not rarely followed by action.

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Do you agree?..To be exceptional and to make a difference in our inequality, – words carry gravity. Some more than others..-. In our separateness,  only our distinctive actions as a result of those words make the difference between “captivating people” or boring them, – making splendid the beauty of this world or unimpressive the drawbacks of our actions.  A world full of imperfections, full of major challenges. A world full of efforts, repellent at times as a result of hateful quarrels. All based on words, based either on hope or despair, based either on the perception that the wider context matters or that the bigger picture is  trivial.

The wider context, – the world, and the challenges we face?

One may ask: “Where does this leave us”? – I will get back on that one a bit later..

Speaking on the larger picture at the different level, we noticed this for instance when Turkey shot down a Russian plane in the common fight against ISIS. And the words of the Turkish President were only inflicting more tension between Russia and Turkey… The point was: ..a Russian pilot made a genuine error. The Turkey’s command systems fired a missile to this plane and the words being spoken then worked like “missiles” and increased tensions, – and not the mutual recognition that something went wrong.. Something which could have been prevented perhaps.. And people in Turkey then went on the street full of hate words against Russia… The propaganda of words… And the Turkish Parliament applauded then the Turkish President.. All this in a climate with already existing tensions in Europe with a possible Russian’s desire for further expansion. Also the possibility Russia may use nuclear weapons against ISIS, options which were raised earlier in a different context. So why inflicting tensions with words at this level?

Lets forget about this particular example as there are too many!

But If in this world for instance the leaders of Turkey would bring down a second Russian plane due to genuine pilot error, who makes e.g. the bend in the air just 2 seconds too late, and Russia would retaliate due to a non-apologetic Turkish behaviour, – we get tit for tat and potentially an escalation of events leading to war in Europe, or elsewhere.

What a potential stupidity and power lies in the use of words as well,.. and how senseless the conceivable actions of leaders lacking insight and proper judgment… European leaders in such case being blind-folded by a NATO contract  that one attack to one country is an attack to all countries.  As such, you know, the most controversial action may impose the most untamed reaction. Britain’s nuclear subs already on a level of increased alertness.

Do you know that if e.g. the UK would get destroyed, in part, and the command system of some of those subs are not able to be in contact with the British government anymore, – that there is a large full scale mission to carry out?

History is full of it. Missions based on actions and words. The secret box in one of those subs to be opened carries instructions from the British  PM. Words to be carried out. Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister got pale when he signed again the “last instructions”. Let that ever be prevented, both by actions and for sure by words of reconciliation and coöperation, the last where this is possible and desired within reason.

However, history is full of leaders lacking balance and insight, apart from the few good ones who inspired to believe again in the universal potential we all have as a people and brought it to action. But the balance is very fragile at international stage.

Still the question: “Where does this leave us”? – Just hang on..

It is factual that speeches not always solve problems, but what is true is that we can inspire trust and coöperation.  Even amidst our differences and errors. Even at the level of international politics. And it all falls back on the use of proper words, based on the bigger picture in mind, based on the right mindset and attitude as well. Words either full of prejudice or fairness. Those words, you know, transmit energy of goodwill or hostility, wisdom or ignorance, reconciliation or conflict. And this applies to us as well!

Words do matter and differences do matter as in our difference   lays the opportunity to reach out and find better connections than before, both at home in our household and in the world. In the moment of truth or danger we need to recognise the potential menace, but also recognize and pursue the opportunity for keeping peace. All being part of making real and genuine connections. And this applies to us as well!

We hold those truths to be self evident that all men are created equal – just words?

Does this apply to us?

Are we fearful to make real connections with those who surround us or are we slowly losing our ability to relate to each other as we live in a world more divided against itself. People more disconnected due to the variety of challenges we face in our communities where the blessings of technical progress are often translated in the curse of regression of our fruitful energies. The last including the potential to connect at our most fundamental human levels.

If we inspire hope in our words, wisdom in our actions, compassion and justice in our accomplishments, we may find that words and difference do matter. As in all of this it is mind over matter. In all of this it is consciousness over the elements of events, whether it is at home or at the highest political stage of the world.  Keeping the bigger picture in mind is getting far more important and it requires courage and determination to separate the weed from the chaff, to get straight to the point in crucial matters. Crucial matters within the world surrounding us and within the world of ourselves. And the last applies to us in person!

A world both in ourselves, – reflected in the outside world, – where we have to watch that what we have “in us” is not getting more and more superficial. The last despite technical progress, despite e.g. the accelerations in the communications industry and many others, which may give hindrances of various other nature as well if not properly used..

So for all of us, wherever we may be:

Let wisdom ring from the Rockies of Colorado  to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales..

Let compassion being shown on the borders of the Ukraine and in Russia.

Let mind over matter rain at the stage where important decisions are made.

The last with the reality awareness, the reality on the risk of war where people use their words and differences “to make matters evolving”, –  making matters worse as an excuse to decide matter over mind, to escalate words to the propaganda of war.. We have seen this after 9/11… And once more war has started it is hard to stop again, as events then are only of an escalating nature where the mindset in such case has reached a point of “no return”…

Is hope a dream only?

