To Cheapen The Civil Rights Of Any Group Of Citizens May Cheapen The Lives Of All Citizens..

“…………..each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation” 

“If we believe that we, as Americans, are bound together by a common   concern for each other, then an urgent national priority is upon us.  We must begin to end the disgrace of this other America.”


– US Senator & Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy (1925-1968)

Looking at very recent  events in the US  on which many African-Americans, – besides others,… feel at least discouraged as a result of specific police injustice within US systems of authority, – one may say, on a more positive note, that despite this injustice, much has been achieved over the last 50 years.
This to start with..
However, racial prejudice, which is the issue here, is still  at the heart of a number of citizens, and some US institutions.. It resembles the roots of an inflated past.. a past, – coloured by bloodstained violence..
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Yet, again, – in certain areas of the US, – there is a police force still, without optimal correctional systems when African Americans are shot or killed by the same police… The last, evidently, whilst those people did not impose a real threat.
Worse is when tribunals then fail in their verdict to seek real justice, – or when courts fail to come up with measures of prevention & restraint in the future… The quality of justice in the US seems to be met with more obstacles when it applies to African American citizens.
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For two and half century this country has battled to overcome the self-imposed disadvantage of intolerance, prejudice, injustice and often hatred, – largely based on social class, nationality and race…. In the last almost 50 years measures to improve the quality of African Americans  have been in some ways profound, but in other ways still insufficient… The realities often show the remnants of a tainted past.
Whilst still millions of African Americans, along with many others, did not receive the training for simple jobs, – many though,  live in so called 3rd world conditions, – and for all of this many things are outstanding as part of a progressive movement to the next chapter in American history.
Still, with the legacies of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela,.. the growing legacy of President Obama as well,  – one must look at the best possible legal ways to overcome those predicaments in a country which is still somehow divided by the nature of it’s history… A country with almost various different societies in the only one US.
As such, – sustained acts in the positive are better than social unrest in the negative.
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One may say this might be the learning experience looking at recent events surrounding the circumstances in relation to both the Ferguson case and that of Eric Garner. ..Both died as a result of disproportionate police force.
Unfortunately African Americans, citizens in the US, are more on their guard with the police force than anybody else -as they seem to be more “at risk”- .. and regardless the fact that the police force has a vital function in regards to the protection of US citizens, – undeniable there is still considerable institutional prejudice against those African-Americans on the street, – ..both at night and during the day.
The late Senator Robert F. Kennedy, – apart from many other things, – was perhaps best known for his African-American Civil Rights support.. He spoke in 1966 for an enthusiastic group of people in South Africa on the ability of each of us to change a small portion of events in favour of positive changes in society… And referring to what he said on that occasion, – I would like to say a few words…
A few words only, – as his concern for his country and the world, – the often senseless violence and injustice, still applies…  Apparently still  echoes in the present day, and it seems so easy to get caught up into it, – just as easy it is to retreat from it into isolation… Likewise, – still applies somehow that to cheapen the civil and human rights of any group of citizens on the altar of injustice, imprisonment, or any sort of violence, – cheapens the lives of all citizens, – including that of ourselves.
If we turn a blind eye to all of this out of fear, .. if we allow the detention of our own selves with the other eye, –  the silence this shows against all this will not be merciful to our blindness to our fellow human beings, – whether they are black or white.
Where we have the choice for the better,  … we have to stand besides those being put in the shadow, – as our own shadow will fall short as an inner-light,   when we miscarried the required justice, – when we miscarried the required care and respect towards our fellow human beings, – whatever background they may have.
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Speaking out against injustice and using the free media is always the first step..
Failing humanity we can,  enhancing it we must, – both with reason and compassion, – as this is the standard for any progressive movement forward.
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Only if by choice humans meld their perspective towards the protection of each other, including the will and the ability to live and let live, wherever the last does not come at a cost for other human life, and without racial or any other prejudice, – only then the heavy lifting can be done to help a different society waiting to manifest itself, an environment with more gentle and open-minded conditions… The realities might be often different but the dilemma of any authority is always how to realize proper and accountable use, – instead of thoughtless actions without sensible purpose… Authority, from this point of view, needs to meet quality standards in any democratic society, -and the prime quality here is fair justice.
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However, – no reason to get cynical or pessimistic..
The last did neither bring  a man to the Moon, nor did it release the Civil Rights Movement…Cynicism will never cure e.g. a disease, will never build a cathedral or build a business, or feed a young mind.
Cynicism about progress, even when there is misfortune or defeat   -like we see at many places in the world-    is simply a poor option and hope will always be a better choice. .. As long as the efforts support any realism within the concept of hope, – as long as those efforts support any realism within the concept of respect for human & civil rights, – and as long finally, support any realism on the topic to create the law enforcement a country deserves for the protection of all citizens…A quality requirement within potential further legislation passing US Senate…  Control mechanisms in place for Grand Juries to see the full facts rather than turning away from what everyone else saw… In this case one can’t blame the jurors, but the prosecutor who presented the case and guided the grand jurors the wrong direction. The last, regretfully, not uncommon.
Positive is that there will be a Federal Civil Rights investigation under the office of US Attorney Loretta Lynch
Neither trouble nor hardship, or hard work, should separate us as members of the same species in one country, nor on this planet, – and the failure to fully value black lives as white lives needs to be sorted at American soil, as part of a better Union still to be formalized where legislation is insufficient to make those things.. “as a matter of fact”, – so to say.
As President Obama once said during his eulogy of Ted Kennedy in 2009: ..”What we can do is to live out our lives as best as we can with purpose, and love, and joy. We can use each day to show those we are closest to us how much we care about them, and treat others with the kindness and respect that we wish for ourselves. We can learn from our mistakes and grow from our failures. And we can strive at all costs to make a better world, so that someday, if we are blessed to look back on our time here, we can know that we spent it well; that we made a difference; that our fleeing presence had a lasting impact on the lives of other human beings.”-
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Let this“treat others with the kindness and respect we wish for ourselves” , be our comfort, if we wish “to see”… As this most simple concept is stronger, eventually, than the injustice of institutions, – and the demons perhaps of those who are the prisoners of their own dungeons, – and fortunately not being the guiding forces of society…
For the police force applies that they need to be on their guard, – always, – but the assessment when somebody is a real threat is a critical one, and there is neither need to kill in any perceived threat, nor is there a need to use disproportionate force against African Americans who are harmless when an unprejudiced assessment is made.
This applies for any country in the world where the police force has to deal with the multi cultural background of it’s citizens and where prejudice might be an issue.. The difference is that both juries, guidance and prosecutors, – not to speak about “cultures in police force” and the general culture, in democratic countries, are recognizable contrasting.
Not to speak, this time, –  about countries without a historical heritage of being a Democracy!
There are people who say there are problems in Australia as well – (as I speak from Australia) – ..and the answer is: “correct !”… Australia has a significant past re the injustice on Indigenous Australian People… Australia has been always however a multicultural country… Still a long way to go ..!…and for sure not everything is perfect…But even when Australia is named the worst performing industrial country on climate change  -(as far as a recent report released in Peru)-  the divisions in the domain of multiculturalism are for sure less strenuous.
But anyhow, coming back on the world’s largest superpower…
….You know, – . – American citizens wrote a recent letter to the US Senate telling them they were a bit sick of this, – as the story goes on and on and many people have their own story.
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..The American Senate did sent  a certificate of special recognition of “the founder” of the concerns being raised,
 and the vote was 41 to 41.
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…By the way, ..this was after this year’s November elections for the US Senate…………..
>>>>>>>>( I’ am just kidding  here, but I hope everybody gets the irony )<<<<<<<
There you go, …for 2016, – with just 2 years to go for a new chapter in US Presidential history! …But real legislative powers will not change meanwhile.. However, courage in the use of Judicial power could be the testing point on various occasions now. 
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Let’s hope, … let’s hope  this works out well, – for all involved… As for the greater number of people in the US of all origins  class and colours applies that they simply want to live together, – that they just want to help their children grow up in peace and safety, – and that they just want to have basic harmony and justice for all US citizens.
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Thank you!