No, it is a reality we have to put our mind on. We have to dream and say why not. We need to set our goals and say why not. We need to reach out and say why not. We need to show compassion where it might be hard and say why not.. And besides this, we need to be open on what is still possible to explore both the sea and the sky, to bring out the best of our human endeavours, to combat the dangers of our time and say: ” Why not?”

This is what we can do together. Together we can spend our years as tales being told through words of wisdom and compassion, and in this we may lay together the foundation of greater understanding and a better future. We are allowed though to be somewhat pessimistic in our world view as long as the optimistic music in ourselves remains the driving force of both our words and actions.

Does this apply to us??… YES, .. THIS APPLIES TO ALL OF US!

So let it be known in every village and hamlet that despite the agonies of this world there is still hope for a better future, that Muslims and Christians can live together, that Jews and Palestinians are not necessarily eternal enemies and that both Iran and Israel are able to escape from old dogmatic principles. The last based on the assurance that they are no threat to each other and accept each other as partners in common enemies we all face as a people in the future. The impact of climate change. The impact of more dangerous and hard to control terrorism. The importance to manage a world with stronger countries desiring to broaden their level of influence at a cost of others…And all the other things, on which words, mindset and the world does matter, – now and in the future.

It all depends on the words and actions being used, the actions as a result of those words, the words as a result of a certain mindset. I have to repeat this..

Mindset – you know is everything, but it grows on the environment of words, either words of hope or words of suspicion and hatred. It grows in the environment of our families and schools, in the environment of the street at times where youngsters get lost or killed during the gun violence e.g.in the backyards of Chicago. People killed or getting violent as a result of the ICE epidemic within Australia the greater influx in the north and Melbourne perhaps, with crime syndicates and drug dealers often having an easy escape… We easy could go over the world with all both the positive things and the awful and flawed precedence or examples.

But it is not important here…. What is important here?

There is a twinkling in the lifetime of any generation where the spirit of hope on a broader mindset may come through. Where we are capable to ask ourselves what we are able to do. What we are worthy to do to make more gentle the life of this world, and not asking what others can do for us this way..

And this is the spirit, – not of what “I” can do, –  but what “we” can do together, to sustain the responsiveness of free man in a more complicated world, both at home and around us.

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This is a dream and a hope which may last through the storms of generations and will endure.

This is a dream and a hope which will endure our time and all times.

Times where words and differences will always be around but where we may find the means perhaps, through cultural transition,  to set up the realistic awareness  that we are all inhabitants of this only one world, all residents of this only one tiny planet. And that we have to rise up together and challenge collected the dangers for humanity, from east to west, from all corners of the world, – at times against all odds.

That is hope you know… To believe things which are not there as yet, rewarded by seeing what we believed and hoped for. Not empty hope which will be thrown in our hands but hope which is out in the open through the works of our hands, day in and day out.. Not that we will see perhaps what we believe, but that the music of not seeing but still yet believing,… remains the hope in our heart..

For sure, God willing, we can do this, we can make this.  And if organized  we may do that at the same level of imagination, and many of us at the same level of feeling and even more of us on the similar level of unloading the affirmative actions – regardless the barriers and regardless the resistance and regardless even the hatred we may meet on our ways.

People may die but the dream for a better world lives on. Lives on as a tale being told in the years we have to spend… In the years where we are allowed to be receptive to both words of wisdom and justice.

Words and dreams then, which may fall drop by drop upon the heart until we are able to express ourselves through the gentle grace of God, – and as such … becoming the tale that should be told… A tale in which both hope and the world matters.. A tale being part of an eternal flame…. A flame which can’t be extinguished anymore, despite our own despair and pains… A flame which carries on through the generations, as words do matter, … as the world still matters,  ..and as hope always matters for bringing change and to make a difference. And all of this finally, is in our own hands and in the world of our own minds and hearts, where our mindset and attitude finds the words to create realities, – some reversible others irreversible.

Those , able to carry and send out their own story of hope and compassion, – their own icon of understanding as to the needs for their fellow human beings, may warm the earth, – as a new tale being repeatedly told during the years we spend on this planet… A tale asking for ongoing inspiration and action. A tale and an urgent truth: to make more gentle the life of this world.

The belief, the work and the efforts being done  may be not be enough to appreciate or to see clearly. Our destiny will be shaped on the platform of all human activity, by those willing to dedicate their mind and their heart to the task, – whatever this may suit us within our own family,  ..duty.. work .. or outside work activities.

And lets so spend our years on earth as the best possible history  being told! 

Does this apply to us?… Yes, – it does!!


Therefore:  … STAY IN FOR THE RIDE!! 

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Thank you so much!


Paul Alexander Wolf





Challenges of our times and generation

In the Light of Space, Reality will End and Compassion may Start.