Profiles in US Presidential Violations of Justice – Introduction (Part 2 of 11)


The White House Southside

The White House Southside (Photo credit: Glyn Lowe Photoworks)

“Democracy…while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy.     Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”  – John Adams  (1735 – 1826)

“A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people”.  – John F Kennedy (1917 – 1963)

“I know my country has not perfected itself. At times, we’ve struggled to keep the promise of liberty and equality for all our people. We’ve made our share of mistakes, and there are times when our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions”.                                           – Barack Obama (1961 –   )

In addition to the first chapter the following comments are justified as part of a broader introduction.

The circles of Washington are  mysterious , dark and deep,  and each President has to balance wisely before he sleeps, – balance wisely before he sleeps.

Robert Frost  with his quote:  “The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, – and miles to go before I sleep…”, – phrased it slightly differently.

However, – despite the promises  the balance of how far one can go and except degrees of injustice to meet  perhaps more justice eventually, proved different for each US President. Sometimes it takes an inch,  sometimes it takes indeed miles.  However in general much depends on the integrity, the ideology and the wisdom of  the US President, besides obviously the circumstances  to be addressed, – but also the persons being nominated (or already in place) to advise the President on matters of both domestic and foreign policy.

Many issues as we know evolve in close coöperation with a variety of advisers, apart from e.g. Agencies such as  the FBI, the CIA and  the Pentagon.  Those Agencies in good  hands  serve for certain the right purpose as long as they stick to their original assignments.

“Profiles in Presidential violations of Justice”  does  not discuss the current US President ( Barack Obama)  as such as he still is at an early stage of his Presidency.  The article “Interim assessment of a President” (within this Blog)  gives a more detailed indication on this remarkable first African American President.

Presidential dynamics have not been always the same in US history and the selection of people in key positions of the Pentagon and the CIA  (after President Truman established the CIA in 1947) are and will be  always vital where it comes to both competence and integrity within the scope of the various obligations of those Agencies, – especially where US Presidents rely on the intelligence provided by those Agencies.

“Profiles in US Presidential violations of Justice” does neither go into the finer details on the lives of some US Presidents in the past,  nor does it mention the broader legacy in any extended detail.

“Profiles in US Presidential violations of Justice”  is a reflection only on some significant incidents against the principles of justice, some worse than others. However what those Presidents did at crucial moments during their Presidency against this justice, sometimes already before entering this office,  has been a touchstone of their character. Not rarely it did effect far too many people.

Any new President at the start is facing the challenge to set up a cabinet of capable, effective and reliable people. Besides this there is the  building up of relationships with the various existing Government agencies including the Pentagon, which are all vital to set the tone for the rest of the Administration in the years lying ahead.  All those people and groups contribute to the making of a President but obviously the Presidency itself  provides the required choices to show what lies ahead. Those final choices give directions, –  either being in the positive or in the negative. Once an US President get compromised it is difficult at times to get out of it, depending on the strength of character.  John F Kennedy took e.g. the full blame of the Bay of Pigs failures which was however related with poorly provided information by the CIA.  Presidential failures still, whether they are genuine or deliberate, provide valuable lessons for the future. Deliberate actions to mislead the public with a criminal background or intend are obviously far more serious than the genuine mistakes anybody can make in such a place, as long there is evidence that  some quality ways to reach certain decisions were in place.

“Profiles in US Presidential violations of Justice” gives an insight in the complexities and different dynamics of various Presidential Administrations and the choices being made. It starts  from the 22nd of November 1963 (when President John F Kennedy was assassinated) until the 21st of January 2009 when the last Bush Administration  ended and the Obama Administration did begin.

The greater call for all Presidents was to do better for the country and serve as such, besides obviously personal ambitions. Those last 2 aspects might have been different for each President. The ways and the programs have been different as well. Likewise the level of integrity has been different for earlier Presidents being faced with the bigger questions and the larger  picture,  which did include  the Presidential coöperation with various US security Agencies and the dealings with both US Congress and US law. It proves that whatever is public knowledge is not always the truth, and that some Presidents were in principle and by principle compromised already before they took the Presidential oath to the Constitution.

Some US Presidents  did contribute towards a program for domestic reforms whilst at the same time approving various CIA covert operations at a level neither in line with morality nor US law.

Both the Pentagon and the CIA have the duty to protect the interests of the US and make recommendations  to the President, who has the final responsibility of decision-making.

Both Agencies have admirable people on board with the highest levels of integrity and duty of service where it comes to the protection of the US against dangers from abroad, – whether those dangers are inflicted by eg Al-Qaeda terrorist cells at present, or dangers of so-called rogue states who may prove an increasing danger in the future. The past showed  however under various Presidents that those Agencies were not governed (anymore) by some reasonable required standards of morality, or accuracy in providing intelligence or security information.  Neither did it prove that the Presidential powers as they were exercised were in line with the required standards given by US Law and Constitution.

“Profiles in US Presidential violations of Justice”  gives at least an insight where and how those standards with some Presidents failed, and it gives  an insight why they  failed and which areas of systems might be subject for further improvement.

Dangerous situations may arise when Government Agencies are not operating under the full control of the US President, or when e.g. the nominated persons being CIA Director or chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff do not have full control of both  “the culture” and working dynamics of their own organisations, or when they simply hide information for the purpose of their own agenda’s. The system fails as well when those Agencies (the FBI included)  have an Organisational agenda neither being in alignment within the Constitutional balance of powers, nor with US law.

History proves that there have been incidents in which US Presidents acted on proper and correct information of those Agencies, however history proves as well that if the US President would have acted on the intelligence provided, – the world would not have existed anymore as due to failures to give complete information as required. The Cuba crisis in 1962 is a clear example of this.

The Assassination of US President John F. Kennedy in 1963 did show many years later CIA involvement,  including  involvement at the highest US political powers in the cover up. All for various dark reasons and both – needless to say – against the Constitution and the US law.  The public was seriously misled by the Warren Commission and some do show  that the “9/11 Commission” was of similar nature with the intend to mislead US citizens. The people supposed to protect the Constitution and the law at the time,  were reportedly involved in various cover up’s at the highest levels of Government, – which is neither a good reflection of a democracy nor the justice systems being supposed to be fully operational without discrimination of any nature.

History does further show that US Presidents already compromised before they even started their Presidency, were unlikely to resist the pressures from above Agencies.  For this reason they did collaborate  in close coöperation with some of those Agencies at times the independent view and the wisdom of the President was required to make final decisions. The lack of required integrity did involve certain activities neither known by the public, nor by Congress, – and obviously profoundly against US law or common justice.

In the most positive scenario, “Profiles in US Presidential violations of justice” may support further discussion to improve the regulation systems within “the US balance of powers”. The last actually to protect the US against itself.  If those systems do not improve, some  historical events being reflected on  would be able to  repeat itself with an unpredictable and different identity.  Those situations could potentially provoke  the most dangerous situations the US as a Republic and Democracy could face.

US Presidents may fail for various reasons, as long as the detection systems (including the internal checks within the Constitutional balance of powers) do not fail, and as long it is clear that neither US Presidents, nor the CIA,   neither Officials of the Pentagon nor any other Agency, are able to work outside the powers of the law, or the Constitution, or outside the legitimate requirements of  US  Congress.

US Presidents (with full Congressional support) need  to be strong enough to rule the major background powers in the US, –  based on fair common sense and proper value systems with evidently both the broader picture in mind, together with a high level of integrity.

Within the context of those earlier Presidential dynamics including a variety of covert operations for different reasons, it is realistic to say that never ever had the US so much to lose or so much to gain, and that all decisions within the US Constitution delegated to the Executive branch should be based on merit and purpose for the US future itself.  Hence the political system in the US needs to work optimal in line with the principles provided by both the law and the Constitution.

With the fall of communism but still an ongoing Arab – Israeli conflict;  with wars in Vietnam and Iraq behind us, but still the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taliban as part of the war in Afghanistan (where the “war on terror” designed to defend Western values escalated into a conflict with disregard for human rights), – we now may face a reality that China may overtake the US as the world’s greatest superpower. Where the Holocaust did show  genocide at a never experienced scale,  the cold war brought us close to global nuclear destruction in 1962 through incomplete management and advise of both the CIA and the Pentagon against the dangers inflicted by the Soviets. It was wise management however of John F. Kennedy as President which saved the world due to his independent and broader views. The US needs internal protection that a history of military confrontation for the wrong reasons, is not going to compromise a  future for the right reasons.

The US has a history of many costly wars which brought the federal budget deficit at record level without any proportionate benefit, however never took it the time and the opportunity to reëxamine its own attitude and responsibility in the many predicaments it both faced and created.

It takes the wider community of US Government Executives and Controlling powers to raise the US above the standards of the past, and to embrace both the opportunities and challenges of the future with a wise balance of principle centred leadership where proper value systems are at the core of the decisions being made. The last to ease a direction towards more positive global dynamics, based on fruitful interdependence with in the end a better economy and prosperity for those nations being involved. This direction includes reduction of terror activities by at least not provoking this terror within the domain of US power.

“Profiles in US Presidential violations of Justice”  gets at the heart of this required principle centred leadership –  with examples where it went wrong against both the Constitution and the law.

Each Presidential profile offers material for sustained discussion as it does touch base on the fundamental question which direction to go in a world facing more dangers than ever before. The response on problems, crisis and disasters is as important as those pending disasters, crisis and problems itself and it will be clear that US response in e.g.areas of  foreign policy has been highly inadequate and dangerous at times.

The following 8 chapters will picture the problems and foundations of the decision-making US Presidents differently and the last epilogue will summarise some events.

Next article will start with Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th President who took over after the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

Thank you!

Paul Alexander Wolf

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