English: Kepler (spacecraft) . Artist's concep...
English: Kepler (spacecraft) . Artist’s concept of Kepler in the distant solar system. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The more we know the more we realise how little we know. The Kepler space telescope has confirmed its first-ever planet in a habitable zone outside our solar system and it has been confirmed that this is the  first rocky exoplanet to meet key requirements for sustaining life, as far as our comprehension goes on the edge and the start of 2012.This planet called Kepler-22b has been glimpsed first in 2009. This Kepler-22b is some 2.4 times the size of the Earth and goes around its Sun-like star every 290 days. It’s close to surface temperature is estimated to be some 22 degrees Celsius. It is not sure however whether the planet is rocky, gaseous or liquid.

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This latest confirmed exoplanet that could support life brings the total number confirmed by global astronomers up to three.

The idea that planets beyond Earth may have life is an old one. The late 20th century revealed two breakthroughs to assist this assumption.

The observation and robotic spacecraft exploration of other planets and moons within the solar system has shown essential information on defining the criteria on “habitability” of a planet. The discovery of extrasolar planets since the early 1990s  provided further information for the study of potential life being possible elsewhere beyond our solar system. These findings confirm that the Sun is not unique among stars . In 1964 Stephen H. Dole estimated the number of habitable planets in our Galaxy to be about 600 million, which is different from the three being estimated by current global astronomers. The only certainty we have is that nothing is certain and that everything is possible if we view the cosmos as an entity with unlimited possibilities, where the “will to live” might find its ways in various ways we don’t know. Our Creator does know as the “will to live” is part of creation. We only see it through out own narrow prism, but let’s face it, – between heaven and earth so to say there is far more going on than we know. This Kepler-22b discovery supports that at some stage we may find life elsewhere, far different from we are used to.

I appreciate the risk for some to get obsessed about this discovery whilst here on earth we are both burning up our planet amidst endless conflicts and power games and poverty still widespread existing. It would be fair to say we have quite a lot of issues to sort out on this planet.

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Those being alive outside this planet, far outside of our solar system, being part of other civilizations may well make sure perhaps never to get too close to this one as the dangers would be perceived as great. Perhaps those civilizations made already sure they could live in peace together whilst exploring the wonders of science and space different from we do.

Perhaps our Creator had different options in mind seeing that humankind was not the kind of experiment He liked to see, over all those centuries of conflict and lack of respect for life. “Read your bible” some Christians may say or “read the Koran” Muslim’s could say, but it does not take away that the mystery of this life on this earth is still that life goes at a cost of other life. The only way to overcome this dilemma as close as possible, in the words of Albert Schweitzer, is to obey the compulsion to help all life where this is possible and shrinking from injuring life in general. Even then we face the dilemma as we need to eat and to drink, but it is the challenge to use our energies in the best possible ways to sustain on this planet.

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No man can fully grasp how far and how fast we have come, and no man can fully grasp how quick we can go as due to the burdens we created on earth. We are continuously faced with the pace of live with new breathtaking revolutions in technology, IT and science but also with new dangers and ignorance where the old dangers never have been resolved. The fact that we reach out to eternity and the cosmos and the possibilities elsewhere may well be a costly business, but on the other hand it reflects a healthy curiosity as long as it is used for the right reasons in a world getting close to being filled up with weapons of mass destruction.

I guess there could be civilisations elsewhere who declared the inhabitants of this world as “idiots” as amidst the speed matters evolved in the 50,000 years of man’s recorded history, both last and this century have provided the powers to evaporate everything we have, including ourselves.

The last so fast that neither the memory we have before we were born, – no faint memory we have anymore on this planet in the split second we go, – once the powers human kind created will escalate in the force of some 100000 Hiroshima‘s, – as such making the experiment of this life on this earth a pointless exercise. The risk of this planet getting then slightly out of balance in it’s turning around our sun could make future life impossible,-  as the “habitability” of this planet would cease to exist.

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I am sure those other civilisations who may see us already with different eyes than we have, may have something which outstrips our collective comprehension, – and this is the reason we may be fascinated and curious as we sense somehow that we are behind in someway. The last despite rapid achievements in the last 100 years. But let us not stay so much behind that we allow ourselves on this planet  the destruction of our own selves because both heaven and earth, the mountains and valleys would declare us insane. Insane if they would be able to speak the last words if this planet would e.g. move further away from the sun, – through self-imposed activity.  A journey with neither hope nor future if our collective energies and daring’s don’t put an end to this potential scenario with a compassion embracing all life, – not limited to only ourselves. This last will give us day by day, week by week and month by month the peace we need in changing opinions, breaking old barriers and facilitating new structures with the same speed as we did create the means to destruct ourselves.

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Despite the striking fact that some would say “we are too far away”, despite the fact that even scientists may doubt those efforts to turn the tide, – there is neither strife nor prejudice in the required international conquest on its own to change the collective perception, as the opportunity of peaceful coöperation may never come back again if we don’t resolve the hazards of this century. The last with different eyes than we ever did before, with a different awareness and with different energies of daring, – as compassion only will save our planet and all those who live on it

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This Kepler-22b discovery may be as such a glimmer of hope, as energies around from far away may help us to see that we are all part of this cosmos, – full of eternal light and burning, and that our soul’s may only burn up for the right reason: by co-creating creation as it was intended to be.

That’s life, that is using our energy in the right way!

Thank you!


Paul Alexander Wolf